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Example radio script

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Example radio script

  1. 1. Example of a radio scriptIntro: Radio Ident Jingle: 7 seconds.Cue immediately to DJ: “Hello and welcome to ISM Radio! We’ve got loads of news and gossip for youtoday, but first let’s check out the new song by <insert artist here>…” (6 seconds)Cue track: <insert artist details here>… (3m20s)At 3 mins lower volume to background noise level. When track ends start ambient background musicwhile DJ talks.Cue DJ (fast-paced): Great new song from <insert artist>. That’s going to be a classic! Now, we’ve got alot of interesting things to talk about today. There’s a rumour going round… (begin gossip section here)(enter estimated duration of segment – e.g. 3 mins)End of segment.Cue Radio Ident Jingle (7 seconds)Cue DJ: Now coming up we’ve got two fantastic new tracks from …<insert artists here>… and the latestnews and weather with <insert news presenter name here>. But first, I’ve got <insert guest name> inthe studio with me for a chat! (begin chat segment here) (enter estimated duration of segment – e.g.5mins)DJ: “Ok, thanks for coming in! Now let’s get some music on…” (3secs)Cue track <insert artist details here> (3m40)Mix into 2nd track <insert artist details here> (3m20)At 3 mins lower volume to background noise level. When track ends start ambient background musicwhile DJ talks.And on the show goes… This is not a complete script, but an example of how you could lay it out, withtimings, each segment clearly identified, all elements identified – you should include all elements, suchas Jingles, Tracks, DJ voice, live chat, interview, news segment, ambient background music, Vox Pops,etc.By the end of the script, you should be able to add all the estimated timings up and work out roughlyhow long the show is, If it seems too short (e.g. below 15 minutes) you can add more in and if it seemstoo long (e.g. over 30 minutes) you can cut things out. Remember to keep a copy of the original draftthough, to show your progress and use as a comparison in your evaluation section!