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Getting Started with Twitter

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A guide to some of the basics and terminology in Twitter.

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Getting Started with Twitter

  1. 1. Getting Started with(in slightly more than 140 characters) Andy Piper @andypiper
  2. 2. Rule #1 http://www.flickr.com/photos/rooreynolds/1555706680/
  3. 3. Twitter Backgroundshort-form communication - 140 chars or less*founded in 2006, big jump at SxSW in 2007Jack Dorsey, Ev Williams, Dick Costellorapid growth due to: multi-channel use (SMS, web, apps) easy API (simple to build apps on top of or around Twitter)
  4. 4. “cartoons on the back of business cards” http://gapingvoid.com
  5. 5. Early Pressit gained traction with “technorati” quickly
  6. 6. What are you doing? (now - What’s Happening?)
  7. 7. Uses?Status broadcastBreaking news e.g. Hudson River crash, earthquakes; citizen journalismLocation awarenessDiscussionFiltering interesting links (crowdsourced information)FeedsMarketingObjects online e.g. houses, traffic info, plants…
  8. 8. Twitter = Broadcast(regular tweets can be seen by “everyone”*)
  9. 9. Also for “private” discussions (Direct Messages)
  10. 10. Communities form around topics (hashtags, lists etc) http://flickr.com/photos/shawdm/820926627/
  11. 11. Let’s Try It!
  12. 12. TerminologyUsername / Twitter handleProfileTweet / post / update (“...did you see my tweet?”)Follow/unfollow (followers/“tweeps”, following)@reply / mentionDirect Message / DMStream
  13. 13. TerminologyRetweet / RT (native, and quoted)FavouriteHashtag (topic or marker)ListTweetupFail Whale...
  14. 14. Fail Whale!
  15. 15. Useful Tools and AppsTwitter Apps - Twitter, TweetDeck, TweetBot, Plume - the listis nearly endless!TwitPic and photo sharingTwitterCounterBufferDeep iOS integration
  16. 16. Usage tipsNB There is NO “right way” to use Twitter! These are my own thoughts! Have a good profile - tell people why you are interesting Don’t try to read everything - dip in and out Don’t feel you have to respond to everything Vary usage - mix links, status updates, RT, @replies Follow and reply to interesting people Try responding to strangers who seem interesting Try to use just one tweet to get your point across
  17. 17. AdvancedSearch and saved searchesSpam and BlockingMedia sharingTrends / trending topics#FF / Follow FridayOAuth - third-party app authenticationSponsored Tweets / advertising
  18. 18. Thanks! Andy Piper @andypiperhttp://andypiper.co.uk