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Social tools in business

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Discussion of the issues around social tools in business - history, importance, policies and education. Delivered at Digital Bristol, March 2012.

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Social tools in business

  1. 1. Getting Social Andy Piper… in and out of Business @andypiper ~ andypiper.co.uk social bridgebuilder ~ speaker ~ techie
  2. 2. Essential Info! :-) #digitalbristol @andypiperFlickr - enable people tags!
  3. 3. “Social Business”?
  4. 4. Social business defn #1 (philanthropic)“a social business is a non-loss, non-dividend company designed toaddress a social objective within the highly regulated marketplace oftoday.” (Wikipedia/Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus)“ideas, businesses and people who are creating positive socialchange.” (socialbusiness.org)
  5. 5. Social business defn #2 (commercial) “As each company looks to incorporate social networking technologies, it is, in fact, becoming what IBM calls a Social Business.” (ibm.com)“It means that every department, from HR to marketing to productdevelopment to customer service, uses social media the way it usesany other tool and channel to do its job. A company that uses socialnetworking tools fluently to communicate with people inside andoutside the company acts as a Social Business.” (ibm.com)
  6. 6. Let’s talk about… “social” What is “social”?
  7. 7. Social Networking Everything
  8. 8. People are social
  9. 9. Events are social
  10. 10. The Web is Social
  11. 11. Social Media is…?
  12. 12. History
  13. 13. Big Cheese A big Co Department ZVP 1 VP 2Name Name EXEC 1 EXEC 2 Name Name MINOR 2NDARY FROMAGE FROMAGE
  14. 14. Times change...how does that affect Large Companies?
  15. 15. “Social networking applications are not new to business. Most suchapplications fall into three main categories: external relationships withcustomers and brand influences; internal relationships with employeesand partners; and societal relationships with citizens and communities.Many companies and government agencies already have a variety ofapplications in each of these categories, but much remains to be done.We are still in the early days of learning how to best translate our newcollaborative technologies and applications into more effective businessand societal relationships. The issue is not technology, even thoughsocial technologies are still relatively new. The key issue isorganizational capital, that is, the management practices and culturaladjustments needed to enable the organization to deploy and takeadvantage of these new capabilities.”http://blog.irvingwb.com/blog/2010/09/reinventing-relationships.html
  16. 16. So - what’s really changed?
  17. 17. We’re on a road to… Gartner Hype Cycle, July 2011 somewhere?
  18. 18. Studies say: everything is “better” - so it must be?
  19. 19. What are theconsequences?
  20. 20. TrustEducationGuidance
  21. 21. Spring 2005
  22. 22. Spring 2005 May 2008
  23. 23. Summary: • Follow the BCGs • Take personal responsibility • Include a disclaimerhttp://ibm.com/blogs/zz/en/ guidelines.html • Don’t cite clients EU + FTC rules! • Don’t pick fights
  24. 24. Liquid networks, cafe culture Diversity = strength Word-of-mouth = trust Networks = value
  25. 25. “magic” (sometimes called “innovation”)happens here
  26. 26. Social can improve business … but nothing is automatic!
  27. 27. Time to change!
  28. 28. Don’t just broadcast:Listen, create, respond, provide content
  29. 29. Conclusions• People are social• The tools are mature• Education and Trust are key• Networks bring Value• Do things Differently - respond, create and give back
  30. 30. http://pipr.co/growndigital
  31. 31. Connect http://twitter.com/andypiper http://andypiper.co.ukhttp://slideshare.net/andypiper
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