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Why the Internet of Things will be built on Open Source

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Presentation about Eclipse IoT given at Devoxx UK, June 2014

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Why the Internet of Things will be built on Open Source

  1. 1. @andypiper#eclipseiot Why the Internet of Things will be 
 built on Open Source Andy Piper @andypiper ! http://andypiper.co.uk http://iot.eclipse.org
  2. 2. @andypiper#eclipseiot I Am Not The Doctor! DELIVERING RICH REAL-TIME MOBILE USER EXPERIENCES
 is in Room 4!
  3. 3. @andypiper#eclipseiot Andy Piper - Developer Advocate at Twitter ! • Eclipse IoT and Eclipse Paho • MQTT.org • Long-time IoT fan and technology enthusiast • Speaker at the first O’Reilly Solid event
  4. 4. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  5. 5. @andypiper#eclipseiot • Openness • The Internet of Things • Projects and protocols
  6. 6. @andypiper#eclipseiot Open Wins
  7. 7. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  8. 8. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  9. 9. @andypiper#eclipseiot Open Wins
  10. 10. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  11. 11. @andypiper#eclipseiot It works
  12. 12. @andypiper#eclipseiot WS-* vs REST
  13. 13. @andypiper#eclipseiot Developers Build Cool Stuff
  14. 14. @andypiper#eclipseiot Developers Tell Others About Cool Stuff
  15. 15. @andypiper#eclipseiot Open Wins Developers
  16. 16. @andypiper#eclipseiot Open (Standards + Source) Developers Innovation➡️➡️
  17. 17. @andypiper#eclipseiot The Internet of Things
  18. 18. @andypiper#eclipseiot – Me, at Thingmonk, December 2013 “The Internet of Things is Made of Signals”
  19. 19. @andypiper#eclipseiot Actually… People PLUS • Objects • Services • Sensors • … Things ! Basically: a lot more endpoints…
  20. 20. @andypiper#eclipseiot The Web is request/response Web Services ~ RPC
  21. 21. @andypiper#eclipseiot HTTP is document-centric (is it as good for signals?)
  22. 22. @andypiper#eclipseiot Signals are emit/respond (the IoT is NOT the web)
  23. 23. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  24. 24. @andypiper#eclipseiot Projects and protocols
  25. 25. @andypiper#eclipseiot A short story of a small community… and 
 “a little protocol that could”
  26. 26. @andypiper#eclipseiot MQTT is not new - invented in 1999! ! … so what happened for it to become so popular?
  27. 27. @andypiper#eclipseiot Image by “Londoneer”, CC licensed by-nc-sa OggCamp, 25th October 2009 - @andysc spoke about his automated home • … and @ralight made the first Open Source MQTT broker
  28. 28. @andypiper#eclipseiot By August 2011 
 (third OggCamp): ! • Client APIs in ~12 languages, for Arduino, mBed etc. • Specification published royalty-free in 2010 • IBM and Eurotech open call for Standardisation participation • Adopted by Facebook Messenger…
  29. 29. @andypiper#eclipseiot Today! ! • Too many clients to count • New commercial and OSS brokers • MQTT 3.1.1 standard from OASIS • Core Eclipse IoT Projects (Paho, Mosquitto, Moquette) • Paho graduating with Eclipse Luna 

  30. 30. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  31. 31. @andypiper#eclipseiot It works
  32. 32. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  33. 33. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  34. 34. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  35. 35. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  36. 36. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  37. 37. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  38. 38. @andypiper#eclipseiot Wakaama  OM2M Moquette Krikkit Concierge
  39. 39. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  40. 40. @andypiper#eclipseiot Open / affordable hardware lowers barriers
  41. 41. @andypiper#eclipseiot The road ahead?
  42. 42. @andypiper#eclipseiot • MQTT-SN, DDS, XMPP and other protocols at Eclipse? • Security • Data formats and semantics • Discovery and classification Work ahead!
  43. 43. @andypiper#eclipseiot
  44. 44. • @YourTwitterHandle• #DVXFR14{session hashtag} @andypiper#eclipseiot Sum m ary
  45. 45. @andypiper#eclipseiot • Openness is not optional • The Internet of Things is not the web • Eclipse is becoming the home of 
 open IoT projects (join us!)
  46. 46. @andypiper#eclipseiot more developers
 building ! more awesome projects 
 in the OPEN
  47. 47. • @YourTwitterHandle• #DVXFR14{session hashtag} @andypiper#eclipseiot Q & A
  48. 48. @andypiper#eclipseiot Thanks / Creative Commons •Presentation Template — Guillaume LaForge ! •The Queen — A prestigious heritage with some inspiration from The Sex Pistols and funny Devoxxians ! •Girl with a Balloon — Banksy
  49. 49. @andypiper#eclipseiot Thanks / Creative Commons •IoT drawing http://www.flickr.com/photos/polisea/6283810186 •Network cables http://www.flickr.com/photos/brunogirin/73014722 •Satellite dish http://www.flickr.com/photos/splatt/1211993988 •I <3 Data http://www.flickr.com/photos/bixentro/2199711056 ! • other images Wikimedia Commons ! • Thanks to Ian Skerrett and Benjamin Cabé for content support