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Castile and Leon

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Project made by 3rd graders

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Castile and Leon

  1. 1. Placed in the north of the Iberian peninsula. It borders in the northern part on the principality of Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country; in the southern part with the Community of Madrid, Castile-La Mancha and Estremadura in the eastern part. The territory forms it, especially the Plateau and the mountainous belt that surrounds it. It has an altitude of 800 meters in which they predominate over the dry and arid landscapes. In the northern part there are spied Leon's saws, Palencia and Burgos, of high summits, which belong to the Cantabrian mountain chain. Over Soria there spread the mountains of the Iberian System, in which it blunts the Moncayo. In the southern part, there raises the Central System, which Sierra de Gata and Gredos in the western part, and Guadarrama and Ayllón in the eastern part divide the Plateau in two.
  2. 2.  The river Duero crosses the whole community, is born in Urbión's Beaks, in Soria, and crosses 897 km up to ending in the Portuguese locality of Oporto. For the right margen it gets the waters of several tributaries, as the Pisuerga, the Valderaduey, Elsa, the Adaja and the Duratón, and for the left side, those of the Tormes, the Huebra, the Águeda, the Coa and the Paiva.  His climate is Mediterranean of continental type, long and cold winters and short summers with variable temperatures according to the zone. The rains are distributed of irregular form, being a spring and autumn the most rainy stations.
  3. 3.  It is situated in the center of the Iberian peninsula. It borders in the northern part and in the western part on Castile and León, and in the southern part and in the eastern part on Castile-La Mancha.  The territory fitted between the Central System and the valley of Tajo, distributes between the saw and the plain. The saw Of Madrid belongs to the Central System and divides in three differentiated well sets: Ayllón's saw, in which they lift the top of Seven Beaks and Rock Cebollera; the saw of Guadarrama, with the Peñalara; and the saw of the Gredos.
  4. 4.  All rivers except some that they are born in the saw of Guadarrama and end in the Duero, are affluent of the right margen of the Tajo. The most important are the Jarama, the Guadarrama and the Alberche.  The altitude of the Plateau as well as the belt of mountains that surround it prevent that there come to the region the masses of humid air from the sea.  His climate is Mediterranean, possesses own characteristics of the continental one, for the scanty rainfalls. The summers are long and warm. The winters are cold. It rains mas in autumn and in the saw the snowfalls abound in winter.