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Ethical Christmas?

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A guide to Christmas excesses and what steps you can take to help save the environment.

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Ethical Christmas?

  1. 1. EEtthhiiccaall CChhrriissttmmaass??
  2. 2. CChhrriissttmmaass ttrreeeess Britons  decorate  and  throw  away  over  6  million   real   Christmas   trees   during   the   fes8ve   season   which  produces  an  extra  9,000  tonnes  of  waste.     Many  local  councils  provide  services  to  remove   and   recycle   real   trees   for   free.   The   trees   are   then   ground   and   turned   into   *woodchips   to   *mulch  gardens  and  parks.   *woodchips  –  as8llas   *mulch  -­‐  abonar  
  3. 3. Christmas Cards The  Royal  Mail  delivers  as  many  as  150  million   cards  per  day  in  the  pre  Christmas  *run-­‐up  and   up  to  1  billion  of  those  cards  end  up  in  the  bin.   These   cards   can   take   up   to   30   years   to   decompose.   If   all   these   cards   were   recycled   rather   than   thrown  away,  it  would  help  save  the  equivalent   of  around  248,000  trees.     *run-­‐up  –  vísperas,  período  previo  
  4. 4. Wrapping paper Britain   uses   over   8,000   tonnes   of   wrapping   paper   over   Christmas,   which   produces   over   83   square   km   of   rubbish   –that’s   enough   to   cover   *Guernsey.   You   can   *do   your   bit   by   using   recycled   paper   and   making   sure   you   recycle   it   again  aRer  use.   According  to  Friends  of  the  Earth  an  addi8onal   125,000  tonnes  of  plas8c  packaging  are  thrown   away  over  Christmas..       *Guernsey  –  dependencia  de  la  corona  británica  ubicada  en  el  Canal  de  la  Mancha,   al  oeste  de  las  costas  de  Normandía.   *do  your  bit  –  poner  tu  granito  de  arena  
  5. 5. Alternative gifts In  Britain,  we  create  3  million  tonnes  of  waste  in   the  fes8ve  season  alone.   Consider  alterna8ve  giRs  that  require  liWle  or  no   packaging  such  as  *vouchers.  Or  giRs  that  help   sustain  the  environment  such  as  plan8ng  a  tree   or  sponsorship  of  an  animal.   *voucher  –  cupón,  vale  
  6. 6. Food waste Around  16.5  million  turkeys  are  bought  every  year,   which   is   equivalent   to   one   turkey   for   every   three   people   in   the   whole   of   the   UK.   *Roughly   4,200   tonnes   of   *aluminium   foil   are   thrown   away   each   Christmas.   The  *average  family  wastes  around  a  third  of  the   food   they   buy   at   Christmas.   Plan   menus   carefully   and   put   any   vegetable   *le;overs   in   the   compost   bin.   *roughly  –  more  or  less   *aluminium  foil  –  papel  de  aluminio   *average  –  media,  estándar   *leRovers  –  sobras,  restos  
  7. 7. CCoo22 The   average   Briton   watches   thirty   hours   of   television   during   Christmas   week,   using   61.5   million   KWh   of   energy   and   genera8ng   over   28,000  tonnes  of  CO2,  which  is  enough  to  fill  the   Royal  Albert  Hall  155  8mes!  
  8. 8. Christmas lights Indoor   fairy   lights   don’t   require   much   energy   therefore   they   don’t   create   much   carbon   dioxide.   If  you’re  keen  to  cut  your  energy  consump8on   you   could   swap   your   ordinary   light   bulbs   for   energy   saving   ones.   Energy   saving   light   bulbs   last  roughly  12  8mes  as  long  and  use  a  frac8on   of  the  energy  of  ordinary  bulbs.  
  9. 9. Discussion questions Rules   You  mustn’t  use  any  of  the  following  words  or   expressions:   •  Yes   •  No   •  I  don’t  know   •  Nice   •  Maybe    
  10. 10. 1.  Do  you  decorate  your  house  with  a  real  Christmas   tree?   2.  If  so,  what  do  you  do  with  it  aRer  Christmas  season?   3.  Do  you  eat  a  turkey  dinner  for  your  Christmas  dinner?   4.  If  not,  what  do  you  eat?   5.  What  do  you  do  with  the  leRovers?   6.  Do  you  write  Christmas  cards?   7.  Do  you  receive  Christmas  cards?   8.  If  so,  what  do  you  do  with  them?   9.  What  kind  of  presents  do  you  buy?  
  11. 11. 10.  Do  you  give  something  to  homeless  people?   11.  Do  you  donate  something  to  chari8es?   12.  If  you  could  change  something  about  Christmas  8me,   what  would  it  be?   13.  Do  you  ever  think  about  the  real  meaning  of  Christmas?   14.  Do  you  wrap  presents?     15.  If  so,  how  do  yoy  wrap  them?   16.  What  do  you  do  with  the  wrapping  paper  aRer  opening   presents?   17.  Can  you  think  of  any  alterna8ve  presents?   18.  How  do  you  enjoy  during  Christmas  holidays?    
  12. 12. Final task   Write  a  resolu8on  to  live  Christmas  more   ethically.  
  13. 13. List  of  references:   •  hWp://www.bbc.co.uk/religion/galleries/ ethicalxmas   •  hWp://iteslj.org/ques8ons/christmas.html