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Food and restaurants

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Easy presentation written by our language assistant to talk about restaurants and eating-out habits for our first graders.

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Food and restaurants

  1. 1. My favourite restaurant Eating-out habits Famous Australian restaurants Food and restaurants Anthony Fernández & Ángela Ruiz Pedro Espinosa High School (Antequera)
  2. 2. My favourite restaurant (1) My favourite restaurant is called “La Estación” and it is in a charming village just passed Archidona, called Salinas. Food and restaurants
  3. 3. My favourite restaurant (2) The food in this restaurant is good, but the real reason I like it is because it is beside the train tracks. In fact the restaurant *used to be a small train staEon. Food and restaurants Train tracks Train station *used to -­‐ solía
  4. 4. My favourite restaurant (3) You can eat inside or if you prefer, you can eat outside on the terrace, which used to be the plaJorm. While you are eaEng you can watch the trains go by. Food and restaurants Platform
  5. 5. Eating-out habits (1) I normally eat out once or twice a fortnight. I prefer to eat out at dinner Eme rather than lunch. Normally, I’ll try to *avoid going on Friday or Saturday evenings because there are too many people. I prefer Sunday nights or weeknights. Food and restaurants *avoid -­‐ evitar Fortnight
  6. 6. Eating-out habits (I1) I like going to restaurants where I can try different and exoEc foods. I mostly go to restaurants in Antequera, but someEmes I go to others along the Malaga coast, Granada or even Cordoba. Food and restaurants Exotic food
  7. 7. Famous Australian restaurants (1) In Australia there is an incredible variety of restaurants from all over the world, such as European, Asian, African and American. This is because Australia is a country founded by immigrants. Food and restaurants All over the world Immigrant
  8. 8. Famous Australian restaurants (1I) I have tried many restaurants there and I can say that I prefer the Asian restaurants, with my big favourites being Japanese and Thai. Food and restaurants Japanese food Thai food
  9. 9. Famous Australian restaurants (1II) One of the most famous restaurants, located in Sydney, Australia, is call Quay. It is also included in the top 100 restaurants in the world. It has great views and wonderful food. It serves contemporary Australian cuisine. Food and restaurants Quay restaurant, Sydney
  10. 10. 1. Do you have a favourite restaurant? 2. Do you like food from other countries? If yes, which do you like the most? 3. Do you like Japanese food? What kind of Japanese food do you like? 4. Do you like to eat at fast food restaurants? 5. Do you prefer to eat at a restaurant or at home? Food and restaurants
  11. 11. 6. How o`en do you eat in a restaurant? 7. How o`en do you go shopping for food? 8. What do you usually like to drink when you go out? 9. What food can you cook the best? 10. What foods have you tasted which you will never forget for the rest of your life? Food and restaurants