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Rising star presentation

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Rising star presentation

  1. 1. Getting the most of two hours
  2. 2. What the documents say… • The fourth proposal of the Regular Basic Education towards 2021 is “Knowledge of English as an International Language” • The first and second strategic goal of the National Educational Project towards 2021 points “Equal quality opportunities and educational results for all” and “Students and institutions that achieve pertinent and quality learning”,
  3. 3. …what we have. • Public school students only have two pedagogical hours a week. • Students from publics schools do not have the same conditions in comparison to private schools students, so equal opportunities and pertinent and quality learning are not something real for the majority of Peruvian Students.
  4. 4. What can we do? • Find ways to maximize class time. • Be more creative. • More effective.
  5. 5. Web 2.0 • Web 2.0 is a set of internet services and practices that encourage internet users to participate horizontally. • It is interactive, accessible ,collaborative.
  6. 6. Examples
  7. 7. For education • It provides opportunities to be independent in their study and research
  8. 8. For us… • Maximize class time. • Easy to use. • Students enjoy it. • Gives an opportunity to learn. • Useful tools to develop the 4 basic skills
  9. 9. Social Bookmarking • Your portable library.
  10. 10. Vocaroo
  11. 11. Wordle
  12. 12. DVOLVER
  13. 13. Spiderscribe
  14. 14. Explore the possibilities¡ Thanks¡