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Exploring New Literacies

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Angela Maiers' presentation on exploring new literacies.

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Exploring New Literacies

  1. 1. 1 New Literacies Exploring in the Classroom Presented By: Angela Maiers and Mark Moran @angelamaiers @FindingDulcinea
  2. 2. 2 Teaching: Literacy
  3. 3. “X”
  4. 4. “.”
  5. 5. HABITUDES Habits + Attitude
  6. 6. •Imagination •Curiosity •Self Awareness •Perseverance •Courage •Adaptability •Passion
  7. 7. What do GREAT 
 readers, writers, researchers do? photo on pharos.com
  8. 8. ▪ In 2010 Dulcinea Media surveyed 300 middle school and high school students in New York. 3
  9. 9. A Majority of Students... • don’t know how to form a sound search query; • don’t have a strategy for dealing with poor results; • can’t articulate how they know content is credible; • don’t check the author or date of an article.
  10. 10. Students’ Primary “Strategy” ... wildly firing random terms into a search box, and hoping they’ll get lucky.
  11. 11. Beyond Hope? ▪ Those without access to web research training show up at college “beyond hope”….with an “ingrained coping behaviour”… “they have learned to ‘get by’ with Google.” -- University College London
  12. 12. ▪ Not one of the 600 college students surveyed “could give an adequate conceptual definition of how Google returns results….the word ‘magic’ came up a lot.” 5 --ERIAL study (Illinois 2010)
  13. 13. Not a library class ▪ “[L]leaving information literacy to librarians alone suggests a failure to understand the scope of the problem.” -- Geoffrey Nunberg
  14. 14. Habitudes Unit of Study: Curiosity Lessons: 15-20 min Unit : 4-6 Weeks
  15. 15. invite? show? display? expect? share?
  16. 16. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008 What’s Your CQ?
  17. 17. What’s Your CQ? 1.I ask questions in class. 2.My questions are simple and easy. 3.I feel comfortable asking difficult questions or leaving questions I ask unanswered. 4.I can identify curious people. 5.I believe curiosity is important
  18. 18. Genius Questions What if…? Is ______ the reason for…? I wonder why…? Can…? If…? Would you rather…? What is it that…? What would it take to…? When is it…? Why is it that…? Who could…? How is ____ like _____? Is it possible to…? If I ______, could_____? When is…? Does it matter if…? What could happen if…? How can…? If it were possible…? What is your opinion about…? Are there…? Is it right to…? Why is…? I wonder when…? How…? I’m wondering if…? Where did…? How could it…? Do you…? Why are…?
  19. 19. Taking your CQ to the web
  20. 20. HABITUDES BEImaginative Creative Generous Courageous Passionate Remarkable
  21. 21. Welcome to the New Literacy Club where YOU WRITEYour Future!!!