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Contextualized online search and research skills

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contextualizing online search and research skills

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Contextualized online search and research skills

  1. 1. “Contextualized Online Search and Research Skills” BY: ANGELICA MARIE S. JOVEN S 11-C
  2. 2. What is Online Search?  Online search is the process of interactively searching for and retrieving requested information via a computer from databases that are online. Interactive searches became possible in the 1980s with the advent of faster databases and smart terminals.
  3. 3. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages:  Ability to obtain a large sample, which increases statistical power  Data is automatically coded so no data entry errors  Reduced cost of conducting research Disadvantages:  Online is not totally secure and theft is one of the numerous danger it poses, researchers personal information is at risk of being access by rogue persons.  Some of the materials on the internet have not been evaluated by experts or thoroughly screened.  Lack of accreditation and low quality
  4. 4. Research Skills  “Research” sometimes just means finding out information about a topic. You can certainly develop advanced information retrieval skills in Working with Sources. However, in specific understandings of “research” carry a lot of weight. The classic definition is that “research” leads to an original contribution to knowledge in a particular field of inquiry by defining an important question or problem and then answering or solving it in a systematic way.  So you will need to read on to develop a relevant understanding of what research means in your subject.
  5. 5. Important aspects of research:  Research design covers the key issues in developing a successful research project.  Research methods takes you to resources on essential techniques for carrying out convincing research.  Working with data will provide resources on the use of statistics and other numerical skills in research.
  6. 6. Some examples of research skills that you may have include:1. Report writing. 2. Analysing lots of information from different sources. 3. Finding information off the internet. 4. Critical thinking.