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Profiles from the Computer Lab

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  1. 1. Our ProfilesComputer ClassNovember, 2012
  2. 2. ! ! ! ! MARLENE MORALESI am interviewing Marlene Morales. She started inCameron in second grade. Marlene’s favorite classis Gym. Marlene did a presentation when she wasin fourth grade and it was about dinosaurs. Marlenedoesn’t like giving presentations. Marlene has threebrothers and no sisters. Marlene has no pets and at home she does chores. Marlene likes to play soccerand her favorite holiday is Christmas because she gets presents. Marlene’s favorite book is Diary of aWimpy Kid and her favorite t.v. show comes on the Disney Channel. One thing Marlene wants to change aboutCameron is to not wear uniforms. When Marlenegrows up she wants to be a doctor.
  3. 3. • Alyssa B.The person I am interviewing is Alyssa B. and the grade that she was when she came to cameron is 7th. Her favorite classright now is computers. Alyssa has given a speech in front of her class in 6th grade and it was about eclipses and shedidn’t like doing that. Alyssa has one brother and four sisters. Alyssa has a dog (chihuahua) boy his name Tyko. She helpsout at her home with washing the dishes. She wants to be a model and if it doesn’t work out she wants to be a chef. She likesto watch and play football. Her favorite holiday is Christmas because of the presents. Alyssa’s favorite book is Twilightand her favorite character is Edward. Her favorite t.v show is “Family Guy” and her favorite character is Stewie. Herfavorite song is “Call Me Maybe.”
  4. 4. About Diamonte Saterfield My name is Yazmin. The person I interviewed was Diamonte.Diamonte was in the 2nd grade when he started school at Cameron.His favorite class right now is reading. In the 5th grade he gave a presentation in science class. He does not like to present in class. After he graduates from Cameron he is planning to attend North Lawndale high school. Diamonte has 1 brother and 2 sisters, he has no pets. At home he does chores to help out. When he grows up he wants to be a professional football player. If that doesnt work out for him he is planning to be a basketball player. He plays and watches football. Diamontes favorite holiday is Christmas because he gets a lot of presents. Hes favorite book is Holes. His favorite singer is Chief Keef. He doesnt know what he would change about Cameron or the world. Lastly, Diamontes favorite color is purple. =)
  5. 5. Hey Yaw My Name Is Nataejah!I am in the 7th grade and my favorite teachers are Mrs. Sykes and Ms. Gills. I am a straight A student and I love school. When i go to high school i will want to go to LANE TECH! I am very responsible and have a great personality. I have been a cheerleader for 8 years and its very fun and exciting. When I grow up I want to go to culinary school and be a cake designer. I have a lot of favorite books but the one I like the most is Mitlitia. I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters. I LOVE CHRIS BROWN My favorite day of the year is Nov 21, because it’s my birthday. I also love Christmas, I can get whatever I want when I ask for it.
  6. 6. Mahdi• Hi my name is Mahdi I like WWE. I love pizza. I love math the best.To me Chrismas is the best. I love jordans.
  7. 7. DEMARKUS WILLIAMS is a 13 year old boy who takes pride in computer class at the school of CAMERON elementary school. During his 6th grade year at Cameron he did a project on weather men.He looks forward to attending Lane Tech High School. He has 2 brothers & 1 sister. And a dognamed pitbull. He helps around the house by doing chores.
  8. 8. Oscar Marinez• Hi, my name is Xavier Beecham, and I am interviewing Oscar Martinez. He been in Cameron since he was in pre-k. His favorite teacher is Ms.Sykes this year. Oscar presented in 6th and it was about a science project, but he doesn’t like presenting in class. He wants to go to lane tech for high school. He has 1 brother and no sisters. He clean the house his mom usually. When he grows up he wants to be a lawyer, and likes to play soccer. His favorite holiday is Christmas because of the nice presents he gets every year, and his favorite book is Bud not Buddy. His favorite movie, t.v show and song: Ted, the 70 show, and “Love Game” by Tyga. He said if he can change something about Cameron it would be uniform.
  9. 9. Demond Williams Jr. is a 13 years old boy who takes pride in math class at the school ofc=Cameron elementary school. He someday hopes to play basketball on the NBA, and ifthat doesn’t work out his plans are to become an engineer. He has 2 brothers & 2 sisters andhe sometimes helps his lil brother with homework. He said if he can change Cameron he wouldhave no uniform, longer recess & longer prep too.
  10. 10. AliciaHello my name is Alicia and my favorite holiday is christmas.I have a baby brother named Allen.I am very nice and I play with people a lot.I am 10 years old. I am a simple girl. I sometimes get a lot of good grades and I go to Cameron. I was born on 11-16-2oo2
  11. 11. My name is Eulalia Bustamante i’m a female.I started Cameron in headstart I dont remember how old I was but thatsnot important right now I’ve been in Cameron since. When I was in 5th grade I transfered but then in beginning of 6thgrade I transfered back. I know this school pretty well Anyways my favorite class is prep exept for gym i dont likegym, I hate it. My first presentation was in 6th grade I dont like presentations I HATE them with capital H A T E.Ihave 1 brother and 1 sister I don’t have any pets.When i grow up I want to be in buissnes kind of things.If that dosentwork out I would go for Doctor/nurse. My favorate holiday is christmas because I get presents duhhh. I do have afavorite book its called tears of a tiger.I have a favorite song I bet its not ok but its by liljay ft. If i could change theworld I would change how people criticize its not right to judge people for how they look like and how they actjudging also went to far. Sometimes its not called judging no more its called bullying its so not right people killthemselves because of that but enough of that. Another thing I would change about the world is violence if I could Iwill get all that out that way there wont be any kind of you know so many bad things in the world.
  12. 12. ! Cency VegaI started Cameron in preschool. This is the only school I have ever been to. I don’t have a favorite class.I have done a presentation before. The presentation was about diseases.The high school that I want to go to is North Side College Prep.I have five brothers and two sisters. I love them. I have four nephews and three nieces. I have two dogs Roxy(pit-bull) and Porky (chubby Chihuahua).I help out at home by washing the dishesWhen I grow up I want t work in the medical field . If that doesn’t work out then I want to work as a teacheror lawyer. I like to play volleyball, soccer, and basketball.My favorite holiday is Christmas because we get presents and we celebrate the day Jesus was born.My favorite book is the Hunger Games. My favorite show is The Walking Dead.I want to stop bullying in Cameron!
  13. 13. • FRANCISCO m. :)• His name is Francisco Martinez, he has been in Cameron since he was in pre-k. His favorite class is computers. He has presented in front of class before. He has 2 sisters and no brothers. He has a pet, it’s a female chihuahua, Her name is Cookie. What he does at home to help out is eat food. When he grows up he want to be a lawyer, if it doesn’t work out he wants to be a special ops. He doesn’t watch sports. His favorite holiday is his birthday because it was the day he was born. He doesn’t have a favorite book. His favorite movies are Blood in Blood out, Ted, Titanic. One thing he would change about Cameron is the food!•
  14. 14. BrianaHi, my name is Briana Elliott and I am in 7th grade. My teachers’ names are Ms.Gills, Mrs.Randsom, andMs.Sykes. My favorite subjects in school are grammar, math, and reading because it helps me understandmore. My favorite high school is Michael Clark. I want to go to Michael Clark because two of my cousinswent there and graduated from there and went to college to have a successful life. When I grow up I wantto be a nurse and if that don’t work I would like to be a basketball player. My favorite foods are pizza, tacos,chicken, and fries. I also like mystery books because they are exciting to read.