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UCSF Profiles: Research Networking Usage at a Large Biomedical Institution

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Learn how UCSF Profiles, the campus reseach networking system, gets used on and off campus

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UCSF Profiles: Research Networking Usage at a Large Biomedical Institution

  1. 1. Research Networking Usage at a Large Biomedical Institution Anirvan Chatterjee, Katja Reuter, PhD, John Daigre, Eric Meeks, Katherine Nelson, Cynthia Piontkowski, Rachael Sak, RN, MPH, Brian Turner, MBA, Leslie Yuan, MPH, Maninder Kahlon, PhD Clinical and Translational Science Institute, University of California, San FranciscoIntroduction What is UCSF Profiles? Traffic over time Why use the system?Biomedical institutions have widely deployedinstitutional expertise discovery and We track both overall traffic, as well as “power An on-site survey offers insights into how usersresearcher networking systems, including contact information user” traffic from our core targeted audience (on- make use of UCSF Profiles. Examples:VIVO, Harvard Catalyst Profiles, and SciVal campus users who spend 2+ minutes per visit). Experts. Institutions have invested innetworking systems drawn by the promise of •  “Great resource for finding potential research"enabling collaboration, matchmaking and collaborators and for PhD dissertation committees” Daily visits from all sources Daily 2+ minute visits from UCSFother key needs for accelerating translational 2,250 40 •  “I am hoping that it just helped me find a mentor” profile pageresearch—but evidence is limited on the for every 2,000 35 •  “It has helped find new nursing research problems”extent of usage of these tools and their researcher research areas 1,750 •  “It is wonderful to find current publications…for our" on campus 30perceived value in the research community. 1,500 annual report and for some grant applications.” 25 •  “I am writing a letter in support of the faculty member " publications, 1,250 20 whose profile I just consulted.” grants, etc. 1,000UCSF’s Clinical and Translational Science 750 15 •  “Gives me a profile of a potential contributor to a book”Institute (CTSI) invested not only in early related people 500 10 •  “Helps my company serve the UCSF community better”deployment of the tool but also in a multi- 250 5 •  “Put together a list of potential guest lecturers”pronged approach to user-focused design, 0 0 •  “Review the background and experience of an author”promotion, and analytics. Twenty-six months •  “For contacting expert reviewers”after launch, UCSF Profiles, UCSF’s researchnetworking system is receiving over 2,000visits per day, driven in large part by searchengine optimization and strategic linkinginitiatives with major campus web properties. Who’s using the system? How do users find it? What do they look at? •  UCSF Profiles is used heavily by both internal •  UCSF Profiles users are most likely to arrive •  Virtually all users look at individual researcherMethods & Tools and external audiences. by searching Google for a researcher’s name profiles, driven in large part by search engines. •  On-site survey data shows that UCSF •  In January 2013… •  However, users who land on the home pageThe UCSF Profiles team’s usage analysis is audiences include researchers, administrators, are more likely to make heavier use of the site. •  Search engines drove 68% of visits onbased primarily on the extensive use of support staff, and external audiences include campus, and 74% outside •  In January 2013…Google Analytics, including the use of custom researchers, reviewers, doctors, and patients.events and traffic segmentation. This has •  Links from UCSF websites drove 26% of •  96% of all visits hit a profile pagesbeen supplemented with several user input visits on campus, and 10% outside •  5% of all visits hit the home pagemechanisms, including an on-site surveyshown to all users. Visits Per Day by Source (January 2013) Visits per Day By Location (January 2013) Visits per Day" Avg. pages Direct / Unknown / Email / Landing page Traffic % January 2013 per visit Private browsing, 214 Other non-UCSFThis work was supported by the National Core UCSF campus, World, outside of USA, 282 websites, 48 397Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, Other UCSF websites, 171 Home page 74 4% 5.3National Institutes of Health, through UCSF- San Francisco, outside core UCSF campus, 287 UCSF.edu news stories, 29 …via search engines 33 2% 4.9CTSI Grant Number UL1 TR000004. Its UCSF.edu online directory, 76 …via other sources 41 2% 5.3contents are solely the responsibility of the UCSF.edu internal search engine, 49 Google search, 1419 Profile page 1,921 93% 1.5authors and do not necessarily represent the USA, outside of Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, 67official views of the NIH. California, 667 California, outside of …via search engines 1,458 70% 1.4 UCSF, 440 …via other sources 464 22% 1.7 Clinical and Translational Science Institute / CTSI Accelerating Research to Improve Health UC F S