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Ajmera Kanjurmarg in Mumbai call @ 9739976422

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This project is located at prime region of Mumbai at Kanjurmarg which connects every important corner via bus network, rail network and many other traveling facilities.

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Ajmera Kanjurmarg in Mumbai call @ 9739976422

  1. 1. Ajmera Kanjurmarg Mumbai
  2. 2. About Ajmera Kanjurmarg •Ajmera Kanjurmarg is superb creation of builder in respect to residential amenities that is situated at auspicious place kanjurmarg. It is suburb in eat central Mumbai superbly connected to Jogeshwari Vikhroli link road. •This project is prepared under the great idea and plan in which you will find every residential amenity such as bedrooms, well decorated hall, kitchens, store rooms, dining room and washroom.
  3. 3. Amenities • 24 Hr backup • Water supply • Wi-Fi • Intercom • Lift & elevators • Big terrace • Cricket ground • Kids play ground • Multipurpose hall • Swimming pool • Gymnasium • Open cafeteria
  4. 4. Ajmera Kanjurmarg Greeneries
  5. 5. Ajmera Kanjurmarg Lifestyle
  6. 6. Terrace
  7. 7. Relaxation zone
  8. 8. Tennis Court
  9. 9. Contact Us •Ajmera Kanjurmarg •Situated at Kanjurmarg in Mumbai •call @ 9739976422 •To know more about us visit: - http://www.ajmerakanjurmarg.newprojectlaunch.in/
  10. 10. Thank You !