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Name ofCourse : Bachelor ofEngineering (Electronics and Comm Engg)
Registration Number : *******
Name ofStudent...
V Semester Roll No. ****, Dec, 2009 Marks VI Semester Roll No. *****,May, 2009 Marks
D05 Computer Architecture & Organ CSE...
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Transcript Format for MDU (Maharshi Dayanand University) Rohtak

Step-by-step procedure to get transcripts from MDU:
1. Write an application to the assistant registrar of R-3 branch, MDU asking for transcript for xyz purpose. Mention your registration number.
2. Get payment receipt of Rs 1600 (for 1 set of transcript) from Cashier.
3. Go to R-3 branch of MDU and meet the assigned executive for your department and college. (Meet Mr Satendar if you are a Btech from Apeejay/ITM)
4. Present your Application (with payment receipt) and transcript copy (with original and photocopied mark sheet) for verification.
5. If the transcript is correct, take University letter head from Superintendent and get your transcript printed on it.
6. Get the transcript (printed on letter head) and your application signed by Superintendent and Registrar.
7.Put your transcript in the envelop and get it stamped from the dispatch table.
8. Submit the application with payment receipt to the executive.

Documents you need to carry with you:
1. Transcript copy(attached is the format, enter your details and cross-check for errors).
2. Original Mark sheets.(sem 1-8)
3. Photo copy of Mark sheet (Sem 1-8)
4. A-4 size envelope.

University address:
R-3 branch, 1st Floor, Parisha Sadan, Gate no 2, MDU Rohtak.

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Transcript Format for MDU (Maharshi Dayanand University) Rohtak

  1. 1. TRANSCRIPT Name ofCourse : Bachelor ofEngineering (Electronics and Comm Engg) Registration Number : ******* Name ofStudent : ********* Father’s Name : ********* Name ofCollege : Apeejay College ofEngineering Sohna, Gurgaon DETAIL OF MARKS OBTAINED SUBJECT-WISE & SEMESTER-WISE I Semester Roll No. *******,Dec, 2006 Marks II Semester Roll No. 793608,May, 2007 Marks A21 Essentials of Comm. HUM-101-E */150 A24 Manufacturing Process ME-103-E */150 A22 Mathematics-I- Math-101-E */150 A26 Fund of Computer & Programming CSE-101-E */150 A23 Physics-I PHY -101-E */150 A28 Elements of Mechanical Engg ME-101-E */150 A25 Chemistry CH-101-E */150 A31 Workshop Practice ME-107-E */050 A27 Electrical Tech EE – 101-E */150 A34 Comp Programming LAB CSE - 103 - E */050 A29 Engineering Graphics & Drawing ME -105-E */150 A35 Elements of Mechanical Engg Lab ME-109-E */050 A30 Physics LAB - I PHY - 103 - E */050 A36 Comm Skills in English HUM - 102 - E */150 A32 Chemistry Lab-Ch-103-E */050 A38 Mathematics – II MATH - 102 - E */150 A33 Electrical Technology LAB EE - 103 - E */050 A39 Physics-II PHY-104-E */150 EVS Environment Studies */100 A40 Physics LAB - II PHY - 104 - E */050 A41 General Proficiency GP - 102 - E */050 TOTAL */1050 TOTAL */1150 III Semester Roll No. ***** Dec, 2008 Marks IV Semester Roll No. *****,May, 2008 Marks B71 Elec Engg Mater & Semicon Dev EE-201-E */150 D07Fundamental of Management HUM-202-E */150 B72 Network Theory EE-203-E */150 D08 Numerical Methods Math-202-E */150 B77 Data Structures Algorithms CSE-201-E */150 D09 Analog Electronics EE-202-E */150 B79 Economics HUM-201-E */150 D10 Digital Electronics EE-204-E */150 B81 Mathematics-III Math-201-E, MAE-201 */150 D11 Electromagnetics Theory EE-208-E */150 B84 Elec Mech Energy Conversion EE-205-E */150 D18 Communication Systems EE-206-E */150 P02 Electrical Workshop EE-231-E */050 D56 Analog Electronics Lab EE-222-E */050 P71 Ele Engg Mat & Semicond Dev Lab EE-221-E */050 D57 Digital Electronics Lab EE-224-E */050 P72 Network Theory Lab EE-223-E */050 D59 Numerical Methods Lab Math-204-E */050 P84 Elec Mech Energy Con Lab EE-225-E */100 D64 Communication Systems Lab EE-226-E */050 D66 General Proficiency GPEE-202-E */050 TOTAL */1150 TOTAL */1150
  2. 2. V Semester Roll No. ****, Dec, 2009 Marks VI Semester Roll No. *****,May, 2009 Marks D05 Computer Architecture & Organ CSE-210-E */150 E03 Computer Networks IT-305-E */150 E08 Microprocessor& Interfacing EE-309-E */150 F25 Network Programming Lab IT-304-E */050 E09 Electronic Measurement and Inst. EE-303-E */150 F31 Digital System Design EE-310-E */150 E10 Analog Electronic Circuits EE-305-E */150 F33 Digital System Design Lab EE-330-E */050 E14 Communication Engineering EE-301-E */150 F48 Control Systems Engg-EE-304-E */150 E15 Antenna & Wave Propagation EE-307-E */150 F50 Control Systems Engg Lab-EE-324-E */050 E36 Microprocessor& Interfac Lab EE-329-E */050 F73 Microwave & Radar Engg EE-302-E */150 E37 Electronic Measurement & Inst Lab EE-323-E */050 F75 Mosic’s & Technology EE-306-E */150 E38 Analog Electronic circuits Lab EE-325-E */050 F76 TV Engineering EE-308-E */150 E41 Elect Circuit Simulation Lab EE-331-E */50 F77 Microwave Lab EE-322-E */050 E42 Practical Training-I EE-335-E B F78 General Proficiency GPEE - 302 - E */050 TOTAL */1100 TOTAL */1150 VII Semester Roll No. ****,Dec, 2010 Marks VIII Semester Roll No. ****,May, 2010 Marks F24 Digital Signal Processing EE-407-E */150 F23 Wireless Communication EE-402-E */150 K13 Intelligent Instrum For Engg IC-455-E */150 J78 General Fitness For Prof. GPEE-402-E */150 K14 Embedded SystemDesign IC-403-E */150 J79 Satelite Comm Engineering EE-404-E */150 K25 Embedded Sys Design Lab IC-417-E */050 J80 Mobile Communication EE-432-E */150 K26 Digital Signal Processing Lab EE-427-E */050 J82 Radar & Sonar Engineering EE-454-E */150 K43 Data Communication EE-401-E */150 J83 Satelite Comm Lab EE-424-E */150 K48 Data Communication Lab EE-421-E */050 J84 Project EE-431-E */150 K52 Optical Communication Systems EE-405-E */150 J85 Independent Study Seminar EE-422-E */050 K53 Project EE-431-E */050 K54Practical Training-II EE-435-E B TOTAL */1050 TOTAL I TO VII SEM */5010 TOTAL */0950 GRAND TOTAL */6060 She has passed all the subjects of Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics and Communication) by securing a total of **** marks out of 6060 (Total scaled marks) with **** Division. The medium of instructions of entire course is English. NOTE: The University follows the following scaling system and scaled the marks accordingly:- NAME OF EXAMINATION SCALED MARKS 1st & 2nd Semester 40% of the aggregate marks 3rd & 4th Semester 60% of the aggregate marks 5th & 6th Semester 80% of the aggregate marks 7th & 8th Semester 100% of the aggregate marks This transcript is issued on the basis of official records maintained by University. ASSISTANT REGISTAR (R-III)