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Android Application Development Company India

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Hidden Brains is among the leading Android application development company in India. Get the best Android apps at competitive rates as per your business needs.

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Android Application Development Company India

  1. 1. Android Application Development Company India
  2. 2. Introduction of “Android” Android is a Linux based operating system and therefore there are many applications accessible to Android users. With the amazing features of Android, it is overwhelming to know that most of the Asian mobile companies like HTC, Samsung, Sony and Motorola uses Android as their operating system. Whether it may be small scale business or large scale entrepreneurs, they have picked Android operating system to showcase their items through mobile apps.
  3. 3. What is Android Application Development Android Application Development is at peak right now and its demand is increasing day by day. Android Application Development includes different type of apps such as :● Business Apps ● Travel Apps ● Education Apps ● Book Apps ● Social Networking Apps ● News Apps ● Entertainment Apps ● Health & Fitness Apps
  4. 4. Why Android Application Development? ● Extensive capability with several features ● Supports all computing tasks ● Wide range of category for application development ● Provides ability to build some unique applications ● Ability of maintaining its high position in the market ● Achieving all business objectives
  5. 5. Our Skills in Android App Development ● Highly experienced development team specific to Android technologies ● Proven success with our android app development projects ● Tight project startup and delivery schedules ● Source code rights exclusively owned by clients ● Superior project management ● Best Google Android software development company ● Strong technical knowledge ● Offshore development center with global infrastructure
  6. 6. Tools & Technology We Use: Android OS (1.x to 4.x) Ajax C++/C# XML Java JSON Google SDK Open GL Linux Kernel
  7. 7. Why Hidden Brains? Hidden Brains is a leading offshore Android development company, endorsed by a strong team of experts giving high-performance Android app development services to help you to tide up ahead among competitors. Our innovative and efficient services leverage the ability of Android platform to serve businesses across different industry verticals globally.
  8. 8. Client Testimonial 1 My experience outsourcing web development to Hiddenbrains was a good one. They handled the process of developing my software proficiently and professionally. Working with Chris and his team was a great experience. It was easy communicating with him. He understood what I needed and worked very hard to deliver on time. I very much appreciated the amount of care he and his team put in delivering a quality product and ensuring I am satisfied with their work. I would recommend using Hidden Brains to businesses looking to outsource their development. - Ben
  9. 9. Client Testimonial 2 Hidden Brains company is a great company to work with. They have completed our theme integration process to our x-cart website in a short time. People at hidden brains are true engineers. They knew exactly what we needed and delivered on time. Even after the project completed they were still fixing few things that we need updated. For that I m very thankful. We are now going to work with them on larger scale project. - Nick
  10. 10. About Hidden Brains Hidden Brains is a software development firm established in 2003 and based in Ahmedabad. We provide the following services :1. Web Development 2. Mobile Apps Development 3. Game Development 4. Open Source Customization 5. eCommerce Solutions
  11. 11. For a free quote on Android Application Development Visit www.HiddenBrains.com