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Kavi Sammelans is a informal or formal gathering of poets in Hindi-speaking belts of northern India. The participants recite their poetry to each other and have a general discussion of literary issues. This may take place in private homes or before an audience.Hindi kavi sammelans are organized across the globe by Hindi lovers.In most of the kavi sammelans organized in these countries, the poets are generally invited from India. Earlier, Kavi Sammelans were organized by social and cultural groups. But these days, the kavi-sammelans are very mush popular among Colleges, Universities and Even corporate. Most of the Kavi-Sammelans organized in colleges and corporates do consist of a small team of 3-4 poets, and this is the most prevalent tradition now-a-days.Kavi Sammelan is a fascinating , stress relieving , healthy cultural entertainment stage programme of Hindi & Urdu Poetry presentations and performances by professional poets. This programme is a rainbow of poems with having variety of humour , satire , patriotism , romance , sensation and cultural values Kavi Sammelan is a best medicine for heath & energetic stage programme which have the art of capturing the audience. Kavi Sammelan can be organized on any occasion with in any budget limits.

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  1. 1. कविसम्मेलन के इन्द्रधनुष में हास्य- व्यंग्य, गीत, ग़ज़ल , श्रंगार , राष्ट्रप्रेम एिं सामाजिक पररिेश ि हमारी जज़न्द्दगी से िुडी कविताएँ श्ोताओं से सीधे संिाद स्थावपत करते हुए उन्द्हें अपने प्रिाह में समाहहत कर लेती हैं I
  2. 2. मन की बात—--- कोई ----------------ममला ही नही कु छ--------------- गगला भी नही मैंने खुद को ही-------प्यार ककया खुद को-------------- -दुलार हदया
  3. 3. मुद्दत हो गयी---------------- दोस्त मुहब्बत ---------------------किये हुए सददय ां गुजर गयी------------ दोस्त स ाँसें ----------------------- लिए हुए..
  4. 4. ऐ भाई----------------- तू िरा आगे बढ़ बबच रस्ते------------- ना प्यार को लड प्यार तो मैं--------------------तेरी ही हू प्यार के मलए ----------ना सर पर चढ़
  5. 5. तुम जीत गये---------------- मैं ह र नही मैं ह रू--------------- मुझिो गॊव र नही मैंने अपनी ह र िो------- बस याँ समझ िी, मैंने तुमिो --------जर िम समझ
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