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Big bazaar Umrao Mall Catchment Study

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Catchment Study for Big Bazaar Outlet to be opening shortly at an under construction mall in Lucknow.

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Big bazaar Umrao Mall Catchment Study

  2. 2. Introduction ■ Nishatganj is a lively residential area in Lucknow, surrounded by flea and grey markets. There are schools, colleges, hospitals, railway station, banks etc around the area. ■ The area also has metro connectivity and connects with one of the prime locations of the city, Hazratganj. ■ Umrao Mall, situated in Nishatganj area of Lucknow, is an ongoing project & is proposed to end by 31st July 2020. ■ The project is under the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority. ■ The Mall will cover an area of approximately 4743sq mt.
  3. 3. Location New
  4. 4. Objectives of the Catchment Study ■ To understand the catchment area of Umrao Mall. ■ To study the estimated footfall of Umrao Mall. ■ To understand the competition of Umrao Mall with nearby malls. ■ To understand the competition of Big bazaar with nearby retail stores that offer the same products and services to the customer.
  5. 5. Demographics of the city Description Figures Total population 2,817,105 Male Population 1,460,970 Female Population 1,356,135 Literates 2,081,727 Male Literates 1,124,261 Female Literates 957,466 Average Literacy 82.50% Male Literacy 86.04% Female Literacy 78.70% Area sq. km 2,528 Density/km^2 1800 Proportion to Uttar Pradesh Population 2.30% Religion Total % Hindu 2,020,276 71.71% Muslims 742,529 26.36% Sikh 21,324 0.76% Christian 16,456 0.58% Jain 4,692 0.17% Buddhist s 2,759 0.10% Others 390 0.01% Not Stated 8,679 0.31%
  6. 6. Existing Store Locations and their distance from the proposed site ■ Distance between Big Bazaar at Shalimaar Eldee plaza (existing) and Proposed Big Bazaar at Umrao Mall-3.1kms Existing New
  7. 7. ■ Distance between Big Bazaar at Saharaganj Mall (existing) and Proposed Big Bazaar at Umrao Mall- 3.3kms Existing New
  8. 8. ■ Distance between Big Bazaar at Riverside Mall (existing) and Proposed Big Bazaar at Umrao Mall- 4.7kms Existing New
  9. 9. ■ Distance between Big Bazaar at Singapore Mall (existing) and proposed big bazaar at Umrao Mall-10.5kms Existing New
  10. 10. ■ Distance between Big Bazaar at Phoenix Mall (existing) and proposed big bazaar at Umrao Mall-13.6kms New Existing
  11. 11. Other Important distances ■ Badshah Nagar Railway Station from proposed Big Bazaar-700m ■ Badshah Nagar Railway Station from existing Big Bazaar at Eldee plaza- 2.4km ■ Bara Imambara from proposed Big Bazaar- 5.0kms ■ Bara Imambara from existing Big Bazaar at Eldee Plaza-7.5kms ■ Bara Imambara from existing Big Bazaar at Saharaganj-4.3kms
  12. 12. Apartments in 3km radius Apartment Number of households Royal Green Apartments Gyan Ganga Apartments Metro City Phase 1 Fortuna apartments Raen Basera Apartments 38 Gems Court Apartments Secretariat Colony apartments
  13. 13. Mall and Brands in vicinity- Shalimar Eldee Plaza Sr No Distance from propose d site Apparel Brands Food Brands Footwear Brands 1. 3.1kms Van Heusen KFC Red Tape 2. Jockey Dominos Puma 3. Peter England 4. Allen Solly 5. Duke 6. Aurelia 7.. Numero- Uno 8. Arrow 9. Srishti 10. Spykar
  14. 14. Saharaganj Mall, Hazratganj Lucknow Sr. No Distance from proposed site Apparel Brands Food Brands Shoe Brands 1. 3.3kms Pantaloons Mc Donalds Nike 2. Aurelia Jux Pux Puma 3. Forever 21 KFC Adidas 4. Only Royal Café Woodland 5. Kazo Chinese Kitchen Metro Shoes 6. Van Heusen Tundey Sketchers 7. Pepe Jeans Vango Bata 8. Central Berco’s Liberty 9. UCB 10. Global Desi The mall also has PVR Cinemas.
  15. 15. Riverside Mall, Gomti nagar Sr. No Distance from proposed site Food Brands 1. 4.7kms Subway 2. Barbeque nation 3. Mainland china The mall has INOX Cinemas.
  16. 16. Singapore Mall, Gomti nagar Sr no Distance from the proposed site Apparel Brands Food Brands 1. 10.5kms Planet Fashion Dominos 2. LawmanPg3 Café Coffee Day 3. Westside 4. Planet Fashion 5. Pantaloons 6. Peter England 7. Lee 8. Wrangler The mall has PVR Cinemas.
  17. 17. Phoenix United Mall, Alambagh Sr No Distance from propose d site Apparel Brands Food Brands Shoes Brands 1. 13.6kms Max Domino’s Hush Puppies 2. Globus Barbeque Nation Bata 3. People KFC Adidas 4. Allen Solly Italian Delight Sketchers 5. Blackberry Mc Donald’s Metro Shoes 6. Aurelia Woodland 7. Arrow Reebok 9. Biba 10. Pantaloons The mall has PVR Cinemas.
  18. 18. Other Competitors Sr. No Name Location Distance from proposed Big Bazar 1. V-Mart Faizabad Road 1.2kms 2. 1-India Family Mart Faizabad Road 1.1kms 3. Sadana Electronics Store Faizabad Road 4.1kms 4. Max Fun Republic 3.7kms 5. Shopper’s Stop Fun Republic 3.7kms 6. Mufti Fun Republic 3.7kms 7. Spencer’s Store Cinepolis Mall 6.5kms 8. Reliance Trend Cinepolis Mall 6.5kms 9. Fab India Cinepolis Mall 6.5kms 10. Max Cinepolis Mall 6.5kms
  19. 19. V-mart on Faizabad Road
  20. 20. 1 India Family Mart on Faizabad Road
  21. 21. Proposed Site- Primary Catchment (1-3kms) 1-3kms New Sr No AREAS No. of HH (Approxim ately) 1. Aliganj 2. Sarvodaya Nagar 3. Hasanganj 4. Balmikinag ar 5. Mahanaga r 6. Badshahna gar 7. Nishatganj
  22. 22. Proposed Site- Secondary Catchment (3kms-6kms) SR NO Area No. of HH (Approxim ately) 1. Daliganj 2. Qaisarbag h 3. Indira Nagar 4. Health City 5. Hazratgan j 6.
  23. 23. Existing Big Bazaar and Proposed Site-Overlapping Catchment 1-2kms SR NO Area No. of HH (Approxim ately) 1. Mahanag ar 2. Meena Market 3. Badshah 4. 5. 6.
  24. 24. CONSUMER MIX ■ Consumer mix is the array of people of different ages, genders, socioeconomic backgrounds, knowledge or experience, ethnicity, and so on, who patronize a service organization. ■ It can range from narrow to broad depending on how diverse it is. ■ The buying behaviour of a consumer is the decision process and acts that a consumer involves in buying, using and disposing of the products and services.
  25. 25. Schools in vicinity Schools Location Loyola International School Faizabad Road Swarnim Public School Mahanagar CMS Mahanagar Faizabad Road CMS Indira Nagar Indira nagar KPS high School Mahanagar Mary Fatima School Mahanagar Tender Hearts School Mahanagar EuroKids Pre School Nishatganj GD Goenka Public School Mahanagar New Happy Dell School Nishatganj Pradhan Convent School Nishatganj
  26. 26. Colleges in vicinity Colleges Location St. Joseph College Badshahnagar Mount Carmel College Mahanagar Montfort Inter College Mahanagar Karamat Hussain Girls P.G College New Hyderabad Isabella Thoburn College Faizabad Road DRV Inter College Faizabad Road Jai Krishna Commercial College New Hyderabad Indra Nagar Public College Indira nagar College of professional Engineering Nishatganj
  27. 27. Hangouts and Restaurants in vicinity Name Location Good Bakery Store and Coffee Shop Nishatganj Coffee Culture Mahanagar Veg stew Mahanagar Pizza hut Mahanagar Ritz continental Mahanagar Pink Panther Bar and Restaurant Mahanagar Ten Eleven Resto Café Mahanagar Taste Of India Mahanagar Café Coffee Day Indira nagar Old Cozy corner Lekhraj Market Ice and Spice Kukrail Bridge
  28. 28. Metro Stations in vicinity Metro Station Distance from Umrao Mall Badshah Nagar (nearest) 290m Lekhraj Market 2.1kms Bhootnath Market 3.1kms Indira Nagar (farthest) 3.6kms IT College 1.5kms Vishwavidyalaya 2.4kms
  29. 29. Top Hotels in vicinity Sr no. Hotels Ratings 1. Hotel Silvete 3 star 2. Taj Mahal Hotel 4 star 3. Renaissance 5 star 4. Levana Suites 4 star 5. Fortune Park BBD 4 star 6. India Awadh 4 star 7. Clarks Avadh 4 star
  30. 30. Thankyou.