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Academia RFID's Guide To Expert RFID Services

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Academia RFID's Guide To Expert RFID Services

  1. 1. a guide to expert RFID services The World’s Leading Center of Excellence and Academic Authority in RFID Technology
  2. 2. training + certification Academia RFID offers university-level, industry-recognized and professionally accredited RFID Training and Certifications worldwide in lab, on-site and on the web! RFID 101 The Fundamentals of RFID Technology RFID ROI Analyzing the Costs, Benefits and Return on investment of RFID Technology RFID LOG RFID Application for Transportation, Warehousing and Logistics RFID 201 Industry-specific Best Practices and Advanced Concepts of RFID Technology (Ex.: RFID Healthcare, RFID Pharma, RFID Retail, RFID Security, etc.) RFID PRO RFID PRO Business-Infused/Technical Certification Course RFID PRO+CCC RFID PRO & CompTIA RFID+ Certification Course w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  3. 3. vendor-neutral consultation Academia RFID’s team of industry-leading consultants are led by PhD-level University Professors and Industry Experts specialized in the fields of industrial engineering, supply chain & operations management, telecommunications,transportation & logistics, distribution & retail and e-commerce marketing. Vision & Objectives Planning Needs Analysis Costs/Benefits Study Process Mapping Business Process Reengineering Site Surveys Product & Environment Testing Solution Evaluation Solution Selection Solution Design & Development Bill of Materials Proof of Concept Design Pilot Design Implementation Design Performance Measurements Sustainability Report Scalability Report Change Management Training & Support got questions? Ask a RFID Expert for vendor-neutral consultation that will give you the answers that work for your organization. w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  4. 4. project management Academia RFID’s network of industry experts and certified RFID professionals are available for project management and end-to-end implementation mandates. With a senior consultant and hands-on coordinator, you can feel confident that the assessment, planning, strategy, integration and change management of your RFID project will be handled with expert precision and execution. research studies Academia RFID’s network of University Professors work year-round on in-depth research and development projects and publishes the results quarterly through international publications and industry whitepapers. No other academic organization or training institution has been so frequently invited to international conferences as guest speakers on RFID technology than the team at Academia RFID, making them the worldwide academic authority in RFID technology. Academia RFID has worked with Universities from around the world to set the standards and develop the industrial experience to properly identify the RFID best practices in numerous industries, including retail, manufacturing, logistics, aerospace, health care, pharma, security and government. ADD VALUE TO YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATION WITH RFID @ YOUR FINGERTIPS: Contact us today to understand the who, what, where, when and how of RFID technology! w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m
  5. 5. recruitment + placement Academia RFID offers international recruitment and placement services through their partnership with ProAction HR whose focus is on providing organizations with today’s best Engineers, IT and RFID Professionals. With offices around the world, ProAction HR has built an unparalleled network of opportunity channels and offers them to candidates seeking to improve their working conditions, in search of more stimulating challenges, and employment opportunities equal to their skills.. Recruitment Placement Outsourcing Relocation Services Headhunting Executive Search Whether it’s for executive headhunting or selecting specific talents or the coordination of country- to-country skills search events: PROACTION HR IS YOUR LOCAL PARTNER FOR GLOBAL RECRUITMENT! w w w. R F I D a c a d e m i a . c o m