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RT ENTERPRISES               High Performance

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RT Enterprises of NY, LLC
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Fast Track To High Performance Teams Volume 1 V3

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Fast Track To High Performance Supplier Relationships - Designed for Buyers & Sellers

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Fast Track To High Performance Teams Volume 1 V3

  1. 1. RT ENTERPRISES High Performance OUTSOURCING TEAMWORK: Exclusively for Outsourcing Buyer & Supplier Teams V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 1 J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 0 • Is your team operating at Fast Track Relationship Building maximum efficiency? • Are you meeting your goals? Outsourcing is a critical governance team talent • Build trust among • Is there a high level business support tool for with a high energy pro- team members of trust among companies in every indus- gram to: • Build a common lan- team members? try. In today's global envi- guage for high per- • Are leaders provid- ronment successful man- • Set the groundwork formance relationship ing effective and agement of outsourcing for effective team management timely coaching? engagements is imperative. communication • Adopt best practices Successful engagements for honest feedback • Are team mem- require more than a solid and business review bers personally governance framework. interactions accountable for They require outsourcing • Create a framework team results? talent with the requisite for accountability for skills to function collabo- results ratively as a high per- INSIDE THIS formance team. The program spans three ISSUE: phases over six months to The Fast Track to quickly develop high per- Deliverables 1 High Performance Supplier formance, win-win part- Relationships program is nerships between buyers Discovery & 2 designed to kick off newly and suppliers . Team Charter created outsourcing Collaboration 2 The program builds discipline for the future. & Problem Session Deliverables Solving Team 2 Effectiveness 6 Month 3 • Team Charter Check-up • Team Coaching Guidelines for Team Leaders & Managers About RT 4 Enterprises • Best Meeting Practices for common meetings and business review sessions (QBRs) Meet the 4 • Team 360o Assessments to measure the Team’s overall effectiveness Facilitators • Collaboration for Success Workshop • Team Leader Coaching Sessions incorporating current “report-outs” on the Team’s progress toward high performance and achievement of outsourcing engagement objectives Fast Track to High Performance Supplier Relationships© www.rtesolutions.net
  2. 2. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 2 Phase 1: Team Discovery & Team Charter Month 1 Post Session Deliverables: • We will review your outsourcing engagement’s governance • Documented Team framework to customize upcoming workshops Charter • All team members will complete an on-line Communication/ • Coaching Guidelines for Behavioral Profile—our preferred tool is DiSC®. Team Leaders • Report Out Conference Call to Team Leaders with the an- swer to the question: “What does the Team bring to the Month 2 “Success is table?” Team Leader Check-up: Team a science; • 1 1/2 Day Team Discovery Workshop effectiveness to-date if you ◊ Building Trust & Addressing Conflict have the ◊ Building the Team Charter Report Out Conference Call conditions, ◊ Protocols for Effective Team Meetings with Team Sponsor or Business you get the ◊ Building a System for Accountability for Results Owner: Team Progress & result.” preparation for Phase 2 ◊ & much more.. Oscar Wilde Phase 2: Collaboration & Problem Solving Month 3 QBR Workshop & Observation: We will conduct an afternoon workshop to show the team how to use collabo- rative problem solving techniques and methods for respectful candor to promote productive conflict. The facilitators will work with the Team to prepare for the following day’s outsourcing Quarterly Business Review (QBR). After ob- serving the first-half of the QBR session, your facilitators will share with you their initial observations of the Team’s interactions and effectiveness with specific instruction for the remainder of the day to conduct the meeting as a High Performance Team to optimize the outsourcing business value. Month 4 Team Leader Check-up: Team effectiveness to-date Post Session Deliverables: Report Out Conference Call with Team Sponsor or Business Owner Coaching Guidelines for Team Leaders Phase 3: Measuring Team Effectiveness Month 5 Team effectiveness. Research indicates Team Effectiveness Survey that collecting information from a vari- On-line survey where team members Team 360o Review ety of people with different perspectives participate in a survey that measures Key stakeholders complete an anony- increases the objectivity and validity of a the Team Effectiveness profile in mous, on-line assessment tool to pro- feedback experience. Results will be areas such as Trust, Clear & Com- duce a customized report of the presented in a final Workshop: Achieve mon Purpose, Communication and Team’s overall effectiveness. This is a Excellence through Personal Collaboration & Accountability. powerful way to provide a deeper Accountability. understanding of strengths and growth areas in order to enhance Fast Track to High Performance Supplier Relationships© www.rtesolutions.net
  3. 3. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1 PAGE 3 Phase 3 & beyond Month 6 based on real-world experiences. This Post Session Deliverables: Achieve Excellence Through Personal workshop will show team members and managers how the team is perceived and • How can the team best be Accountability Workshop managed going forward? how the team is actually performing. This session will focus on personal account- • Review 360o results with Gaps will be closed by developing the ability and will be customized based on ac- customized coaching Question Behind the Question. guidelines for future team tual outsourcing engagement results and development. the results from the Team 360o and Team 6-Month Check Up Effectiveness Survey. Using the QBQ® Re-administer the Team Effectiveness model we will show the team how to re- Profile to measure progress toward be- coming a high performing team. Results place blame, complaining and procrastina- are presented to the Team Leader in a tion with personal accountability. QBQ® coaching session to help continue the (The Question Beyond The Question) ex- team building process after the formal ercises will be customized for the team workshops are completed. Ongoing workshops can continue to support the performance levels of the team going forward. Topics are not limited to, but can include: “Unity is strength... • Building Emotional Intelligence to balance confidence with self-awareness, build relationships using empathy, enhance flexibility in problem solving, when there is and project optimism to the team. teamwork and collaboration, • Getting to Yes, based in the best-selling book by Roger Fisher and William wonderful things can Ury, leaders will learn negotiate agreement without giving in. be achieved.” • Our Iceberg is Melting, based on the best selling book by John Kotter, Mattie Stepanek, leaders will learn the eight steps essential for getting buy-in to change. American Poet Real changes that your company is facing due to the outsourc- ing arrangement will be integrated to ensure new skills are immediately applied. Who Should Attend: • Vendor managers • Client services directors • Training facilitators Call today for • Technology support personnel your customized • Quality administrators • Contract negotiators workshop quote. • Sales people • Compliance representatives • Strategic sourcing coaches 716-997-9310 • Operations managers • Business process engineers • Call center, back office, BPO, accounting, legal, human resources, technology outsourcing and more Fast Track to High Performance Supplier Relationships© www.rtesolutions.net
  4. 4. RT Enterprises of NY, LLC PO Box 247 Antoinette Forth, Program Design & Outsourcing SME President, RT Enterprises of NY, LLC Angola NY 14006 Antoinette Forth is a pioneering strategist with a well‐rounded 716-997-9310 knowledge of the outsourcing industry and a true talent for building anton@rtesolutions.net winning relationships, often conceptualizing partnerships that expand revenues to unprecedented levels. Antoinette (Anton) spent over 15 years in the Business Process Out- Hear what people say about our facilitators: sourcing industry in both sales leadership, client services and opera- “In the past 6 months, we’ve done more than in tional roles. Most recently she directed sales and business develop- ment activities of a BPO executive/senior management team, cen- the 10 years I’ve been here. I never thought we tered on the Insurance, Healthcare, and Financial Service Industries. could accomplish so much in such a short amount She has a wide network of trusted relationships with influential indus- try players at Fortune 500 companies. of time. I have to admit, I was a doubter.” Her passion is to transform the typical supplier-client rela- tionships into lifelong, productive and valued partnerships. “We raised the bar for our work performance and During her outsourcing career she attained a 90%+ client retention it’s where it should be.” rate as a result of her inexhaustible initiatives that strengthened rela- tionships through transparent contract negotiations and account governance. Participants from a Team Development program at a Major Health Insurance Carrier www.rtesolutions.net Building Winning Relationships. Professional Member About our partner Amy Pearl , Program Design & Facilitator Rita Markle, Program Design & Facilitator Managing Partner and Co-founder Chief Learning Officer Amy Pearl is Managing Partner of Performance Manage- Rita Markle is Chief Learning Officer at Performance Man- ment Partners, Inc., a talent management firm based in agement Partners Inc. Rita is an experienced leadership Meet the Facilitators Upstate New York. For over a decade, the firm has and organizational development professional with an abil- helped employers make better people decisions to achieve ity to develop and implement performance strategies to better business results. help organizations reach business and performance goals. She has competence in leadership development, executive Prior to starting Performance Partners, Amy enjoyed a coaching, organizational development, strategic planning, fifteen year career leading large-scale, multi-million dollar project management, performance consulting, adult learn- efforts in organizational and employee development, sales, ing principles, and instructional design. Rita has special- operations and technology. Her creativity and project ized expertise in designing and implementing Corporate management expertise led to the successful implementa- Universities that emphasize learning competencies in tech- tion of some of the most ambitious initiatives of her em- nical skills, cognitive abilities and emotional intelligence. ployers. As a consultant, she translates her big-business experience into simple, results-oriented solutions for even Rita holds a Master's of Science in Organizational Com- the smallest employer. munication and Development from Canisius College and a Bachelor's of Science in Business, Management and Eco- Amy is a strategic thinker with a well-rounded knowledge nomics with a minor in Organizational Development from of business and a true talent for facilitation. Determined the State University of Buffalo. She is a Leadership Buffalo Class of 2000 graduate. to remain on the cutting-edge, Amy thrives in roles that focus on idea generation and problem solving. Rita has specialized expertise in executive coaching, lead- ership development, and teambuilding, and hold various Amy received her BA in Economics from SUNY College at professional certifications in workplace assessment tools Buffalo and her MBA from the University at Buffalo. She and training delivery systems. She is certified in programs has lectured and led workshops on Assessments, Leader- from Franklin Covey, Ken Blanchard Companies, QB In- ship, Team Building, and Strategic Thinking at the Univer- ternational (QBI), , QBQ®! The Question Behind the sity at Buffalo and Canisius College. Question, CentACS Workplace Big Five Profile®, DiSC® and qualified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Fast Track to High Performance Supplier Relationships© www.rtesolutions.net