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High heels

  1. 1. High Heels In essence, high heels disrupt gait and posture for the entire body. In a study of varying heel heights, it was found that knee, hip and back problems may in part be related to a restriction of the joints. Recent research from the University of Hong Kong suggests that the medium and long term effects of high heels may be more far reaching than anyone has suspected so far, and is very likely to contribute to common musculo- skeletal problems.
  2. 2. High Heels A team of researchers repeated a set of images for a young woman who had started wearing high heels for the first time in her life: in just two weeks of daily wearing of the new shoes the cancellous structures had altered in line with the changed forces on the hip! They were amazed at how quickly the second-hardest substance of the body can change (the enamel of the teeth is the hardest). The really high shoes force you to virtually walk on tip-toes, putting a great deal of force through the joints of the toes in positions for which they are not ideally suited.
  4. 4. More bad news for high heel wearers: new 3D scans show exactly how much damage they inflict on your feet. http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/marie-claire/fashion/news/article/-/18573676/3d-scans-reveal-how- damaging-high-heels-are/
  5. 5. Millions suffer from corns, calluses, bunions, hammertoes, blisters, ingrown toenails or just plain aching feet.
  6. 6. RELATED: Models Reveal Toll Of Fashion Week Circuit "The scanner gives us much more information"' he said. “We can see that the base of the big toe becomes 'deviated outwards', forming a bunion, while the scanner also shows how these bones can become rotated and dropped.” Despite the disappointing news, Goldberg thinks it’s unlikely many diehard high heel fans will take the results seriously. RELATED: Designer Debuts Backward High Heels "People don't like doctors saying, 'Your shoes are a problem,'" he said. "If I suggest they buy themselves some comfy shoes, I'm liable to get punched in the face.” http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/marie-claire/fashion/news/article/-/18573676/3d-scans-reveal-
  7. 7. http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/marie-claire/fashion/news/article/-/18573676/3d-scans-reveal-how- damaging-high-heels-are/ Just when you thought it was safe to wear high heels, new research has revealed the extent of the damage they can inflict on unsuspecting wearers. RELATED: High Heels Aren't The Cause Of Bunions A series of 3D scans released this week show that the “foot deformity” caused by wearing high heels is actually much more complicated than first thought. It’s the first time doctors have been able to properly investigate exactly how the foot behaves when contorted into a pair of high heels – and unfortunately, the news isn’t good. "With high heels, the toes are squashed inside the shoe,” said Andy Goldberg, a foot and ankle specialist. “The more stiletto-shaped they are, the worse it is. The toes not only get squashed, but they become clawed too."