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Binary options

  1. Integrated solutions for brokerage business Integrated solutions for brokerage business
  2. +44-20-8133-8385UK +852-8125-7512HK Binary Options Platform This software helps brokers to diversify brokerage Forex brokerage license from almost every jurisdiction allows to provide Binary Options service, therefore no additional legal approval is needed. Binary Options is kind of betting, where a trader should forecast in which direction will the price of an underlying asset go. When the prediction was right trader wins money, when not loses the bet. Supports all platforms
  3. by Financial Commission is a neutral, third party organization that resolves disputes between brokers and clients. Pricing and Execution Policy; Reporting and record-keeping; Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan; Instruments and Orders Types; Platform Capacity; Platform Security. Requirements of FinCom: The platform allows to work with binary options based
  4. had reached an unprecedented $6.2 billion, according to LeapRate." " iGamingBysiness Binary options have experienced phenomenal growth in the last few years." " Finance Magnates Over the last few years there was the explosive growth in Binary Options industry." " Binary Options Leader Finally the one great advantage that Forex brokers previously advantage was regulation. Up until recently binary options were traded in a completely unregulated environment, which made Forex seem somehow more legitimate and secure. This is fast " Binary Options Wire The growth of binary options has indeed been remarkable and looks set to grow even further. With more and more brokers entering a highly lucrative market and no shortage of " Finance Magnates +44-20-8133-8385UK +852-8125-7512HK The Binary Options market grew by 400% over the last 4 years
  5. - Binary Options help to attract new audience Gamblers Newbie traders Binary Options trading attracts clients due to its simplicity and low entrance barriers (from 1$). After inexperienced traders have learned the ropes of Binary Options they can be easily converted into Forex traders.
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  7. By request full redesign according to your needs and your brand style guidelines. Launch of the platform in 3 days from the agreement date. Easy integration into the broker’s infrastructure
  8. +44-20-8133-8385UK +852-8125-7512HK Intelligent risk-management system Includes 2 types of risk-management: active and passive payouts settings depending on option’s lifetime and type, on real-time analysis.
  9. Bonus and agent commission systems Bonus module helps to increase trades turnover due to depositing of real bonuses to client’s balance in case of active trade on the account. Additional agents module attracts customers by creating a multi-level referral structure allowing agents to receive commissions from lower levels.
  10. +44-20-8133-8385UK +852-8125-7512HK High/Low Turbo One Touch/ No Touch In/Out Transparency of the processes Absolute transparency of the system for the end consumer is achieved through provision of full information on the underlying asset of binary option. Multicurrency support Your clients may have deposits in any curren allows to adjust minimum trade size and payouts depending on the currency of a deposit. Easy onboarding The system is logical and intuitive for both brokers and traders; It’s easily integrated into the trading environment and can be easily adjusted by broker. Support of the most popular BO types:
  11. 100% Features for MT4 brokers MT4 quotes and instruments; Deposits and withdrawals via MT4 accounts; MT4 Manager reports; Embedded binary panel for MT4 client terminal. Our platform provides the ability to trade Binary Options using existing Forex accounts, allowing brokers to implement BO service quickly and transparently for clients. to MetaTrader4 Platform, which allows every client of a brokerage to trade binary options right from the MT4 client terminal. synchronization with MT4 in real time
  12. +44-20-8133-8385UK +852-8125-7512HK White Label is not required. Who can use the platform? If you don’t have a brokerage license, we can help to obtain one to operate on the Binary Options market. Startup companies Launching Binary Options business without MT4 The platform works on our infrastructure You will get all the functionality of Metatrader Manager with access to MT4 accounts.You will be using our MT4, whereas web-terminal will be placed on your server.
  13. WL Existing Brokers Extension of business with BO service The Platform is easily integrated into your MT4 environment, Client Cabinet and CRM system and doesn’t require extra technical amendments. The Platform allows to implement Binary Options trading while retaining all the trade data from MT4. WL brokers Development of a separate service We can integrate Binary Options service into your WL platform
  14. We take all the hassle of launching We provide full integration with the MT4 environment without any additional expenses from your side. Assist in selection of trading instruments for your needs and advise you on payout settings You can concentrate on your business growth while we’ll take care of the rest!
  15. +44-20-8133-8385UK +852-8125-7512HK We provide free demo of Binary Platform To get demo access to the Platform Call us at learn all the features from within! Write us at
  16. About Company -m Help to economize +44-20-8133-8385UK +852-8125-7512HK l t ro er com
  17. I’m Aleksey Kutsenk of Tools for Brokers. I have been working in the sphere their revenues. by our Asset Management systems +44-20-8133-8385UK +852-8125-7512HK — > For the period of 7 years We have developed 75 products for MT4 > 25 billion $ 100 billion $ Helped 245 clients from 30 countries
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