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Insurance Customer Experience Trends in the Age of Digital

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Learn about the latest trends and initiatives for the digital insurer from strategic industry advisory firm SMA. Read this eBook to discover the role digital transformation can play in improving customer experience: http://ap.pn/2kyFvsK

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Insurance Customer Experience Trends in the Age of Digital

  1. 1. PROCESS INTEGRATION DATA RULES SECURITY INTERFACE CONTENT ANALYTICS/REPORTS COLLABORATION MOBILE INSURANCE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE TRENDS IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL 97%of L&A Insurers 94%of P&C Insurers IMPROVING CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE WAS LISTED AS THE 1 CX STRATEGIC INITIATIVE*# Insurers Recognize the Changing Expectations Over Half Mapped or Plan to Map Customer Journeys** Creating a Seamless Customer Experience 50% 28% 17% 5% 0% Plan to Map Mapped and Implemented Mapped, Plans to Implement No Plans to Map or Don’t Know Their Company’s PlansMapped, but No Further Plans DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR THE CONNECTED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE #theconnectedinsurer Insurers Need to Adapt and Deliver Consider These Statistics... Significant Investments are Being Made in CX Projects*** 46%CRM 44%Web/Digital 39%Insured Self-Service For Property & Casualty 71%Web/Digital 46%Insured Self-Service 39%CRM For Life & Annuity The Good News... Putting the customer at the center of your enterprise to create a seamless customer experience is possible. Achieve operational excellence with the Appian Low-Code Digital Platform for a seamless experience that goes beyond policyholders, to brokers and producers as well. Insurers looking to gain a competitive advantage must put strategy into action to change the customer experience through digital transformation. Top 3 CX Projects, % of Insurers with Significant Investments * Source: SMA Research, 2017 IT Spending and Priorities, n=87 ** Source: SMA Research, Customer Experience 2014, n=61 *** Source: SMA Research, Insurance Ecosystem 2016, n=116