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  1. Keeping it Real. DNA-based authentication James Hayward
  2. Keeping it Real. DNA-based authentication James Hayward

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  1. The problem/issue we’re addressing.
  2. The piracy problem is growing in scope and sophistication. The response of manufacturers and retailers has been fervent. But up to this point, the use of “traditional” countermeasures has only been marginally effective.
  3. In China, legitimate DVD’s and CD’s were marked with anti-counterfeiting labels containing 12 layers of security measures. Within months of their release, counterfeiters defeated 11 of the the 12 measures…
  4. They couldn’t crack the DNA marker. If fact, and effort equal to that of mapping the human genome would be required to defeat a DNA marker – a bit too much effort required…
  5. Expand on each of this bullets by discussing patents, DOE, 10-year development effort, current uses (tea, crabs, whatever), durability, accuracy, security, low cost/integration possibilities.