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Trendway Choices

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Trendway Choices is a tried and true panel system. It looks great when it goes is, and when we visit with clients years afterward, it still looks great. There is a reason: Choices has lots of steel on the inside, and its trims are either made of shaped steel or very tight-fitting vinyl.

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Trendway Choices

  1. 1. FURNITURE SOLUT IONS PRI.080.B Expect furniture.
  2. 2. SYSTEMS Choices® Contrada® FREESTANDING Intrinsic® FILING + STORAGE Choices Pack ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS TrendWall® SEATING Code® In® Jet Live Prelude® Sketch Snap Stat I expect office furniture. I want smart ways to outfit a complete workplace that inspires. Top quality solutions backed by guaranteed timing. Relationships I can trust. Total workplace solutions, total customer satisfaction. Trendway delivers not just furniture but something more: peace of mind.
  3. 3. Choices® | Systems The Solution: CHOICES T EAM SPACE. Here’s the flexibility you need to create the perfect work environment. Put privacy panels where they’re needed, low panels to open your view to daylight and team members. Choose layered work surfaces to add visual interest and support your work style. Teamed with Intrinsic Freestanding and Pack Filing and Storage, Choices lets you create the kind of work space you’d love to live in. The Need: Do we work here or live here? Sometimes it’s hard to tell! We need a work space that helps us do our job and feels great to live in. 3 Think timely. The Trendway Express program offers versatile solutions that ship in 3 days.
  4. 4. The Solution: TOUCHDOWNER. The Touchdowner configuration invites visitors to get down to business quickly and get back on the road. Versatile Contrada tiles team with Choices components to deliver a technology hotspot. Accommodating five users in a small footprint, the open staggered-view design gives a sense of privacy and brings power and data to the desk level for quick access. The Need: The Need: Make an impression The Solution: With almost limitless design flexibility, Contrada Raw lets you express your brand personality. Our people carry their office on their laptop. When they touch down at home base, we need a comfortable spot for them to connect quickly and catch up on tasks and communications. Contrada® | Systems 5 Clear the air. All Trendway Workplace products are SCS Indoor Advantage™ Certified for Indoor Air Quality.
  5. 5. 6 Intrinsic® | Freestanding The Need: The Solution: We’re not about business as usual. We want a new take on ‘executive’ that suits our collaborative management style. NOT YOUR FATHER’S OFFICE. Definitely not top-down, this high visibility workspace invites collaboration. Not weighed down by traditional expectations, the elements provide a free-floating aesthetic. Wall-hung Intrinsic Freestanding storage cabinets combine with an Intrinsic Kidney-Shaped table and Code Executive seating for a clean, simple design statement. The Need: Something a bit more buttoned-down. The Solution: Intrinsic Freestanding offers an affordable, well-dressed aesthetic for the entire workplace. Get inspired. We’re an employee-owned company, and take pride in delivering great products and unmatched service.
  6. 6. The Need: The Solution: With complex projects on our plate, our team needs to work in perfect synch and have resources right where we need them. 8 INTERACT IVE WORK AREA. The interactive work area is designed to support a highly collaborative team with a lot of balls in the air. Choices panels deliver full access to power and data. The stand-up Choices worksurfaces foster close communications and let all-day users change position frequently. Pack filing and storage frames the configuration with accessible high-storage capacity. Choices® | Pack | Filing + Storage The Need: Small footprint The Solution: With low panel height and light-scaled components, a compact Choices workspace doesn’t feel closed in. We’re responsive. Trendway’s 2-week average lead time is backed by our On Time On Trendway promise.
  7. 7. The Need: The Solution: We want to redefine the function and look of our space while supporting our commitment to sustainability, but we’re already occupying it, We don’t want the hassle and mess of construction. STOREFRONTS. TrendWall with glazed panels and fabric-covered inserts outperforms drywall and makes a crisp architectural statement. And rather than suffer several weeks of dust, noise, and disruption, this TrendWall solution was installed in a day. Reconfiguration and expansion are equally straightforward, requiring only installation labor and producing no construction waste. 11 TrendWall® | Architectural Products Be reliable. Trendway has served the requirements of the U.S. Government as a GSA contract holder for over 15 years. The Need: Redefining a different kind of space. The Solution: TrendWall provides the flexibility to fit almost every space requirement.
  8. 8. The Need: The Solution: People take their seating personally. We’re looking for chairs that work as hard as our team, and support a variety of tasks and work styles. SEATING. Trendway ergonomic seating flexes to your needs, whether the day brings an hours-long conference, up and down tasking, or casual, café style meetings. Trendway’s seating collection gives you mesh, upholstered, and shell options, so you can configure solutions that adapt to your needs and preferences. STATIN CODE SNAP LIVE JET LIVE IICODE STOOL 13 Seating T Rest easy. Call Trendway’s Customer Care department and a person, a live voice, will be there in Holland, Michigan to help — not a recording.
  9. 9. January2010|PRI.080.B|ProudlyPrintedintheUSA CORPORAT E CENT ER 13467 Quincy Street | PO Box 9016 | Holland, MI | 49422-9016 | P 616 399 3900 | Trendway.com LEARNING CENT ER 43 E. 8th Street | Suite 250 | Holland. MI | 49423 | P 616 399 3900 CHICAGO CENT ER 325 N. Wells Street | Chicago, IL | 60610 | P 312 661 1808 AT LANTA CENT ER 3525 Piedmont Road NE | 8 Piedmont Center | Suite 210 | Atlanta, GA | 30305 | P 404 995 1630 WASHINGTON CENT ER 1201 New York Avenue NW | Suite 280 | Washington, DC | 20005 | P 202 408 7430 DALLAS CENT ER 1630 Dragon Street | Dallas, T X | 75207 | P 866 576 3135 All Trendway Products are SCS Indoor Advantage™ Certified for Indoor Air Quality. Trendway is an Employee-Owned Company. Please make an appointment to visit us at: 7366 North Lincoln Avenue Suite 403, Lincolnwood, IL 60712 www.appliedergonomics.com Call us Tel: (847)679-5148 Fax: (847)933-0018 Email the President directly jmeltzer@appliedergonomics.com