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State of mobile apps in Vietnam Q2 2015

  2. 2 About Appota Appota is Vietnam’s number-one mobile content distribution platform. It allows developers and game publishers to effectively distribute their content to the largest smartphone communities in Southeast Asia (where Vietnam currently accounts for 17.5 million users). Appota Ecosystem Core products and services Mobile Ads Network Payment Platform Distribution & Publishing Distribution Platform Affiliate Network Media News Social network for mobile gaming Advertising Social Network
  3. 3 ContentReport Methodology Quarterly, Appota releases a mobile market report providing references for mobile developers and publishers to Vietnam market. This research is based on data from Q2/2015 of the Appota platform. This report also uses public data provided from various sources. 1. Global OS breakdown 2. Vietnam mobile news 3. Mobile apps in Vietnam 4. Update from Appota
  4. 4 Global OS breakdown Android leads the market with a 78% share. iOS saw its market share for Q1 2015 declining slightly to 18.3%. Windows Phone experienced a slight rebound of share to 2.7% YoY from 2.5%. What remains to be seen is whether Microsoft could build the ecosystem with its Windows 10 and a new strategy to target varied consumer demands. Source: IDC Smartphone OS Market Share, Q1/2015 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Q1 2012 Q1 2013 Q1 2014 Q1 2015 Global OS share trend in the last 3 years Android iOS Windows Phone Others
  5. 5 iOS 8 81% iOS 7 17% Earlier 2% Global OS breakdown iOS 8 adoption rate continued to pick up. According to Apple’s in- house stats — measured by visits to the App Store on April 27, 81% of eligible iOS devices have now upgraded to Apple’s latest mobile OS. That’s 2% up from the last time Apple released its numbers. The recent iOS 8 growth was likely helped by the release of iOS 8.3 and possibly the Apple Watch. iOS 8.4 has additionally already been seeded to devs for testing, with a redesigned Music app.Source: Apple
  6. 6 Lollipop 9.7% Kitkat 39.8% ICS 39.2% Earlier 6.0% Global OS breakdown Android’s two most popular builds remained KitKat and Jelly Bean. Android’s iOS 8 equivalent, Lollipop, was released just two months after iOS 8, but showed up on just 5.4% of devices. In May, Android 5.0 and 5.1 accounted for 9.7% of the global Android market. The major release just before that – KitKat - rested at 39.8% Source: Google
  7. 7 Vietnam mobile news Vinaphone partnered with Opera to introduce AppMarket. The store has about 300,000 apps and games with a price of VND15,000 ($0.70) a week. Bluebird Award, the first ever mobile game making competion, organized by BlueBird and national television VTV3. The competition receive application until 19 Aug 2015.
  8. 8 Vietnam mobile news BKAV introduced Bphone, the first Vietnamese smartphone that was claimed to be better than iPhone. Q-mobile changed its brand name to a single “Q” and compete directly with Bphone
  9. 9 Vietnam mobile news On Vietnam OTT battleground, Zalo stood as a winner with 30 million users and started monetize with in-app advertising. The runner up was Viber - the company has decided to close its office in Vietnam and move the operation to its sole Southeast Asian office in the Philippines. The market also saw Viettel and Vinaphone, two of the country’s leading mobile carriers, introducing their own Zalo-rivaling apps, namely Mocha and Viettalk, respectively. It remains to be seen whether these two messaging apps can grab a considerable share in this market. Source: VNG, Viber 30 million users 23 million users Other popular chat apps
  10. 10 Vietnam mobile news It had been a while since the market was crazy about a casual game, Flappy Bird. The heat came back a year later with Pirate Kings, a one-button game with pretty simple mechanics that are both fun and effective in retaining players. It once again proved that everyone has the golden chance to create a viral casual game. Epic Heroes War from Divmob has become the first Vietnamese online game that was distributed on Kakao platform. The studio game itself has also reached 40 million total downloads of all of its games.
  11. 11 Vietnam mobile news Mobile Game Asia 2015 was brought to Vietnam for the first time. BIGGEST MOBILE GAME EVENT EVER 1,500+ participants 200+ companies from across Asia 70+ speakers 20+ topics HOTTEST MARKET IN THE REGION Vietnamese market is growing and drawing attention from foreign investors. Game developers and publishers are strongly concern about game publishing policies in Vietnam #2015TREND Game studios export game outside of Vietnam More and more foreign game publisher entered the market
  12. 12 State of smartphone in Vietnam Source: Mobile Game Asia 2015 Android 61% iOS 31% Windowsphone 8% Smartphone share by users 33.000.000 smartphone users 51.400.000 active 3G accounts 38.000.000 mobile internet users
  13. 13 State of mobile connection in Vietnam Source: GFK, Techinasia, Appota’s Platform 3G 3G data connection 1.9Mbps average speed 21%Total mobile connection traffic $3-$5/1 Gb data Wifi data connection 17.3Mbps average speed 79% Total mobile connection traffic mostly from home, work office and internet cafe $10 /month unlimited data 21% 3G 79% WIFI Mobile connection by data traffic
  14. 14 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Q4/2013 Q1/2014 Q2/2014 Q3/2014 Q4/2014 Q1/2015 Q2/2015 iPhone Share by users iPhone 6 iphone 5 iphone 4 State of iOS in Vietnam iPhone 6 and 6+ users are growing gradually, accounted for 12% of total iPhone users. iPhone 4 is the most used device, followed by iPhone 5. However, it saw a noticable decrease due to the growth of iPhone 6. Source: Appota’s platform, Q2/2015
  15. 15 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 8.x 7.x 6.x 5.x iPad Q3/2014 Q4/2014 Q1/2015 Q2/2015 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% iPhone State of iOS in Vietnam iOS 8 gradually inclined, except for the tremendous increase in the first quarter after release. Currently the OS accounted for 29% and 10% of iPhone and iPad’s users respectively. Meanwhile iOS 7 decreased slowly, due to the number of users jumping to iOS 8. Earlier models slightly declined over time. Source: Appota’s platform, Q2/2015
  16. 16 State of Android in Vietnam 0% 5% 10% Lollipop Kitkat JB ICS Tablet Q3/2014 Q4/2014 Q1/2015 Q2/2015 0% 15% 30% 45% 60% Phone Lollipop’s growth rate is relatively small, adoption rate is much slower than its iOS equivalent. Kitkat keeps its dominating position among Android users with more than half using Android 4.4. Older OS gradually declined over time. Source: Appota’s platform, Q2/2015
  17. 17 State of Android in Vietnam ASUS and OPPO are two leading Android vendors in budget smartphone. Ranging from $150 - $250, budget smartphones have various specs but they do meet the minimum requirement for 3D mobile game. That leads to the increase of mobile gamers.
  18. 18 32% 10% 6% 28% Phone Samsung Asus LG Sony Nokia Oppo HTC Lenovo Google Acer Amazon Other Android vendors breakdown Samsung retained the leader position by a wide margin, attracted more users than the next five vendors combined. The percentage of Android users who use Samsung tablet and Samsung smartphone is 32%. Fragmentation is always a pain for Android community. Source: Appota’s platform, Q2/2015
  19. 10,000 200M+ 19 Mobile apps in Vietnam 100% 115% 132% 140% Q1/2014 Q4/2014 Q1/2015 Q2/2015 Total app downloads by quarters 8% Growth compared to previous quarter App downloads Source: Appota’s platform, Q2/2015 apps/games Vietnamese App downloads
  20. 20 Source: Appota’s platform, Q2/2015 Hiep Khach - TLBB Vua bong da Mobi TV Au Mobile The gioi hoan my NCT I am Naruto Zing mp3 Naruto dai chien LMHT Mobile Top Vietnamese iOS apps on Appota Platform
  21. 21 I am Naruto MobiTivi Au Mobile Zing mp3 NCT Sieu anh hung Hiep Khach – Thien Long Bat Bo LMHT Tieu su muoi The gioi hoan my Source: Appota’s platform, Q2/2015 Top Vietnamese Android apps on Appota Platform
  22. 22 Update from Appota We are about to launch Adsota A mobile ads network that specializing in driving installs and maximizing game/app monetization, via variety of ads format and intelligent targeting algorithms. Appota released two game titles outside of VN Top 12 and Ai My Nhan Mobile are on the Thailand market. The best mobile game review channel in VN A mobile game review channel on Appota’s distribution network has received “Silver Play Button” Award from Youtube and became the best channel for mobile game reviewing in Vietnam.