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Smart drugs

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Smart drugs

  1. 1. PRESENTED BY:- GUIDED BY:-Aprna Sabharwal Dr. Sajid Hussain
  2. 2.  Introduction and History Classification How do smart drugs work? Smart drugs delivery system Applications Smart drugs and diseases Smart drugs in cancer therapy Smart drugs in tooth decay Smart drugs and aging brain Health hazards Future of smart drugs Conclusion
  3. 3.  Smart drugs also referred as NOOTROPICS Were named by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea Are purported to improve mental functions Includes variety of substances like herbs, vitamins, prescribed drugs Work by altering brains supply of neurotransmitters, hormones ,enzymes etc. Used primarily to improve people with cognitive difficulties
  4. 4.  Increased alertness , mental energy and concentration Increased ability to memorize material Greater productivity, organization and planning ability Improved problem solving ability Alleviation of depression
  5. 5.  Work started in 20th century June 9,1992 focus was made on smart drugs as an aid to improve brain power April 11,1996-FDA warned against legal highs from smart drugs 2001,2002,2004,2006 smart drugs made its entry in treatment of cancer 2005…drug delivery system was revolutionized
  6. 6.  Classification based  Classification based on methods of on derivation:- consumption:- Tablets  Natural. Drops  Chemical Drinks Infusions
  7. 7.  NATURALLY  CHEMICALLY DERIVED DERIVED Direct sources and  Caffeine based supplements  Ephedrine based Direct hormones Secondary enhancers
  8. 8.  Increase in Brain metabolism Increased Cerebral circulation Protection of brain from Chemical damage
  9. 9.  Increased brain metabolism Example :-linopiridine physostigmine, tacrine Increased cerebral circulation Example:-vinpocetine, hydergine Protection of brain from chemical damage Example:- antioxidant therapy
  10. 10.  Desmopressin DMAE (di methyl amino ethanol) Caffeine Hydergine and piracetam Choline
  11. 11.  Vehicles used for smart drug delivery system are as follows:- Magnetic nanocapsules Dendrimers Microcapsules Microemulsions Liposomes
  12. 12.  One of the smart drug releases antibodies only when an infection invades. Another example of smart drug is immunotoxin. Viral gene therapy is another variation of smart drugs.
  13. 13.  A new class of cancer drugs often called as smart drugs, targets the genetic cascade, jamming it up at various points.These smart drugs act by:- Directly disrupting tumor cell replication machinery. Other block growth signals from reaching the cells. One class of smart drugs even cut off tumors
  14. 14.  Streptococcus mutans is the main organism for most of the tooth related problems. Wenyuan Shi of the university of California ,L.A, has created an antimicrobial agent that spares commensal bugs. Unlike the traditional antibiotics that also kill the friendly bacteria.
  15. 15. The anti-Parkinson and anti-aging drugDEPRENYL for example acts primarily on thebrain .
  16. 16.  Down regulation of neurological activity upon stimulation Serotonin syndrome from serotonergic agents Excessive acetylcholine receptor activation Heart failure Organ failure such as liver ,kidney failure
  17. 17.  Ampakines HT-0712 Gene therapy
  18. 18. Smart drugs seem to be very promising inincreasing brains sharpness, memory. The side effects observed are very rare andfew in comparison to the benefits they provide.The fate of these drugs not only depends uponthe drug itself but also upon the user.