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Photo: Marc Wathieu [Flickr]
50 most memorable quotes
from SXSW 2015
There were the Internet of Things and
Quantified Self trends but now the Internet of
Body is coming in a few years.
The success of Social Media was rapid and huge because
it disrupted the way that we communicate among us.
Photo: [StockSna...
Talking about Gamification, I can’t reach 100%
on my Linkedin personal profile.
- AJ Scherbring, Mirum Agency
Photo: [S...
Our time is now so easy to waste. We need to
decide what exactly we want to read online.
Photo: thirtyfootscrew [Flickr]
Now is the best time to be a video content creator.
Photo: John Feliese [StockSnap.io]
- Morgan Spurlock, filmmaker, scree...
Anonymity in the virtual landscape is much
different than in the real life.
Photo: Benjamin Lehman [Flickr]
- Jason Cranfo...
Empathy is like a muscle that needs to be exercised.
Photo: Morgan Session [Unsplash]
- Sara Konrath, Indiana University
If there is a great story you forget about
the camera, stage and filters. There is only
a great storytelling.
Photo: Jay W...
To touch is to feel.
Photo: Kalle Gustafsson [Flickr]
- Rohit Thawani, TBWAChiatDay
Speaking of haptic technology
The future of marketing is philanthropy.
Photo: Gates Foundation [Flickr]
- Biz Stone, Super
Mother at home is like the COO -
Chief Operating Officer.
Photo: Vinoth Chandar [Flickr]
- Princess Reema, Alfa Internatio...
I saw a guy on the train watching Gladiator on
his phone. I was so dissapointed!
Photo: Jan Vasek [StockSnap.io]
- Morgan ...
Hypocrisy melts my face off.
Photo: Ryan McGuire [StockSnap.io]
- Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia
The speed of change is unbelievable.
Photo: Stuart Rankin [Flickr]
- Jack Welch , The Jack Welch Management Institute
We overlooked the impact of UBER
on drinking & driving problem.
Photo: Digitaltrends
- Malcolm Gladwell, journalist
We want to have tools that touch us back.
Photo: Ben Husmann [Flickr]
- Rohit Thawani, TBWAChiatDay
Speaking of haptic ...
I think you’ll see some dead unicorns
in Silicon Valley this year.
Photo: Peter Thoeny [Flickr]
- Bill Gurley, Benchmark
You and your mind can disagree.
Photo: Ian Iott [Flickr]
- Martine Rothblatt, United Therapeutics
We need to be the listeners. Not only use
Social Media platforms to shout and publish.
Less posting in case of likes, more...
You need to be very human to be
successful on the web.
Photo: Kat N.L.M. [Flickr]
- Pete Cashmore, Mashable
This is disruptive in the true
meaning of this word.
Photo: Digitaltrends
- Malcolm Gladwell, journalist
Speaking of Ca...
The Internet is the most important
creation in my life.
Photo: Tony McNeill [Flickr]
- William Goodall, Student, digital n...
I use what my friends use.
- Sydney Polinchock, Student, digital native
Speaking of Social Media apps
It’s our fail when we don’t fail.
Photo: Roger [Flickr]
- Astro Teller, Google X
If you do the work that matters,
you are an artist.
Photo: Fons Heijnsbroek [Flickr]
- Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed
There are so many problems that can be
technologically solved now.
Photo: Ray Sam [Stocksnap.io]
- Eric Schmidt, Google
People don’t mind advertising
if you provide a great content.
Photo: [Flickr]
- Pete Cashmore, Mashable
We must be united. Beliving in the lines
on the globe map is stupid.
Photo: D B Young [Flickr]
- Martine Rothblatt, United...
People today want transportation now.
Photo: Israel Sundseth [StockSnap.io]
- Logan Green, Lyft
I can read 2 books in 2 days so I definitely
can pay attention to things.
Photo: Taylor Leopold [Stocksnap.io]
- Sydney Po...
I am a utopian.
Photo: Sam Howitz [Flickr]
- Eric Schmidt, Google
Never focus on clicks and views.
The main metric is share.
Photo: Jim Pennucci [Flickr]
- Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed
If you have to make tons of progress,
you have to make tons of fails.
Photo: Adam Lederer [Flickr]
- Astro Teller, Google ...
For the iPad generation,
print is just a broken touch screen.
Photo: Danny Molyneux [Flickr]
- Kate Stone, Novalia
We don’t have the access to credit cards,
so we hack a lot of things. We all do this.
Photo: Peter Kirkeskov Rasmussen
- W...
I spent last 10 years on studying the chaos.
Photo: Francisco Barberis [Flickr]
- Jeremy Gutsche, Trendhunter
Flexibility is the new stability.
Photo: Unsplash
- Logan Green, Lyft
On Snapchat you don’t have to
try to be perfect.
Photo: Maurizio Pesce [Flickr]
- Pete Cashmore, Mashable
I’m afraid of people’s
reaction to technology.
Photo: Matthieu Aubry. [Flickr]
- Astro Teller, Google X
Facebook’s business model was
created just to waste your time.
Photo: Younghart [Flickr]
”„ - Paul Tyma, Refresh
No one understands Millenials better
than Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
Photo: Sean Loyless [Flickr]
- Jeremy Gutsche, Trendhunter
Nothing scares me.
Photo: Grégoire Hervé-Bazin [Flickr]
”„ - Gary Vaynerchuk, VaynerMedia
Hire great people with passions.
Photo: Marco Salas [StockSnap.io]
”„ - Jack Welch , The Jack Welch Management Institute
Diversity is absolutely the key.
Photo: Michael Leland [Flickr]
”„ - Martine Rothblatt, United Therapeutics
Instant gratification and correctly used
Social Media can create a positive change.
Photo: [Flickr]
”„ - Shanice Johnson, ...
Our vision is to make car ownership unnecessary.
Photo: Caleb George [StockSnap.io]
- Logan Green, Lyft
To be successful, you have to tell
new stories in the new voice.
Photo: Stefan Lins [Flickr]
- Pete Cashmore, Mashable
I love the moment when things don’t go right.
Photo: phuket@photographer.net [Flickr]
- Astro Teller, Google X
If you want to advertise something to me,
you should first know who I am.
Photo: xflickrx [Flickr]
”„ - William Goodall, St...
Art is viral.
Photo: Stew Dean [Flickr]
”„ - Jonah Peretti, Buzzfeed
Photo: [StockSnap.io]
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