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CES 2016: Looking for the weird and wonderful microtrends



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Some microtrends from this year's CES. Source: www.mediafeed.pl

CES 2016: Looking for the weird and wonderful microtrends

  1. 1. SAMSUNG - WE KNOW YOU WERE HERE Samsung dominated most of the brands during CES with its outdoor activities. Starting with huge buses driving around the city, through intensive branding in the respective exhibition halls, ending with covering a strategic building close to the show's main objects.
  2. 2. SEGWAY: CATCHING THE SECOND BREATH The manufacturer of popular two-wheeled vehicles really wanted to be noticed again during CES with its big stall, wide range of new products and above mentioned effusive slogan.The questions is how adequate and close to truth it is?The answer should be revealed to us during the next edition of CES.
  3. 3. THE CULT BRANDS RETURN TO FAVOUR During this year's CES one of the main topics were comebacks of those few brands which disappeared a little throughout the years as they were unable to catch up with the fast development of technology. One of them is Polaroid which presented this year many novelties.
  4. 4. THE MOST VISIBLE INDUSTRY DURING CES It might be confidently said that CES 2016 was dominated by the car industry. Presence of several manufacturers and over 150 brands connected to the broadly understood car industry was a clear indignation that we will witness many significant changes in this sector in the near future.
  5. 5. DRONES CAUGHT IN THE NET Due to the safety concerns during the show, all of the exhibitors presenting their new drones in action had to place them behind a special net fencing. Despite the big number of presented models, the drones definitely weren't able to spread their wings.
  6. 6. A WAY OF ATTRACTING THE MEDIA CES is a gigantic show. Crowds are literally everywhere, it's really difficult to find a moment to rest. Netflix decided to make use of it - its space was available only to those, who got an appointment with the company's representative earlier. It was quiet and peaceful inside.
  7. 7. SNAPCHAT'S UNUSUAL PROMOTION This popular application's owner decided to go crazy in LazVegas by placing a huge logo of his product on a very characteristic building - Hotel Luxor - which is shaped like a pyramid.This unusual action was one of the hot topics connected to this year's CES. Luxor Hotel
  8. 8. LYFT VS. UBER During the show both UBER and LYFT strongly encouraged visitors to use their transportation services with huge discounts for a single ride. LYFT moved even one step further in attempt to "take over" some of the CES participants using the official and free transportation.
  9. 9. KEEP YOUR LANE CES means 170 thousands visitors gathered on 450 thousands m2 of exhibiting area. If you don't have a specific plan for your visit, the whole show can quickly overwhelm you with its scale. It's worth to visit these technology sectors which you find interesting and to "lose your way" from time to time.
  10. 10. UP TO ONE'S EARS IN VR TECHNOLOGY One of the most mentioned tech buzzwords during this edition were theVR technology solutions in a broad sense. It seemed like almost every exhibitor develops a project which will adapt that trend shortly.
  11. 11. PERSONAL ROBOTS STAYED AT HOME Personally I was expecting a flood of these appliances this year. But I was really surprised as there was a relatively small number of interesting home robots.The manufacturer of the robot JIBO didn't appear during CES, but I came across few solutions very similar to Cynthia Breazeal's project. Almost mates!
  12. 12. KODAK DISCOVERS SELFIE The appearance of Kodak on this year's CES with a large stall and many novelties (along with a resurrected Super 8 Camera) might be considered a big event.The question is whether the so-called "Selfie Spot" is able to gather the interest. For me it was "soooo 2010!".
  13. 13. ROBOT FOLDING OUR CLOTHES A lot of solutions presented during the show might be considered insignificant or not very useful in the long perspective. But no robot (yes, that wardrobe is a robot!) attracted such crowds as the Laundroid - an appliance which sorts and folds clothes messily put in it.This robot took 10 years to be completed!
  14. 14. WIN OVER THE JET LAG WITH LIGHT Finnish companyValkee proposes a light therapy as a solution to the tedious problem caused by changing the time zones. All one has to do is to use its device called Human Charger and the LED earbuds according to a plan scheduled by the application. It’s a shining iPod for over 200 EUR.
  15. 15. BRILLIANTS AND TECHNOLOGY It has been known since long time that technology is connected to the beauty industry and products which are considered luxurious. But as I was passing by Swarovski's stall I wasn't really convinced that the wearable gadgets offered by the company had any sense.
  16. 16. SIMPLE APPLIANCES BECOME "SMARTER" One of the most interesting appliances in the "Smart Home" section was, well, a thermometer. Withings' appliance which allows one to measure the body temperature within few seconds by touching one's forehead with it gathered great interested amongst the visitors. Price: approx. 100 USD.
  17. 17. TECHNOLOGICAL NOSTALGY By seeing some of the stalls, one could feel that many manufacturers had a proper look back recently and now they want to revive some of their more successful projects. Vinyl record adapters, analogue recorders, cameras printing photographs, 8-bit computer games - the list is very, very long.
  18. 18. RUNNING ON PRINTED OUT SOLES New Balance presented the first model of shoes with soles partially printed in the 3D technology. Even though the idea was interesting - this solution allows one to adapt the shoes better to runner's feet - the shoe itself was a little bit heavy and not aimed at sprinters
  19. 19. FEEL THE OLD AGE ON YOUR OWN SKIN Thanks to Genworth's R70i suit it became possible to experience how does it feel when our bodies grow old as our age progresses.Weakening hearing and eyesight, sore joints, slowed down motility - those are only few of afflictions which this special suit can make us experience.
  20. 20. NIKON’S YELLOW BAGS EVERYWHERE Distinctive yellow Nikon bags could be seen in the whole LasVegas already since the first day of the show. Because of this clever yet simple idea all printed materials handed out during CES quickly ended up in that bag, which later came back home with thousands of participants.
  21. 21. DIGITSOLE SMARTSHOE 01 French company Zoch-Tech presented shoes with smart ventilation system controlled through an application. Moreover those shoes can monitor the way we walk every day and how do we do sports. A special version of these shoes is also equipped with a system of self-tying.
  22. 22. BAD PRODUCT, BAD COMMUNICATION One of the companies which attempts to get a good position in the market of smart wearable technology tried to convince everyone that its solution for monitoring might be used the same way both for children and dogs.
  23. 23. ROBOT FOR ESPECIALLY LAZY PEOPLE It's one of the funniest solutions which I've seen during this year's CES. I called it a BBQ Roomba and it's simply a small robot which can, without our interference, clean even the most dirty grill grate. The questions is - can it cook a good steak?
  24. 24. LOTS OF GADGETS - LESS USEFULNESS Solutions dedicated to our four-legged friends had an especially strong representation this year. However, aside from collars which allow one to locate a dog or cat in real time and monitor their state, I haven't spotted anything really useful to the pet owners during this year's show.
  25. 25. THE BRAIN OF AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES Most of the autonomous vehicles currently being developed use the "engine" created by NVIDIA - Drive PX platform. During CES 2016 a very promising version PX 2 was presented.Thanks to it NVIDIA can become the most important supplier of the key hardware for the cars of future.
  26. 26. ROBOT, DOUBLE ESPRESSO, PLEASE Bosch was exceptionally active during this year's CES. Aside from its futuristic vision of an autonomous car, by one of this brand's stalls one could drink coffee which was served to everyone by a specialized robot. It tasted as it should :).
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