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VR World 2017: Insights Ideas From The Conference



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Adam Przeździęk, Trendwatcher, Consultant, Speaker.

VR World 2017: Insights Ideas From The Conference

  1. 1. VR World 2017 May 16-17, 2017 | London Photo: Nelio Filipe /Flickr/ CC Strategic Partner: #techhumanized Insights & Ideas From The Conference
  2. 2. The current price of AR / VR devices seems not to be a key issue. The thing is that the content that is being shared with them is still of poor quality. We are not aiming to reduce the price of the headset but to improve the content in order to convince customers to buy these items. #techhumanized #1
  3. 3. The use of AR / VR in campaigns (e.g. from advertising campaigns to employer branding or recruiting) gets for the time being to a narrow group of people, but it can give good results (e.g. recruiting the best candidate), because the material will become familiar to people strictly interested in it. #techhumanized #2
  4. 4. AR / VR allows to revive passive images - to show the product, how it works to someone who does not have it in their hands. This is a feature that no technology has offered so far. #techhumanized #3
  5. 5. AR/VR is the so called validation tool – something that reinforces the connection on the client-brand line. For example, the selection and presentation of the interior of the car in the salesroom when the customer wants to see the exact visualisation of the car he has chosen. #techhumanized #4
  6. 6. Selling headsets around the world is not dynamic, but what Facebook does (and perhaps will do) with its project called Spaces, may change this state very quickly (imagine Oculus Rift + an application that connects people with their Facebook's friends in a new way). #techhumanized #5
  7. 7. AR technology dramatically reduces the decision making time – e.g. Bang & Olufsen with an application that allows you to gauge how the selected brand's item may look in the customer's apartment. #techhumanized #6
  8. 8. The brain and its area, responding to the VR experience, are the same part that would react to this situation in the real world. This is why VR experiences are so intense. #techhumanized #7
  9. 9. AR/VR might be driver or catalyst of the new, future experience and the way we feel and discover products. But in the next 3 to 5 years brick and mortar stores will be still super important. #techhumanized #8
  10. 10. Ethical standards are things we really need in the AR/ VR industry. This is a completely different medium. Not a tablet or a phone that although they "pull in" the user, they do not create an imaginary environment anywhere around us. This environment, an artificial creature, distorts the boundary between the real/ untrue. The first effects are sexual harassments, which examples can already be noticed. #techhumanized #9
  11. 11. The problem with realities (A or V) is that people, users, clients expect they to be better than a real thing. And we are far from this situation. #techhumanized #10
  12. 12. AR/VR could be extremely helpful in medical usage, e.g. in training BUT we need to achieve this hyper reality level to make it even better than reality - it is to serious kind of training to make it in pixel quality. #techhumanized #11
  13. 13. The users of AR/VR give the content creators something that is extremely precious today - their time. It means that the designed experiences should be of truly high quality. If it is not cool, it will not get a scale. #techhumanized #12
  14. 14. AR/VR has bigger potential because it is open for the world (outside) and for people (around the user) - this is why some VR producers think about creating an AR / VR hybrid. #techhumanized #13
  15. 15. WWW.MEDIAFEED.PL THANK YOU! Strategic Partner: #techhumanized