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Evolving Open Health Knowledge Network

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Focusing on health verticle consistent with Open Knowledge Networking initiative. Also see a relevant review of: Contextualized Knowledge Graph portal: https://www.slideshare.net/ntkimvinh7/ckg-portal-a-knowledge-publishing-proposal-for-open-knowledge-network

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Evolving Open Health Knowledge Network

  1. 1. Evolving Open Health Knowledge Network Amit Sheth LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar, Wright State U Executive Director, Kno.e.sis Co-founder, ezDI amit@knoesis.org 27th October, 201727th October, 2017
  2. 2. 2 Background
  3. 3. Active Healthcare Projects in Kno.e.sis kHealth for Asthma kHealth for Bariatrics kHealth for Dementia Depression EDrugTrends EDarkNets Alchemy for Healthcare Knowledge Graph Development Platform Contextual Knowledge Representation 3
  4. 4. HealthChallenges (Also, Dementia, Obesity, Parkinson’s, Liver Cirrhosis, ADHF ) Public Policy/ Population Epidemiology Personalized Health PCS + EMR kHealth Asthma in Children Bariatric Surgery Physical(IoT)/Cyber/ Social (PCS)+ EMR Marijuana Social Drug Abuse Social Mental Health Depression (Suicide) Social + Public + EMR Health Knowledge Graph Services Social + Clinical Data Health Related Studies at Kno.e.sis [overview] 4 ...and infrastructure technologies: Context- aware KR (SP), KG development, Smart Data from PCS Big Data, Twitris,....
  5. 5. Role of Knowledge Graph Various distributed knowledge sources Update Knowledge Graph Core Services offered by EKN Personalized Health Management Evolving Open Health Knowledge Graph (EKN) Disease Progression Intervention CDI and CAC 5
  6. 6. HKG & HDB enabled Services 6 Semantic Browsing Extraction Data Integration and Interlinking Entity Complex Extraction Aberrant Drug-related Behaviour Neuro-Cognitive Symptoms Adverse Drug Reaction Relation IntentSeverity Context Representation Relevant Subgraph Selection Semantic Search Disease-specific Chatbot Visualization Event Personal Sensor Data De-identified EMR Blog Post Health Knowledge Graph
  7. 7. Alchemy for Healthcare Project Cloning and characterization of the mouse MColn1 gene reveals an alternatively spliced transcript not seen in humans. cloning characterization mouse MColn1 gene alternatively spliced transcript Raw Text Data Markov Random Fields Natural Language Processing techniques Compound Entities Mucolipidosis Type IV Lysosomal Homologue gene Transmembrane protein Word2Vec enhanced query to Medical Knowledge Bases for relevant entities Enriched Knowledge <Cloning characterization mouse MCol1 gene> < Predicate> <alternatively spliced transcripts> <Cloning characterization mouse MCol1 gene> < Predicate> <Mucolipidosis Type IV> <Mucolipidosis Type IV> <Predicate> <lysosomal> <MCol1 gene> < Predicate> <Homologue gene> <alternatively spliced transcripts> <Predicate> <transmembrane protein> Context Embedding technique and Hierarchical Clustering algorithms Contextually Related entities Relationship validation from Structured Knowledge Bases Cloning characterization mouse MCol1 gene Alternatively spliced transcripts reveals Cloning characterization mouse MCol1 gene Mucolipidosis Type IV causes Relationship present in text identified Additional relationships, i.e. additional relevant knowledge identified 7
  8. 8. Augmented Personalize Health [dHeath/mHealth] Personal level Signals Risk Model Events from Social streams Take Medication before going to work Avoid going out in the evening due to high pollen levels Analysis Personalized Actionable Information Data Acquisition & aggregation Public level Signals Population level Signals Domain Knowledge Contact Doctor Evolving Open Health Knowledge Graph (EKN) http://bit.ly/k-APH 8
  9. 9. Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing Wright State University Thank you Visit us at http://knoesis.org