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VeriQual - Team Structure & Agile Practices

This document outlines VeriQual's team structure and contains high-level information of the agile practices followed by our engineering team. For more information, please visit our website at www.veriqual.com .

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VeriQual - Team Structure & Agile Practices

  1. 1. Agile Methodology Providing High Quality Engineering Process
  2. 2. MethodologyVeriqual uses Agile Methodology for highly capable engineering practices with a focus on clear communication and deliveringhigh quality products to its clients.Process Every project has a designated Engineering team. Sprint Meetings are held after every 2-4 weeks. Daily SCRUM Meetings. Client Demos are given at each SPRINT Meeting. The product is delivered adhering to the quality metrics defined by Veriqual. Veriqual adopts Test Driven Approach for Quality Product.Customer Benefits Higher visibility any time Real Software code in early phase of software life cycle Quality Product ROI considerably increased
  3. 3. Methodology (contd….)
  4. 4. Team Structure •They are responsible for overall management of the development of the port according to client’s requirements. Our Engineering Directors have 5+ years of experience of software development inEngineering Director various technologies, including Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML5, SQL/MySQL/PostgreSQL, iOS/Android etc. Proficient in the use and implementation of Agile Methodologies, BDD and TDD with over 2 years of experience of leading a team of software developers to deliver multiple projects. •Scrum Master is responsible for leading the software development team and direct contact with Scrum Master clients. Our Scrum Masters have 4+ years of software development experience in various technologies. Fluent in English and the direct point of contact in client Sprint/Scrum meetings. •They are responsible for understanding the code and feature set of the existing iOS games. Our senior Developers developers have 4-6+ years of experience of developing web and mobile apps. Experts in ROR, PHP, HTML5, Java, Objective C/C++, Cocoa, JQuery, JavaScript, J2ME, HTML5, Xcode, Eclipse and etc. •They are responsible for organizing and planning test scenarios to ensure that the development is QA Engineers according to the client’s requirements. Our Sr. QA Engineer has 5+ years of experience in Software Quality Assurance, with experience of leading a team of junior SQA Engineers.UI/Graphics Designer •They are responsible for UI/Graphics design. Our Graphics Designer has 4+ years of experience in designing iOS/Android apps user interfaces plus have expertise in HTML/CSS.