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Replace your brand's attitude! (Branded Content Rises)

In a chaotic world, where storytelling, marketing, advertising & technology are beginning to intersect, the importance of branded content is rising.
A deeper partnership with relevant content fast-tracks brand advocacy and growth. By engagi ng in this manner, with human emotions, even a mere brand sponsorship can result in an impact that bypasses the brain and goes straight to the heart.

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Replace your brand's attitude! (Branded Content Rises)

  1. 1. Replace your brand’s attitude! As content takes on more forms in more channels, marketers are constantly seeking innovative ways to keep brand messages from spinning out of control. Look carefully around at the environment around you...can you count how many brands envelope your immediate environment with taglines, statements, philosophies and what not? Now ask yourself, how many of those convert you into any sort of reaction or instigate conversations. Is not your answer- few or almost none? Sometimes it is really difficult to understand how oblivious this envelope of our ‘branded environment’ can be to our human social environment; lying passive like the backdrop of a theatrical performance, just adding visual enhancement sometimes and nothing more. In a world where the more socially active consumers are constantly replacing mindless consumption with tactful informative mindful purchasing, I believe brands are now being forced and pressurized to transform and ‘fit in’. In times where the power of shared media is in the hands of the informed public, impatient with marketing, brands cannot afford to overlook the only ‘survival weapon’ popularly known as customer engagement with relevance; both on multiple levels through integrated strategies and mutually beneficial media platforms. If my insight seems obvious, then ask yourself why leader and challenger brands still seem to be dragging their philosophies across the brand battlefield like wounded soldiers.With rapidly, fundamentally and constantly changing consumption patterns, every brand and mediaagency is really struggling to understand how to take advantage of their constantly informed consumersand their varying consumption landscape. But before brands hit this battlefield endorsing the muchdesired ‘survival weapon’, here are four fundamental replacements I prescribe necessary in every brandsattitude. Connecting must replace Tagging - Upgrading multi-platform partnerships from brand tag to brand connect; to ensure the consumer bond is deepened at every facetime the brand may have with its existing or potential customer. Building must replace Badging - Graduating from mere product placements to strategic integrations which ensures an association delivering brand building via storytelling and therefore advocacy across communities. This way focus moves from measurement of impressions (awareness) to that of adoption, engagement and conversations; all of which are every brand’s long-term relationship tools. Meaning must replace Screaming - Shifting boldly from loud in-your-face advertising to relevance showcased clutter-free messages with an embedded brand meaning which is intrinsic to the
  2. 2. content property. This way the brand means more and links better with the audience. Infusing good meaningful brand stories is both an opportunity and a responsibility. Creating must replace Dictating - Enabling co-creation of belief and intention in partnerships instead of dictating propositions. This ensures a deeper relationship with both the content and the consumer.Eventually every brand aspires to create communities of people who care about the brand, not just byconsuming it but also as a partner in producing more sustainable business results for the brand. Here aretwo most powerful mantras I believe always does the magic: Content Dialogue with influencers takes superiority - Offering great conversation-starter based content to fans ensures they spread the word for the brand. While direct-marketing moves make the traditional mass approach look weaker, influencer-based marketing ensures smarter success with respect to both financial outflows and viral impact. Impactful Property drives impactful sustenance - Purposeful partnerships with larger movement based content ensures sustenance of connect and conversation. Partnering with a cause or drive bigger than brand proposition uplifts the sponsorship valuation across multiple platforms.If you have used any of the above strategies or have any additional strategies or recommendations, please do share…http://brandedcontentrises.blogspot.in/