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Complete SAP EDI Support for SAP EDI Implementation

Implement SAP EDI with the help of our SAP EDI experts. Our EDI specialist are expert in EDI production, mapping, translation & trading partner implementation.

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Complete SAP EDI Support for SAP EDI Implementation

  1. 1. SAP EDI Support Supports Major EDI Products  Gentran GIS, GXS  Sterling B2B Integrator  Sterling File Gateway, Sterling Secure Proxy  SAP PI PO B2B  SeeBurger BIS, MFT, EDI  Axway  Extol  Tie Kinetix  Microsoft BizTalk Supports Trading Partner  On boarding of new trading partners  Trading partner configuration, setups: VAN, SFTP, AS2  Create mappings (810, 850, 856...)  Work with the trading partner's EDI team for testing, UAT, interoperability and production  End to end testing : EDI middleware to SAP ECC Supports Mapping and Translation  Expertise in the mappers of the various EDI products: AI mapper, Visual mapper, ITX, ITXA, SeeBurger Mapping designer, Altova  Expertise in IDOC messages and structures  Implement complex mappings for various business scenarios  Work directly with the SAP business analysts  Rationalize and reduce the number of maps through map templates Support Monitoring and Alerting  Monitor the EDI infrastructure and softwares to ensure that the EDI messages are getting processed at all times  Monitor IDOCs and their message status. Identify errors and coordinate with SAP team for resolving them  Check the errors such as translation errors, data issues, duplicates, late Acks, ASNs etc.  Work with SAP business analysts for scenarios such as PO acks, late ASNs etc.  Ensure that you are not affected or incur monetary damages due to late EDI messages Support EDI Production SLA  Apprisia provides production support to your EDI  We would adhere to your SLA for P1/P2/P3 issues  We support your team as per your requirements and budgets such as 8x5, 8x7, 24x7 or adhoc consulting. If your looking for SAP EDI Support, drop us mail at edi_support@apprisia.com