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[TurnDigi 2020] Getting Tech SEO Implemented

In this talk, Areej will share tips for communicating technical issues and getting them implemented. She will walk the audience through her prioritisation model and how to measure both SEO impact and technical effort for each recommendation.

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[TurnDigi 2020] Getting Tech SEO Implemented

  1. 1. @areej_abuali Getting Tech SEO Implemented Areej AbuAli July 2, 2020
  2. 2. Quick Intro! ➔ Founder of Women in Tech SEO ➔ SEO Manager at Zoopla ➔ 7+ years in SEO: Agency-side → Client-side ➔ Co-author of Mastering In-House SEO ➔ The bigger & messier a site is, the happier I am! @areej_abuali
  3. 3. @areej_abuali In 2019, I did a 220-slides talk on indexability issues. There was one slide that resonated the most with everyone.
  4. 4. https://www.slideshare.net/areejabuali/restructuring-websites-to-improve-indexability-140072104
  5. 5. @areej_abuali I did this talk when I was agency-side but lots of client-side SEOs told me they also fully relate to it.
  6. 6. @areej_abuali This time round, instead of reflecting on the problem, I want to focus on the solution.
  7. 7. @areej_abuali The Audit Curse
  8. 8. @areej_abuali The Audit Curse When I was agency-side, I used to send 100 pages worth of audit documents to each client.
  9. 9. @areej_abuali The Audit Curse The amount of recommendations that actually got implemented? TINY
  10. 10. @areej_abuali A 10 day technical audit retainer should not equate to a 100 page audit document.
  11. 11. @areej_abuali The Audit Curse In order to be part of the solution, I need to change the way I deliver audits.
  12. 12. @areej_abuali Whether you’re agency-side or client-side, this talk is applicable for both.
  13. 13. @areej_abuali The Power of Three 1) Recommend 2) Prioritise 3) Implement
  14. 14. @areej_abuali 1) RECOMMEND
  15. 15. @areej_abuali 1. Conduct one audit at a time → Don’t try to cram everything in one audit Recommend Schema Audit Mobile Audit Speed Audit On Page Audit Internal Links Audit Indexability Audit
  16. 16. @areej_abuali 2. Split out recommendations by site templates → This is essential for large websites Homepage Content Hub Product Pages Recommend
  17. 17. @areej_abuali 3. Document Issue and Fix → Outline each fix in detail and provide evidence Example URLs Screenshots Appendix Recommend
  18. 18. @areej_abuali Bonus → Deliver your recommendations in a format that works best for the developer Excel/Sheets Word Doc JIRA Recommend
  19. 19. @areej_abuali 2) PRIORITISE
  20. 20. @areej_abuali SEO Impact → How much of an impact will this recommendation likely have on your overall organic traffic? Small (S) Medium (M) Large (L) Prioritise
  21. 21. @areej_abuali Dev Effort → How much effort will this recommendation take? ★ Do not try to answer that yourself on behalf of the developer, ask them directly. Prioritise
  22. 22. @areej_abuali Dev Effort This can be measured in number of sprints Small = 1 sprint Medium = 2 sprints Large = 3 sprints Prioritise X Large > 3 sprints
  23. 23. @areej_abuali Prioritise: Prioritisation Matrix SEO Impact Dev Effort PRIORITY For every identified issue:
  24. 24. Prioritise: Prioritisation Matrix PRIORITY RULE PRIORITY If SEO Impact = L & Tech Effort = S High If SEO Impact = L & Tech Effort = M High If SEO Impact = M & Tech Effort = S High If SEO Impact = L & Tech Effort = XL Mid If SEO Impact = L & Tech Effort = L Mid If SEO Impact = M & Tech Effort = M Mid If SEO Impact = S & Tech Effort = S Mid If SEO Impact = M & Tech Effort = XL Low If SEO Impact = M & Tech Effort = L Low If SEO Impact = S & Tech Effort = XL Low If SEO Impact = S & Tech Effort = L Low If SEO Impact = S & Tech Effort = M Low
  25. 25. @areej_abuali 3) IMPLEMENT
  26. 26. @areej_abuali 1. One at a time gets the job done Implement PRIORITY RULE PRIORITY If SEO Impact = L & Tech Effort = S High If SEO Impact = L & Tech Effort = M High If SEO Impact = M & Tech Effort = S High
  27. 27. @areej_abuali 2. Be the product manager of your own recommendations → Write those JIRA tickets yourself Implement Stand Up Backlog Refinement Sprint Planning
  28. 28. @areej_abuali 3. Test & Monitor every step of the way → Test on dev environment before pushing live → When live, monitor changes in logs/traffic/rankings → Update issue status in audit and annotate changes in GA Implement
  29. 29. @areej_abuali The RPI Framework
  30. 30. @areej_abuali IMPLEMENT RECOMMEND PRIORITISE The RPI Framework The RPI Framework
  31. 31. @areej_abuali There is no “done” when it comes to Technical SEO. It is a continuous process of improvement.
  32. 32. @areej_abuali bit.ly/areej-turndigi
  33. 33. Thanks! Questions? @areej_abuali