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Empowerment Technology - Learning Content

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Empowerment Technology - Learning Content

  2. 2. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 1: Introduction to Information and Communication Technology OBJECTIVES: A. Improve their knowledge on how ICT affects their everyday lives and the state of our nation B. Compare and contrast and contrast the differences between online platforms, sites, and content C. Understand the features of Web 2.0 D. Understand the future of the world Wide Web through Web 3.0 E. Learn the different trends in ICT and the use them to their advantage.
  3. 3. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 2: Rule of Netiquette OBJECTIVES: A. Consider one’s and others’ safety when sharing information using the Internet. B. Consider one’s and other reputation when using the Internet C. Determine and avoid the dangers of the Internet D. Be responsible in the use of social networking sites E. Browse the Internet efficiently and properly through proper referencing
  4. 4. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 3: Advanced Word Processing Skills OBJECTIVES: A. Use some advanced capabilities of Microsoft Word commonly used to increase productivity and efficiency B. Effectively use these features to help improve the productivity of an organization through maximizing the potential of Microsoft Word C. Create form letters or documents for distributions to various recipients D. Create labels and envelopes for distributions E. Create media-rich documents for printing or publishing
  5. 5. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 4: Advanced Spreadsheet Skills OBJECTIVES: A. Familiarize the most commonly used function in Microsoft Excel B. Use several conditional functions available in Microsoft Excel C. Use Microsoft Excel as a viable tool in market research and product development
  6. 6. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 5: Advanced Presentation Skills OBJECTIVES: A. Use hyperlinks to improve their slideshow/s B. Embed files and data to their slideshow/s C. Maximize slideshow/s as an effective visual aid tool
  7. 7. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 6: Imaging and Design for Online Environment OBJECTIVES: A. Understand the basic principles of graphics and layout B. Create a simple info-graphic using web tools C. Understand and use several file format used on the web D. Easily manipulate images using a simple image editor E. Upload and share images using Photo-bucket
  8. 8. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 7: Online Platforms for ICT Content Development OBJECTIVES: A. Differentiate the Platforms available for developing web content B. Understand the purpose od these platforms and know the basics of using them C. Enhance one’s knowledge in the world of cloud computing
  9. 9. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 8: Basic Web Page Creation OBJECTIVES: A. Create a web page using Microsoft Word B. Create your own website using a free host C. Design a website using an online WYSIWYG platforms D. Edit and insert elements for their website
  10. 10. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 9: Collaboration ICT Development OBJECTIVES: A. Use an online collaborative tool to effectively monitor group task B. Understand the advantages of using online collaborative tools C. Create a project that requires team member cooperation
  11. 11. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 10: Interactive Multimedia OBJECTIVES: A. Improve the interactivity of your website B. Embed multimedia content from YouTube C. Create a viewer or customer friendly experience for those who visit their website through multimedia content
  12. 12. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 11: ICT as platform for Change OBJECTIVES: A. Understand the importance of ICT as a platform for social change B. Understand the events that ICT helped realize C. Use prior ICT knowledge in planning a campaign using online resource
  13. 13. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 12: ICT Project for Social Change OBJECTIVES: A. Plan and conceptualize an ICT project for social change B. Identify the platforms that will help in the success of the campaign
  14. 14. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 13: ICT Project Publication and Statistics OBJECTIVES: A. Upload the necessary files for the website B. Understand the key factors that will make their website a success C. Monitor the website’s traffic and use if to their advantages
  15. 15. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 14: ICT Project Maintenance OBJECTIVES: A. Evaluate the effectiveness of their online campaign through user feedback B. Improve the online campaign using various tool C. Check the impact of their online campaign
  16. 16. EMPOWERMENT TECNOLOGY LESSON 15: The Disadvantages of ICT OBJECTIVES: A. Understand the several problems ICT has created in their generations B. Write a reflective essay on how ICT can change the world for better or for worse