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Jennifer .Baird

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A pictoral language which holds together the strands of meaning, symbol and feeling.

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Jennifer .Baird

  1. 1. Jennifer Baird (also known as Jenny Hilton-Clarke),was born in England but has lived for over 30 yearson the tiny unspoilt island of Tobago, in the West Indies, where she resides as a recluse, high in the wild and remote rain forest - painting and meditatingand living an extremely simple life without electricity,plumbing or mod cons.Jennifer has been painting all her life and has exhibited many times in Trinidadand Tobago and produced a diverse array of works over the last 30 years,ranging from the scenic to the deeply mystical and visionary.
  2. 2. Carribean rain at sunset
  3. 3. Sunset over the forest
  4. 4. Flight of the tropic birds
  5. 5. City under a red sky
  6. 6. Hiden city
  7. 7. Iquana
  8. 8. Red jungle passionate sun
  9. 9. Buddha
  10. 10. The angels bliss
  11. 11. Freedom in a rain forrest
  12. 12. Rasta- rythm
  13. 13. African queen
  14. 14. Jungle spirits and humming bird
  15. 15. Bamboo and sunset
  16. 16. The alchemist
  17. 17. Searching for the inner love
  18. 18. The human touch
  19. 19. Venus
  20. 20. Abstract with leaves
  21. 21. The dream
  22. 22. The influence of many cultures, mythologies, philosophies and metaphysical ideas can beseen weaving a continuum through her work; exploring themes, patterns and focii as theyevolve through her inner and outer worlds.But most important and influential are the direct experiences and insights which arise fromliving primitively and alone in wild and completely natural surroundings, spending manyhours in meditation and spiritual practice.She has been a vajrayana buddhist since the early seventies. Jennifers paintings have anatural alchemy that conjures strong atmosphere.They contain a power, a magic within themselves which flows into the viewer.They are unimpeded expressions; free-flowing manifestations of wonder and wakefullness.A pictoral language which holds together the strands of meaning, symbol and feeling.More at http://fineartamerica.com
  23. 23. music : Phil Collins -True colors