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UNEFA Profesor: __Dr. Arlines Rodríguez__ Telf.: _0416-6610993__
Coordinación de Administración Asignatura: ___Inglés 4___...
3.3. Question mark: Questions. Tag questions
11 13-05-19 18-05-19
3.4. Exclamation mark: Emphasis. Interjection.
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4. planificacion 1 ingles 4 2019

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4. planificacion 1 ingles 4 2019

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4. planificacion 1 ingles 4 2019

  1. 1. UNEFA Profesor: __Dr. Arlines Rodríguez__ Telf.: _0416-6610993__ Coordinación de Administración Asignatura: ___Inglés 4________ Código:___IDM-xxxxx_______ Administración de Desastre Sección: __X_______ Número de Evaluaciones: ____ 4____ Periodo Académico: Feb. 2019 – Jul. 2019 Jefe de Cátedra: _Lic. Isabel Escalona__ C.I: _____________ PLANIFICACIÓN ACADÉMICA Inglés 4 Sem. Lapso Académico Feriado Objetivos Programáticos Contenido a Evaluar Tipo Exam Ptos. % 1 25-02-19 02-03-19 Inicio Periodo Académico 2018 Entrega de Plan Académico. 2 04-03-19 09-03-19 UNIDAD 1: TRANSITION EXPRESSIONS TO RELATE IDEAS 1.1. Adding information: and Not only . . . But also also Moreover.(more formal). Furthermore (more formal) in addition (more formal) 1.2. Giving examples. For example For instance. Specifically In particular The first (second. another, etc.) eample / /reason is / / / 1.3. Showing a concession: Yet. Nevertheless (more formal). even so. Howcvcr, although, even though, despite the fact that . . . Despite 1.4. Showing a similarity: 1ikewise (more formal). similarly (more formal). in the same way. 3 11-03-19 16-03-19 12 y 13 Feb. CARNAVAL 1.5. Showing a result: So, as a result, therefor, thus (more formal). As a consequence. (more formal). 1.6. Establishing time relation or sequence: First, second. finally. in conclusion, in summary, meanwhile 1.7. Showing a whether.. . Or if. . . (then), 1.8. Explaining or emphasizing: In fact actually , in other words, namely (more formal) 1.9. Giving an alternative: Or Either . . . Or, Neither … Nor (more formal) 4 18-03-19 23-03-19 Exam 1 Carga de Notas 1er Corte Oral 25 5 25-03-19 30-03-19 UNIDAD 2: PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES TO CONVEY MWANING. 2.1. Place and position: in, on, at, off, across, about, around, between, among, throughout, over, above, below, under, beneath , underneath, inside, outside, by, beside, near, against, behind, (in) back of, in front of, ahead of, beyond, along, next to, close to, far from, after, before. 2.2. Direction and motion: in, into, to, toward, out of, by, by way of, via, about around through? across. over. off, up, down, Roberd Knohn. "English Sentence onto. at time, at. in . on by before. after, for, Structure". the university Michigan during, since, until. till, through, throughout, around, about, from ... to (till. until) Sick 6 01-04-19 06-04-19 6 Marzo Siembra del Comandante Chávez 2.3. Time: At. in, on. by. bd'orc. after, to, till. of. for during. sincc. until, till. through. tllroughout. around, ahout. Imm... to (till, until ) 2.4. Manner, agent, or instrument: by. With, in. like El BCV Cerrado por Luz 7 08-04-19 13-04-19 13 Abr. Día de la Milicia Pueblo en Armas 2.5. Measurement, number or immonnnt: onc of. tcvo of, etc.. Ilundreds of thousand of: a large. indetinite number; a number of; many oc several oC some 01.; a few of: mosl of: more ofi all oT: a (greatilarge) quantity, amount, number ol', in quantity, by the pound. dozen, boy. etc.; Per poimd, dozen. box. etc.; A pint of, a quart of. a gallon oE A poimd ol. Rj thc inch, hot, yard In half; In two: Divide by. into; Multiply by; Add to; 15-04-19 20-04-19 19 Abril Día de la Independenc Semana Santa 8 22-04-19 27-04-19 Exam 2 Carga de Notas 2do Corte Written 25 9 29-04-19 04-05-19 1 Mayo Día del Trabajador UNIDAD 3: PUNCTUATION MARKS 3.1. Period: Commands, Indirect questions, Abbreviations, Acronyms. 10 06-05-19 11-05-19 3.2. Commas: Series coordinating conjunctions. Introductory elements. Appositives ordinates adjectives. Quoted elements. Contrast Phrases. To avoid Confusion. Typographical reasons.
  2. 2. 3.3. Question mark: Questions. Tag questions 11 13-05-19 18-05-19 3.4. Exclamation mark: Emphasis. Interjection. Command 3.5. Colon: List preceded by a clause that can stand by. Explanation preceded by a clause that can stand by itself. To separate an independent clause from a quotation. After a salutation in a business letter. To designate the speaker within a play or in court testimony. 3.6. Semicolon: long lists. Closely related independent clauses. Independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction. 3.7. Hyphen: Compound nouns. Numbers. Prefixes 3.8. Dash: Emphasis. Parenthetical elements with internal forms of punctuation. Written dialogues. Compound modifiers made up of compound elements. 3.9 Parentheses: De-emphasis 3.10. Brackets: Explanatory words or phrases within quotations. Parentheses inside parenthetical material. 3.11. 1 E1Qipsis:W ord omission. Pause 3.12. Apostrophe: Possessive forms. Contractions. Plural of letters and digits 3.13. Quotation marks 3.14. Double: Quotations or spoken language 3.15. Single: Quotation inside quoted material 3.16. Slash (slant, solidus, or virgule): Choice. World Wide Web address 12 20-05-19 25-05-19 Exam 3 Carga de Notas 3er Corte Written 25 13 27-05-19 01-06-19 UNIDAD 4. PHONETICS: BASIC PATTERNS IN ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION, STRESS, AND INTONATION 4.1. Pronunciation Vs. Spelling: Vowel sounds. Consonantal counds 14 03-06-19 07-06-19 Recepción de la Disponibilidad Horaria de los profesores. 4.2. Stress patterns: Acronyms Two-part words. C'ornpound nouns. phrasal verbs, S> liable words, Nounq, verbs. Adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. Homographs. Syllable words. l Instressed sul'li~es. Sentence dress 15 10-06-19 15-06-19 4.3. Intonation patterns or contours: Declarative sentences and Wh-question, (Yes/No question,) 16 17-06-19 21-06-19 Exam 4 Carga de Notas 4to Corte Written 25 17 24-06-19 28-06-19 24 Batalla de Carabobo (fecha patria). Del martes 25 al viernes 28JUN19: REPARACIÓN. 18 01-07-2019 04-07-2019 Reparación Entrega de Notas de Reparación 100 www.SlideShare.net/arlinesrodriguez arlinesrodriguez@gmail.com