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Gourmet roasting recipes

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Gourmet roasting recipes

  2. 2.  There are several great recipes on Gourmet Recipe that feature roasting. Foods are roasted by cooking them with dry heat with the heat surrounding the food being cooked. Roasted foods are often placed on a rack inside the roasting pan so any juices that escape during the cooking process are caught in the bottom of the pan; the roasting food is not left sitting in the juices. Roasting is generally used for meats and vegetables.
  3. 3. CHICKEN AND FOWL RECIPES  Chickens are of ten roasted. For Chicken Traditionally Prepared in the Backof fen, although the meat is roasted, it is done a bit dif ferently than you’re probably used to. The chicken is put into a terrine, along with potatoes, ar tichokes, onions, tomato, wine, fowl stock and gravy, garlic, and rosemar y. The terrine is then sealed with a strip of dough around the outside edge of the lid and roasted in the oven for 50 minutes. The dough is removed and thrown away when the chicken is done. Guinea Fowl are roasted in the oven for this Guinea Fowl Supreme with Endives and Hypocras Sauce recipe. They are prepared with a sauce made of wine, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and clove before being roasted. Cooked, seasoned endives are placed on a ser ving dish, along with the roasted meat, and then covered with the sauce before ser ving.
  4. 4. SEAFOOD RECIPES  When roasted, shrimp team up with mesclun (a mix of leafy lettuces and endive) to create Fresh Roasted Royal Shrimp Salad From the Mediterranean . After roasting, the shrimp tails are browned and seasoned with salt and thyme. They are then added to the mesclun that has been tossed with herbs and a vinaigrette dressing, and served with caviar.
  5. 5. BEEF RECIPES  Although the beef in this Beef Fillet with Red Wine recipe is sauted, not roasted, meat bones are oven-roasted for about an hour, and then boiled with carrots, celery, onion, tomatoes, spice and wine, to create a special sauce that is served with the beef fillet.
  6. 6. PORK RECIPES  Pork shoulder roast is marinated overnight and then slow -roasted to make this succulent Cuban Roast Pork Shoulder. Use the pan drippings for a tasty gravy. For Crown Roast of Pork , a mixture of cracker crumbs is stuf fed into the roast before the pork is cooked. Any extra stuf fing is baked in a separate dish and served along with the meal