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Generic conventions of horror

AS media generic conventions of horror

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Generic conventions of horror

  1. 1. MISE-EN-SCENE Usually set in isolated areas where there is no help for the characters and no hope of finding somewhere to run. There is also the use of pathetic fallacy which consists of thunder and rain used to enhance on the use of isolation. The use of props include weapons or antiques, also paintings are a big prop used to create a dark and sinister scene. Colours used within horror films are usually reds or blacks because they suggest danger and death.
  2. 2. MISE-EN-SCENE (2) Lighting Lighting is used in horror films to give the effect of something bad is about to happen for example shadows and light flickering causes the audience to feel scared and nervous. As well as this lighting can be used to give mood in horror films, usually when some one is scared its quite dark and is usually raining outside. It can also be used to create a personality of a character by casting shadows across there face to create a sinister minded character or a split personality of a character. Costumes Costumes vary in horror films because they have stereo typical characters which are dressed different for example the blonde will be dressed slutty and the athlete will be wearing a tight top or vest. To create the personality of the characters in the film.
  3. 3. SOUND Sound Audio is key when editing, using Foley sound will help build suspense. • Exaggerated diegetic sound will allow tension to be created in the film • Fast and loud non diegetic sound can add to making the audience jump or feel scared I.e. the music in the shower scene in Psycho. From this scene you can see the effect in which the sound has on the film, the first time it plays with music showing the intensity it creates and then again without music showing the difference in intensity of the scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81qweiWqyTU
  4. 4. PROPS Many props are used in horror films to suggest horror for example; Bibles Crucifix Paintings Candles Weapons The props such as Crucifixes are use as a sign of religion and symbolizing the devil. Also this is used as a sign of defense from god because people believe it protects them from paranormal beings. However in some horror this prop just angers the thing which I haunted and creates more violence and horror to occur.
  5. 5. CHARACTERS There is always the stereo typical characters who are in every horror film for example; The Blonde; usually the one who dies first The Athlete; Everyone looks at this guy for guidance, usually macho The Virgin; The character who survives and is pure so isn’t affected by evil.
  6. 6. ICONOGRAPHY Iconography of Paranormal Horror Paranormal horror films such as paranormal activity have iconography such as ghostly symbols, dark places, and unusual things happening such as doors slamming and swinging lights and haunted houses. Other conventions is trying to frighten the audience with jumpy scenes with the use of things popping up or loud sounds. Other typical conventions are things like wind, creepy shadows and unexplainable noises. There is normally a character who doesn’t believe or a priest who comes in to prevent things happening but is used to create more horror by angering the paranormal being which is used in most paranormal horror films.
  7. 7. ICONOGRAPHY (2) A convention of paranormal horror is trying to frighten the audience with the jumpy scenes or things popping up in mirrors. Another way in which they do this is with the use of lighting for example if there is candles and it starts to flicker this gives the audience hints something is about to happen or appear. Other typical conventions of supernatural horror us the use of wind, creepy shadows, unexplainable noises and moving objects. Normally in paranormal horror there is usually someone who comes in to test this paranormal being for example the use of cameras and crucifixes are used in films to make it angry to reveal itself which is used in most paranormal horror to reveal what is exactly haunting them.