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Authority and Respect

We all want it - but how can we get it, then keep it?

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Authority and Respect

  1. 1. Whenever it’s rainingoutsideWhenever it’s notraining outsideWhen to maintain authority and respect
  2. 2. 1. Authority will alwaysbe tested2.No amount of authoritycan overcome distrustand disrespect
  3. 3. Authority is apoorsubstitute forLeadership
  4. 4. Its like building a bridge –lay each stone carefully
  5. 5. Apply all of the rules, all of thetime, and be seen to do soNever make a promise youcannot keep or an agreement youcannot stick toKeep yourself and your peopleinformedMaintain a hostility free work areaMake your people feel specialTo build your bridge…
  6. 6. He who controlsothers may bepowerful, but hewho hasmasteredhimself ismightier still.Chinese Proverb