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Pixelative Agency Profile

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Agency Profile for Pixelative - a Digital Design Agency.

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Pixelative Agency Profile

  2. 2. We are a web design and development agency based in Lahore - the second largest city in Pakistan. We’re a small team of 3 designers and 3 developers with exceptional skills - our team has a combined experience of 40 years in the industry. Although, we’re located in Pakistan, most of our clients are overseas, especially in US, Canada, UK and Australia. We like competing on the global scale - makes us good at we we do! Before you judge us (due to our region), do take some time to check out our work. We assure you’ll like the level of details we put in each one of our projects. ABOUT US
  4. 4. We don’t just make websites - we create exceptional products with a special focus on UI & UX. Have an idea? Let us help you refine it to perfection and convert into an exceptional product that’s best for your target audience. Our goal is simple - make the web a better place! SERVICES WE OFFER
  5. 5. BRAND IDENTITY Want to establish a presence in the consumer's mind and attract more customers? Let us help you create the perfect brand image which your audience can relate to. Our purpose isn’t just to make attractive and stunning designs. It’s to combine science with chaos just to get the right mixture what our clients need to uplift their digital presence! UI/UX DESIGN We don’t code just to get the job done, we code because we love it! What separates us from the the crowd is our passion to excel. We love working in new technologies, helps us stay ahead and break barriers! WEB DEVELOPMENT
  7. 7. http://rombii.pixelative.co/ciscoconnex/wp
  8. 8. “Awesome Work! ” Marcus Wilkinson Director IDG Communications AU CLIENT REVIEW ABOUT THE PROJECT Connex is a website by Cisco (in collaboration with IDC) for a specific target group of senior business technology professionals that allows them to interact with each other and stay connected to what’s happening in the industry. Connex was already established when IDC approached us to help them re-design their brand and improve the user interaction and experience of the site. We did the branding, designed an eye-catching UI with a focus on user experience (making the users to easily navigate through the primary focused areas of the site) and developed the entire site. The website was developed in WordPress with custom animations implemented via CSS3 and JavaScript. We also integrated LinkedIn API with the site and developed a custom reporting portal for user engagement analytics.
  9. 9. “Great Work! Would love to keep working with them in the future!” Sara O’ Brien Digital Project Manager at IDG Communications AU CLIENT REVIEW ABOUT THE PROJECT HP and IDC wanted to create a corporate blog for business technology professionals. IDC approached us for the job and we happily obliged. We did the whole branding, UI design, and development for the site. The site uses CSS3 and JavaScript for custom scroll animations and the site was developed in WordPress (a primary choice of CMS of the client). The client loved the end result - their feedback is mentioned on the right.
  10. 10. “Pixelative is a digital agency that is committed to creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary. They are the people who are responsible for the design and development of this website and as you can see it deserves a huge thank you for their contributory efforts!” Andrew Eyre Co-founder AirAmico CLIENT REVIEW ABOUT THE PROJECT AirAmico is a new start-up offering cutting-edge travel-related products. They approached us to help them build a brand and a website to showcase their products. The initial launch was with just one product - an exceptionally beautiful and powerfull portable bluetooth speaker - Mockingbird. We designed their complete website and helped them with their branding. We also created marketing email newsletters and indiegogo & kickstarter showcases to help them boost their campaign. A special mention should be made for the mockingbird page, the client wanted a completely creative and animated web showcase for the speaker. You can check out the page at: http://www.airamico.com/mockingbird.html
  11. 11. I’ve used Arslan and his crew for two projects so far. In all phases of the jobs, the attention to detail, communication, quality, price and timeframes have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him. Five stars in all categories. Paul Burger, CEO, Granza. ABOUT THE PROJECT Granza is a great new website for FREE Email Marketing and Viral Advertising. Granza approached us to help them design a pre-launch website for their early-sign up users. We designed the UI/UX and developed the website in AngularJS. They loved our work and as a result, hired us to help them improve the UI/UX for their main app. We not only did the UI/ UX for their app but also designed and developed the email newsletters which will be used by the users of the app. When we started developing email templates, there seemed to be a need for an email development framework which could help us streamline the process so Arslan (Pixelative’s founder) developed an Open-Source email framework - khat. You can check out the framework here: https://github.com/arslanakram/khat Paul Burger CEO Granza, Inc. CLIENT REVIEW
  12. 12. GET IN TOUCH http://pixelative.co contact@pixelative.co THANK YOU!