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Artromick Tx20 Mobile Computing Cart Brochure for Hospital Computing Solutions

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Artromick Tx20 Mobile Computing Cart Brochure for Hospital Computing Solutions

  1. 1. TX20 Workstation Artromick TX20 Workstation Mobile Computing Solution TM
  2. 2. Artromick Understands Mobile Computing Artromick understands there is more to mobile computing carts than simply mounting a computer to a battery and wheels. That’s why the Artromick TX20 WorkStation offers the perfect blend of trim-line design and powerful computing performance. Simple maneuverability right to the patient’s bedside is easy, facilitating a true point-of-care workflow process for clinical documentation and wireless data management. A Convenience features such as the motorized height adjustment permits the user to position the monitor and keyboard at the perfect height for standing at the bedside or recording data while seated. The TX20 WorkStation also features an expansive work surface with integrated power system LED readout to ensure a visible indication of battery charge remaining. All these features, combined with the B latest mobile computing solutions, are standard on the Artromick TX20 WorkStation to facilitate the successful use C of wireless clinical applications. D E F TX20 Workstation Highlights A Open platform for a host of computing options including G laptop, All-In-One PC, tablet or thin-client solutions B Full selection of convenience accessories and options C Expansive work area with integrated forward-facing handles D LED battery indicator E Retractable 104-key keyboard; optional keyboard / mouse upgrades available F Convenient secure storage area G Motorized height adjustment H Stable, trim-line footprint for simple maneuverability I Extended power system for run times of 12+ hours H I
  3. 3. Computing Options Laptop All-In-One The TX20 Choose from the Artromick gives you a choice to WorkStation latest All-in-One PC accommodates solutions including accommodate the latest Laptop, a host of laptop standard or clinical All-in-One PC, Tablet or Thin-Client models from the grade models. computing solutions. Powerful leading healthcare IT Powerful and brands including HP, durable, Artromick processing is assured to optimize the Dell, IBM, Panasonic All-in-One PC most popular software solutions from and Toshiba. computers are ideal Epic, Meditech, Cerner, McKesson for supporting the Top-mount shown latest point-of-care and many other providers. workflow solutions. Tablet Thin Client The TX20 Select from the Workstation can latest thin client be configured to solutions including incorporate the latest the Neoware tablet PC solutions e370 or WYSE from Dell, Toshiba, Winterm V90. Motion Computing Talk with your and other popular Artromick healthcare brands. representative Talk with your about the Artromick Sales accommodation Representative to of other thin get a best-fit solution client devices. for your tablet PC. Accessories & Options Streamlined nurse workflow is assured with a full complement of convenience accessories, organizing the data management process at the point-of-care. Storage Basket Scanner Holder Mouse Holder Storage Drawer Expanded Work Monitor Height Infection Control Mouse Tray Surface Adjustment Peripherals
  4. 4. TX20 Workstation Features & Specifications Features • Flexible platform for a choice of computing options: The Artromick TX20 Compact Mobile Computing Laptop, All-In-One PC, Tablet or Thin Client Workstation offers highly-advanced technology platform • Easy-to-reach spiral power cord in a maneuverable and trim-line solution. Efficient nursing • LED power status display workflow is enhanced by the Artromick TX20 Compact • Integrated power conditioning system Workstation which features a small, but stable footprint for • Integrated USB hub simple navigation to the point-of-care for bedside patient • Retractable mouse tray mounted left or right monitoring and documentation. • 104-key keyboard on tilting tray • Electronic vertical height adjustment The motorized height adjustment feature of the Artromick • Forward-facing handles TX20 Workstation positions the monitor and keyboard • Advanced casters with 2 locking at the perfect height for comfortable use. So, whether standing at the bedside or recording data while seated, the Benefits workstation is positioned to the user’s preference. Best of • 480 watt-hours of usable power for cord-free mobile computing all, configurable computing performance works in concert • Improved workflow and accuracy with the innovative power conditioning system to provide • Safe and ergonomic design reliable data management and extended battery run times. • Advanced computing performance • Small footprint for easy maneuverability • Customized configuration Power Conditioning System Specifications Input Voltage: 115 VAC (range 90–130 VAC) or 230 VAC (range 180–260) Output Voltage: 2 channels 12–24 VDC 1 channel 5 VDC Charger: Multi-Stage Smart Charger Battery Type: 12V sealed lead acid with 44 amp hours for extended run times Short-circuit: 15 amp DC breaker Status Indicator: Battery status on LED display Approvals: FCC Class A, Part 15 Approval Standard Cart Specifications Base Dimensions: 16.1" x 16.3" 41cm x 41.5cm Work Surface Area: 14.6" x 17.5" 37cm x 44.5cm with integrated forward-facing handles Work Surface Height: 28"– 40" 71cm –101cm Workstation Height: 48"– 60" including monitor 122cm – 62cm Construction: Formed steel, aluminum, high-density polymer work surface Finish: Durable powder coat Wheels: 2 locking, 2 standard, tracking optional Specifications, availability & components are subject to change without notice. www.artromick.com 800 848 6462 4800 Hilton Corporate Drive TM © Artromick, 2008 Form A-139 614 864 9966 Columbus, Ohio 43232