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Biffes world cinema quiz answers

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Biffes world cinema quiz answers

  1. 1. The BIFFES World Cinema Quiz RULES 50 questions All written Stars break ties
  2. 2. The Karnataka Quiz Association Son of Lumiere A Quiz on Cinema in June every year www.kqaquizzes.org
  3. 3. 1. Probably the best film in the rather under-populated cannibal dystopia genre. This 1991 film was the debut of a French director better known for a later film featuring the fabulous destiny of its title character. Name the debut film and the director.
  4. 4. ANSWER Jean-Pierre Jeunet Delicatessen Jeunet also directed Amelie
  5. 5. 2. He was a child musical prodigy, and composed his first oratorio at the age of 11. He held the position of Director of the Bari Conservatory for classical music from 1950 till 1978. Identify this personality best known for his work with Federico Fellini and some Hollywood films of the 1970s.
  6. 6. ANSWER Nino Rota
  7. 7. 3. This still shows a documentarist and a writer in collaboration on a film in the 1930s. The writer produced part of the script and gave the voice-over while the filmmaker went on to make a worldwide reputation for his political documentaries. Name both people.
  8. 8. ANSWER Ernest Hemingway Joris Ivens
  9. 9. 4. Probably the most popular French film outside France in the 1990s, this film by Jean Paul Rappenau had rhyming subtitles specially written by the English author Anthony Burgess. Just name the film.
  10. 10. ANSWER Cyrano de Bergerac
  11. 11. 5. It takes its title from a Robert Burns poem and attempts a 360-degree fusillade against Dubya Bush, Tony Blair, UK multiculturalism, as also religious intolerance and racism in Glasgow. Name either the film or the director with a strong sense of place.
  12. 12. ANSWER Ae Fond Kiss Ken Loach
  13. 13. 6. The filming of this 1931 classic was interrupted when the writer/s on whose work it was based decided to sue. The director won the case and continued filming. Name the film, the director and the writer/s. (3 points)
  14. 14. ANSWER The Threepenny Opera Pabst Bertolt Brecht/Kurt Weill
  15. 15. 7. This 1995 film inspired a public war of words between the director and the then Interior Minister in France. Name the film, the director, and the minster who went on to become more famous.
  16. 16. ANSWER La Haine Matthieu Kassovitz Nicolas Sarkozy
  17. 17. 8. The home of these partnered talents in Lyon is now a museum dedicated to their memory. It boasts of a splendid address: 1, Rue de Premier Film, Lyon. Whose home/museum?
  18. 18. ANSWER The Lumiere Brothers
  19. 19. 9. You could mistranslate the title of this comedic comment on disintegration as Life is Beautiful. Name the film-maker and the film.
  20. 20. ANSWER Zivot Je Cudo Or Life is a Miracle Emir Kusturica
  21. 21. 10. His second name was Dastagir, and he was discovered in Mysore. He was known by the title of the 1930s film in which he made his debut. Who? What was this title? Also, name the pioneer who discovered him. (3 points)
  22. 22. ANSWER Sabu Elephant Boy Robert Flaherty
  23. 23. 11. Between the 1960s and 1978, no fewer than 400 films were made in this genre, and shot in locations in Almeria in Spain, for the most part, but also in Yugoslavia and Israel, and just once in Monument Valley, USA, for a 1968 film. Which genre of films are we talking about? What was the 1968 exception?
  24. 24. ANSWER Spaghetti Westerns Once Upon a Time in the West
  25. 25. 12. Reino Helismaa came to national attention with his 1951 film At The Rovaniemi Fair, which featured three tramps trying to find gold. This film‟s success inspired a genre of folksy comedy known as rillumaarei (tra-la-la). In which European country?
  26. 26. ANSWER Finland
  27. 27. 13. This stage actor for Bertolt Brecht won international stardom after playing a musical psychopath in a 1931 film, and then worked with Hitchcock and several Hollywood films. He also directed a noir film titled The Lost One in 1951 which disappeared without a trace. Name the actor, and the 1931 film.
  28. 28. ANSWER Peter Lorre M
  29. 29. 14. Two views of an actor who is closely linked to a celebrated director‟s best-known films. Name the lady, and the director.
  30. 30. ANSWER Hanna Schygulla Rainer Maria Fassbinder
  31. 31. 15. Which pioneer does this 1985 Cannes film festival poster pay tribute to?
  32. 32. ANSWER Eadweard Muybridge
  33. 33. 16. She was assistant director on Zanussi‟s Illumination, and scripted films such as Korczak and Man of Iron before becoming a director herself with films like the 1985 effort Angry Harvest. She has also directed several episodes of the TV series Treme and the fight between Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell in The Wire. Her surname might suggest one European country, but this name rhymes with the country she‟s from. Who?
  34. 34. ANSWER Agnieszka Holland
  35. 35. 17. This writer specialised in pulp fiction that drew on social observation and atmosphere, and is easily one of the most adapted writers in European cinema. The first director to work with his novels was Jean Renoir in 1932 with Night at the Crossroads. Claude Chabrol‟s The Hatter’s Gosts, and Bertrand Tavernier‟s The Watchmaker of St. Paul’s are two notable examples. His gruff, pipe-smoking detective has been played on screen by Jean Gabin, Piere Renoir, and Charles Laughton, among many others. Name the writer, and the character. (2 points)
  36. 36. ANSWER Georges Simenon Inspector Maigret
  37. 37. 18. In 2011, the Brazilian government announced that they were creating a special currency unit known as the CDD for use inside one specific locality off Rio. The CDD is deliberately set approximately 20 percent higher than their currency, the real, which incentivizes users to use it within all local business. Since this artificially discounts products sold in local enterprises, it compels residents to keep more money in the community. Why should all this economics natter matter in a World Cinema quiz?
  38. 38. ANSWER CDD stands for Cidade de Deus, the neighbourhood from which the film Cidade de Deus/City of God takes its name.
  39. 39. 19. A study by academics in his country has claimed that his characters were off their heads on alcohol or drugs 14% of the time. A total of 170, mostly female, characters were regular drug users. The director says the study left him with "a Kafkaesque sensation of fear, disgust, astonishment, fury and indignation“. Identify the director, and this, his latest, „gayest‟ film, from the poster.
  40. 40. ANSWER Pedro Almodovar I’m So Excited
  41. 41. 20. This bust in the town of Kielce honours an actor described as their country‟s James Dean. He died in a bizarre train accident in 1967. The bust carries one reference to his best-known role in a 1958 film. The country has named an awrd for young actors with “the most individuality” after him. Who? Which country? Identify the 1958 film. (3 points)
  42. 42. ANSWER Zbigniew Cybulski Poland Ashes and Diamonds
  43. 43. 21. Gowri Ramnarayan writes about one of the interesting moments in a film thus: “The revolutionary flag is replaced by red banners of Coca-Cola. A bust sways from a helicopter, pointing a finger at the bewildered mother.” The title of the film was interestingly designed—with a red star under the exclamation mark. Identify this 2003 film.
  44. 44. ANSWER Wolfgang Becker’s Goodbye Lenin!
  45. 45. 22. A Kannada film from the 1970s that opens in a railway station had two superb songs in Ninne Sanje Alli Nodidde and Ninna Neenu Maretharenu Sukhavide. I‟ll let the visual below, from a 1976 Hindi film, speak for itself. Now, both films are based on novels by a Bengali dermatologist-turned-crime-fiction writer. Identify both films and the writer.
  46. 46. ANSWER Devara Kannu Do Anjaane Nihar Ranjan Gupta
  47. 47. 23. These awards are named after a famous artist, and are considered a certain European country‟s equivalent of the Oscars. Which country? Also name the award (2 pts)
  48. 48. ANSWER Spain Goya Awards
  49. 49. 24. Dhanush‟s character loses his vehicle in this film, and thus his job, causing critics to make an obvious connection with a 1948 film. The director issued a public statement saying that the film was based on a real-life incident and requested the press not to insult the 1948 film and its director by making this connection. Three points—1948 film, this film, and the super-humble director who made his debut with this film.
  50. 50. ANSWER The Bicycle Thieves Polladhavan Vetrimaaran
  51. 51. 25. A blogger on the relationship between two films that use fantasy to comment on politics: “It is surprising the similarities between Victor Erice's 1973 film X and the 2006 film Y. Both have young raven-haired girls as protagonists. Both take place in the same decade in the same country and ask how their protagonists can comprehend and cope with the danger and unrest of their very similar situations.” The 2006 film seems to refer back to the 1973 film in this shot. Identify either of the films—the 1973 film has a little girl who is fascinated with the 1931 film Frankenstein.
  52. 52. ANSWER 1973: Spirit of the Beehive 2006: Pan’s Labyrinth
  53. 53. 26. Empire Magazine calls it the “most potent left-wing critique in film after Battleship Potemkin” and “cinema‟s first blockby-block-buster”. Which was possibly why it won the Golden Lion at Venice, but no Oscars, not even the one for Best Foreign Film. Identify this 1966 film which is rumoured to have been specially screened for Pentagon staff and decision-makers prior to the 2003 campaign in Iraq.
  54. 54. ANSWER Battle of Algiers
  55. 55. 27. This image answers a textbook definition of what technique? Also identify film and the cinematographer. (3 points)
  56. 56. ANSWER Deep Focus Citizen Kane Gregg Toland
  57. 57. 28. A French film was the inspiration for Howard Koch‟s Violent Road (1958) and William Friedkin‟s Sorcerer (1977). Identify the 1953 French film from this graphic tribute.
  58. 58. ANSWER Clouzot’s Wages of Fear
  59. 59. 29. What famous film location would you use to get to look at this statue?
  60. 60. ANSWER The Odessa Steps
  61. 61. 30. Some US newspapers described this film as a Levantine L_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-, uncovering thus the premise it borrows from an ancient work: that of women turning the tables on men. Which film with a title that might remind some of a Guns N Roses song? Also name the literary work referenced above. For bonus points, name the director who also acts in the film. (3)
  62. 62. ANSWERS Where Do We Go Now? Lysistrata Nadine Labaki
  63. 63. 31. A pair of brothers founded the production company Villealfa Film in the 1980s that soon became a hub for lowbudget film-making in their country. Their most notable films included The Liar and Crime and Punishment. Name these brothers—surname will do. What were they paying tribute to with the name they chose for their company?
  64. 64. ANSWER Aki & Mika Kaurismaki Tribute to Alphaville
  65. 65. 32. These scenes of celebration usually conclude with a question to which the answer “Not Yet” is given. In which film?
  66. 66. ANSWER Kurosawa’s Madadayo
  67. 67. 33. What common element would you find both on the coat of arms of Berlin and the flag of the city?
  68. 68. ANSWER A bear. Which is why the Berlin Film Festival awards a Golden Bear.
  69. 69. 34.
  70. 70. ANSWER Hannah Arendt
  71. 71. 35. Alex Oscar Dupont makes films under a pseudonym that is based on his first and second name. What is this pseudonym?
  72. 72. ANSWER Leos Carax
  73. 73. 36. Identify the actor. He first came to global attention in a series helmed by a director who grew up hating New Wave Cinema and wanted to be writer-director-actor and everything else, much like the man who made TheTexas Chainsaw Massacre. Name either this director or the series.
  74. 74. ANSWER Mads Mikkelsen Nicolas Refn Winding The Pusher Trilogy
  75. 75. 37. Word for mate, also released under the title of the sport. Uberto Pasolini who directed the film produced a film with similar themes in the 1990s. Name this film, and the 1990s film.
  76. 76. ANSWER Machan Aka Handball The Full Monty
  77. 77. 38. “On Earth, a lot of bees have disappeared. The strange thing is we can’t find the bodies of the dead bees, not even one.” This is but one concern in a film by Chen Hung-I that draws on human extinction, lost objects and the departure of loved ones. Just give me the English title of this BIFFES 2012 film.
  78. 78. ANSWER Honey Pupu
  79. 79. 39. This Roman amphitheater in Pula used to host the national film festival every year till the country disappeared. It now hosts the Croatian national film festival. What appropriate title was given to the top award at this festival— still in use?
  80. 80. 39.
  81. 81. ANSWER Golden Arena
  82. 82. 40. Two posters for a Sri Lankan film that featured in BIFFES 2008. The film takes its title in tribute to a Mrinal Sen film. The lead actor is appearing at BIFFES 2013 with her own film. Name this 2008 film and the actor-turned director who you see in the second poster.
  83. 83. ANSWER Akasa Kusum Malini Fonseka
  84. 84. 41. This movie features a "monkey spirit" resembling Chewbacca, monks using mobile phones, and a love scene between a princess and a catfish. It is based on a true story a Buddhist abbot told the director about a man who claimed he could see his past lives when he meditated, "playing behind his closed eyes like a movie“. Name either movie or director.
  85. 85. ANSWER Apichatpong Weerasethakul Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
  86. 86. 42. Take a world-famous director and wedge in another letter to get the title of this film, a first for a particular country on many levels. Name the film, and the country.
  87. 87. ANSWER Wadjda Saudi Arabia
  88. 88. 43. The actress playing the evil stepmother in this film, Blanca Nieves, is Maribel Verdu, better known to us for her role in what film from the early 2000s?
  89. 89. ANSWER The woman (Luisa) in Y Tu Mama Tambien
  90. 90. 44. Julie Maroh spent 5 years of her life on this graphic novel. An adaptation of this narrative began making waves and attracting negative opinion at the same time. Which narrative/adaptation?
  91. 91. ANSWER Blue is the Warmest Colour
  92. 92. 45. This is the French writer Antonin Artaud at two stages in his rather colourful life. Pic on the left shows him as a youth playing the monk Massieu in a classic 1928 film. Which film?
  93. 93. ANSWER Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc
  94. 94. 46. Just name this Iranian film, and the director who returned to search for this boyactor after a terrible earthquake?
  95. 95. ANSWER Where is the Friend’s Home? Abbas Kiarostami
  96. 96. 47. At the end of this 1994 film, a woman cries on a park bench. We don’t know why, but we watch as waves of emotion cross her face. When submitting the film to the Venice Film Festival, they asked the director to cut this final 7 minute scene, but he resisted. He believed that as the 20th century was winding down, people were becoming so fascinated by machinery and the technical that they “needed to be reminded that we are not stones, but emotional beings. By forcing the viewer to watch this crying woman for 7 minutes, we can rediscover our tenderness”. Name director and film.
  97. 97. 47.
  98. 98. ANSWER Vive l’Amour Tsai Ming Liang
  99. 99. 48. Possibly the most influential horror film of the 1990s, it was remade in English and offered viewers the spectacle of video as object of fear. Which film?
  100. 100. ANSWER Hideo Nakata’s Ringu
  101. 101. 49. Celebrated virtuoso Elizabeth Pitcairn always performs in partnership with the legendary 1720 instrument shown here. The 1990 Christie's auction of the instrument is said to have inspired a1999 Academy Award-winning film. The poster of the film was inspired by a Man Ray photograph. Just name the film.
  102. 102. ANSWER The Red Violin
  103. 103. 50. This film from a past BIFFES is titled An Afternoon in _ _ _ _ _ _, and offers an inter-racial romance set in the time of a gruesome conflict. The title places the film in the capital where some of the violence happened, and the poster slyly references the key weapon used in the violence. Name the film or the conflict, and identify the weapon.
  104. 104. ANSWER Kigali/The 1994 Rwandan massacres A machete