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Due diligence real estate

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Due diligence real estate

  1. 1. Legal Due Diligence/Real Estate Projects
  2. 2. OrganizatiOn set up
  3. 3. OrganizatiOn set up Sole Proprietorship Partnership Firm Company- private-public-semi public LLP Society/Association Trust
  4. 4. MODe OFOperatiOn
  5. 5. MODe OF OperatiOn Joint Venture Joint Development Development Agreement Individual PPP/ Profit Sharing
  6. 6. prOject lanD inFOrMatiOn
  7. 7. prOject lanD inFOrMatiOn Location Type of Project Type of Land (Free hold-fee simple/Lease hold- Lessors permission/Trust land- Charity Commissioner permission) Type of Sub-Soil Area of project DCR Applicable Project type-residential/commercial mixed residential /township/it park/SEZ/etc check DCR provision given FSI available/FSI-TDR loadable Ground Coverage Height, Margin Soil Testing Continued………
  8. 8. prOject lanD inFOrMatiOn Road Lining/Highway/Railway setback /other reservation as given in DCR Water Availability Built-up Area (in Sq. Mtrs) Saleable Built-up Area (in Sq.Mtrs) No of Units NO. OF FLOORS (Approved and Actual) Land user under CDP Change of Land User Disputed cases Civil Court cases Tenancy Issues Land Tribunal Order if any
  9. 9. VeriFicatiOn OFlanD DOcuMents
  10. 10. VeriFicatiOn OF lanD DOcuMents Title Deed Sanad AFS/Development Agreement/Power of Attorney 7/12- Adhikar Abhilekh Patrak issued by Talathi/Property Card Mutation Register Extracts Occupier Akarband/Tippani/Podi Extracts Search Report for the last 30 years Title Clearance Certificate Nil Tenancy Certificate Karda copy/R. R.Pakka Book extract Patta pass book Maharashtra Industrial Board Endorsement Caste Certificate in case of grant land Land User status of the land
  11. 11. prOject lanD DOcuMent analysis
  12. 12. prOject lanD DOcuMent analysis Type of Document/Ownership/Lease/Development Rights Vendor Purchaser Date and Registration Number Consideration Stamp Duty Registration
  13. 13. 7/12 eXtracts analysis
  14. 14. 7/12 eXtracts analysis Survey No and Hissa No Owner Occupant Class/Class I/Class II/Govt. Lease/Navin Shart/Aadivasi/Tenancy Occupier/VIII A Area Encumbrances Mutation Entries Number Date Other Rights/Tenancy/Mortgage/Dispute Case/Lis-Pendency NA Assessment Type of Crop
  15. 15. apprOVals (perMissiOnscertiFicates)
  16. 16. apprOVals (perMissiOns certiFicates) N.A. Permission from the Collector/SDO N.A. Permission Fine Non-agricultural Assessment Receipt Regularization of Unauthorized NA Use Extract of NA Register Sub Division/Amalgamation of Layout Minor and Mineral Excavation and the Transportation Permission Sale permission Wakf/trust/Charity Commissioner/Collector/Govt Collectors permission for Collector’s Land/SC and ST Land/Navin Shart Collector’s Permission under BTAL 1948 (Section 43 and 63/63 1A) Continued…….
  17. 17. apprOVals (perMissiOns certiFicates) DILR and TILR/City Survey Office Resettlement and Rehabilitation Provisions Confirmation from the Competent Authority that there is no land acquisition proceedings Gram Panchayat NOC if applicable Property tax Certificate issued by the Revenue authority Latest Tax Paid Receipts Certificate for change of Survey Number if any Endorsement from Tahasildar that the land does not fall under "Grant" or " Inam" Category Sale Permission under section 36 A if applicable Encumbrance Certificate
  18. 18. District Magistrate/cpperMissiOns/pOlice
  19. 19. District Magistrate/cp perMissiOns/pOlice Illumination Entertainment utility permission Explosion permission
  20. 20. tOwn planning perMissiOn
  21. 21. tOwn planning perMissiOn PLAN SANCTION FROM MCGM /CIDCO/MMRDA/SRA/MHADA CDP/Development Plan Zone confirmation Certificate Letter of intent/location clearance Change of land use/change of zone use Development Permission/Layout Permission Building Sanction Plan DCR IOD Engineering report/feasibility report Continued…….
  22. 22. tOwn planning perMissiOn Commencement Certificate High rise Building Permission Plinth Completion Certificate Structural Audit Report Completion Certificate from the Architect Completion Certificate Occupation Certificate de-notification of project land / surrendering land to reservation DIC Permission/Bonafide Industrial Use/ITITES Use Permission Demolition of Old Structure
  23. 23. ulc eXeMptiOn
  24. 24. alc eXeMptiOn
  25. 25. enVirOnMental perMissiOn
  26. 26. enVirOnMental perMissiOn Permission from SEIA Consent from MPCB Consent from Water Pollution Consent from Air Pollution Noise pollution Utilization of solar energy Hazardous waste permission/dangerous/explosive substances permission Forest Area Permission Buffer Zone CRZ Permission National Parks Authority Permission
  27. 27. labOur lawperMissiOns
  28. 28. labOur law perMissiOns Building Contract Workers Permission Factorys Act Workmens Compensation Act Bombay Shops and Establishment Act Maternity Benefit Act Payment of Wages Third Party Insurance Vehicle and Equipment Insurance
  29. 29. Other perMissiOns DepenDing upOn the prOjects lOcatiOn
  30. 30. Other perMissiOns DepenDing upOn the prOjects lOcatiOn AIRPORT Authority of India Permission/height clearance CFO Permission NOC from high ways, PWD Department/Building Line Access road Permission Railway Permission / building line Lift and Fire service permission Water supply and sewage board permission Storm Water Drainage and Hydraulic Engineer NOC Continued…….
  31. 31. Other perMissiOns DepenDing upOn the prOjects lOcatiOn Generator Permission Temporary Electricity Permission Electricity supply Permission Erection and Commissioning of Power Sub Station Permission/shifting of HTL and LT Lines Tree cutting permission Pest Control Permission Telephone department
  32. 32. Maps
  33. 33. Maps Surveys/ city survey map / Boundary Map TILR Map Village Map Layout Plan Approval by the competent authority Zonal Regulation Map DP SHEETS Pertaining to area
  34. 34. OtherDOcuMent s
  35. 35. Other DOcuMents Legal Heirship certificate Death Certificate/Succession Certificate Wills, Probate and Letters of Administration Family Tree of the Vendor certified by Talathi
  36. 36. thanK yOu