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2007 IndiaMART Product Sales Brochure

IndiaMART Product Sales Brochure 2007

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2007 IndiaMART Product Sales Brochure

  2. 2. However, few years ago... I focused only on existing buyers and orders Losing one buyer meant losing 1/5th of business I needed new buyers to grow & de-risk, without losing focus on existing ones Could not spend lacs to get global exposure & business enquiries what i needed was... Increased product visibility worldwide Low marketing costs Business enquiries from global buyers Focus on production & existing customers
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  4. 4. MDC explained Detailed company information of 4 web pages Display upto 12 products Comprehensive, 24 X 7 online visibility Over 85% buyers prefer doing business Freedom to modify information from your desktop with verified suppliers Homepage Create a positive impression of your company & its product range Perfecto Exports, Delhi, India File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help Http://www.indiamart.com/perfectoexports Google We are a leading manufacturer & exporter of exclusive Perfecto Exports Perfecto Exports range of designer bridal wear, lehenga choli, embroidered saree and Indian ethnic wear in breathtaking designs. Verified by IndiaMART Existence Verification click here Name for more blend of infromation Address quality & expertise Contact Number Bridal Lehenga Choli Designer Sarees Embroidered Dresses Designer Suits Credibility Factors Gowns Perfecto Exports is a renowned name in the world of designing, Year of Establishment Designer Wear manufacturing & exporting of designer bridal wear and also Embroidered Tops accessories such as bags, purses and scarves. Our products Trade Affiliations Salwar Suits Indian Ethnic Wear are widely accepted, particularly in US and European markets. Designer Bags Statutory Approvals Scarves Purses Legal Status of Firm Income Tax Registration Copyright © Perfecto Exports, All Right Reserved (Terms of Use) MEMBER Import Export Code (IEC) Developed by IndiaMART InterMESH Limited Done Notes: TrustSEAL is a separate service and charged extra. For more information visit www.indiamart.com