diabetes type 2 diabetes nigeria prostate cancer obesity cancer breast cancer coronavirus disease-19 hypertension mortality traditional chinese medicine metabolic syndrome treatment body mass index diagnosis cardiovascular disease metástasis covid-19 histopathology ischemia insulin resistance nutrition case report energy chakras u-74389g complications clinical research in dentistry radical prostatectomy saudi arabia india health coronavirus disease 2019 vasculitis immunohistochemistry squamous cell carcinoma sudan department of hematology port sudan polycythemia vera diabetic nephropathy metformin epidemiology reperfusión exercise body composition physical activity turkey liver morocco preeclampsia homeopathy hippocrates calcium pregnancy thrombosis diabetes mellitus computed tomography erythropoietin dyslipidemia smoking sudden cardiac death complication biomarkers radiotherapy ultrasound dental caries pandemic prevalence owerri japan stress health promotion infant mortality membrane potential risk factors prostate-specific antigen inflammation iron deficiency anemia port sudan ahlia college faculty of medical laboratory sciences lipid profile safety metabolic surgery diabetes mellitus type 2 antineoplastic amp kinase psoriasis toxidermy clinical mohs micrographic surgery facial plastic surgeon combined closure gynecomastia diabetic foot patient management compartment syndrome healthy diet chronic kidney disease vitamin d parathyroid hormone clinical journal of nutrition and dietetics quality of life cognitive function nutraceuticals sensory evaluation physicochemical analysis nutritional values nutritional value perceptions lebanon united kingdom europe usa adherence vascular cognitive impairment cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subc coronavirus severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 healthy lifestyle skin endometrial cancer hyperthyroidism prognosis acute appendicitis multiple myeloma estrogen diet antibiotics cystectomy necrotizing fasciitis penis stress urinary incontinence surgical intervention hemodialysis erectile dysfunction bladder hypoxia arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy austria vienna messerli institute klinik landstrasse arrhythmogenic left ventricular cardiomyopathy electrocardiogram hypertrophic cardiomyopathy myocardial infarction arrhythmia atrial septal defect colonoscopy thyroidectomy levobupivacaine ischemic heart disease post-operative analgesia granuloma iran spinal anesthesia nalbuphine self-efficacy pregnant women dry mouth removable partial denture dentistry apoptosis acetal resin gender age abdominal pain china yichang yichang central people’s hospital china three gorges university human papillomavirus adults zinc prostate glioblastoma colorectal cancer simulation primary health care medical education bone metastasis trace elements cervical cancer greece atherosclerosis al-namas city ministry of health al-namas general hospital department of radiology agenesis of the corpus callosum surgery reconstruction clinical research in radiology ultrasonography magnetic resonance imaging oral health childhood anxiety social media biomarker acoustic trauma department of public health disease control bangladesh management human immunodeficiency virus hepatitis b adolescent general practitioner community medicine opioid west hartford university of hartford department of health science and nursing cytokines cardiovascular diseases depression physician-patient relations intensive care unit cutaneous leishmaniasis atypical presentation dexamethasone acute respiratory distress syndrome ovary liver metastases crohn’s disease lymphoma endocarditis sars-cov-2 covalescent plasma antibodies microcytosis manifestations causes water viscosity transportation prevention hemorrhage hemodynamics coagulation clots clinic blood spurious mchc laboratory practice hematology analyzers choice chart neuroimmunomodulation cytokine network biological response cannabinoids autoimmunity angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 angiotensin 1-7 aging transplantation stem cell myeloma multiple autologous syndrome of inappropriate secretion of antidiureti malignant lymphoma hyponatremia cyclophosphamide s apl acute myelogenous leukemia-m4 acute non-lymphoblastic leukemia acute myeloid leukemia β-thalassemia major sickle cell disease reproductive wastage neonatal mortality madhya pradesh high fertility next generation sequencing myeloid acute leukemia transferrin saturation serum ferritin iron indices end-stage renal disease serum calcium levels low molecular weight heparin heparin heparin-induced thrombocytopenia β-thalassemia α-thalassemia xmn-i polymorphism single nucleotide polymorphisms hydroxyurea hbs1l-myb intergenic region fetal hemoglobin bcl11a gene leukemia address for fluorescent in situ hybridization cytogenetic chromosome acute promyelocytic leukemia aspartate aminotransferase levels wakayama japanese red cross wakayama medical center combined coagulation factor deficiency menorrhagia reticulin fibrosis myelofibrosis mpl mutation jak2 mutation essential thrombocythemia calreticulin mutation bone marrow pathology platelet distribution width mean platelet volume acute ischemic stroke hemorrhagic and thrombotic complications physiological modifications hemostasis helicobacter pylori stool antigen test helicobacter pylori autologous stem cell transplant autologous graft-versus-host disease world pattern tonsil nigerian pattern vitamin (sustained) peroxynitrite parkinson’s disease inosine chloroquine programmed cell death-1 inhibitor immune checkpoint inhibitor hodgkin lymphoma hematologic malignancy thrombocytopenia clinical research in hematology heterozygotes factor vii bleeding toona sinensis (a. juss.) roem phytochemistry oxidative stress meliaceae outcome neural network analysis diabetes type 2 dependent variable covariates glycolipid metabolism duodenal-jejunal bypass blood glucose homeostasis lactic acidosis older diabetic patients cholesterol-lowering policosanol testosterone inflammatory markers androgen deprivation therapy zinc-supplemented diet rats hypocalcemia thyroiditis thyroid gland eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangiitis antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies fatty liver type 2 diabetes mellitus outcomes renal impairment oral semaglutide glucagon-like peptide receptor agonist efficacy absorption enhancer mtor mechanism autophagy phosphoglucomutase maternal transmission fetal imprinting adenosine deaminase white rice postprandial blood glucose agar community diabetes multidisciplinary team primary health-care professionals surgical procedures intestine small incretins gastrointestinal transit limited joint mobility advanced glycation end products wagner classification hemoglobin a 1c self-care behaviors chronic illness new york clinical instructor in plastic surgery at the weil presbyterian new york hospital department of plastic surgeon precision dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry densitometry hypoglycemia glycemic variability dysglycemia continuous glucose sensors renoprotection enterohormones minnesota minneapolis university of minnesota lillehei heart institute thrombosis research laboratory medicine and pathology preventive care risk prediction metabolic risks weight loss victoza type-2 diabetes mellitus saxenda pharmacologic therapy glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist pediatric adrenocortical tumor feminizing tumor adrenal adenoma italy rome university of rome tor vergata department of biomedicine and prevention correlation allergy growth hormone growth hormone treatment dent’ disease mechanism of action resistance training glycemic control bilecik merkez bilecik state hospital department of internal medicine chakra auricular acupuncture acne subungual snovial sarcoma immunohistochrmistry psoriasis-like psoriasiform leishmaniasis leishmaniasis survey self-management portal system needs eczema comorbidities assessment tool virtual biopsy vibrational optical coherence tomography topical treatment resonant frequency reorganized collagen microneedling hyaluronic acid epidermis dermal collagen ce ferulic audible sound parakou children atopic dermatitis schwann cell regeneration invasiveness melanoma de-differentiation susceptibility pattern resistance bacteria vogt-koyanagi-harada disease vitiligo lumbosacral region moringa oleifera food origin fixed pigmented erythema woolly hair situs inversus dextrocardia trichoscopy hypotrichosis with keratosis pilaris congenital hypotrichosis uttarakhand rishikesh all india institute of medical sciences department of plastic surgery burn ulcer fez university hospital hassan ii department of dermatology docetaxel subungueal tissue repair and regeneration herbal preparations thumb trauma reddish-brown structures larva migrans dermoscopy evolution benin clinical dermatology cutaneous markers factor v leiden cocaine levamisole leukocytoclastic vasculitis periocular non-melanoma skin cancer full-thickness skin graft flap closure asssociation of cutaneous surgeons of bangladesh dhaka national skin centre wound healing wound dressing transforming methacrylate dressing nanoparticle altrazeal ilara-mokin joseph ayo babalola university department of biological science shiraz shiraz university of medical sciences student research committee tranexamic acid total thyroidectomy blood loss rectal bleeding corticosteroids appendicitis actinomycosis abdominal actinomycosis vesicoureteral reflux antenatal hydronephrosis gallbladder bile lake biliary malformation roux-en-y. cyst common bile duct cholecystectomy in situ ductal carcinoma breast carcinoma anabolic steroid spain malaga antequera hospital digestive surgeon surgery service west africa cameroon university of buea department of surgery minimally invasive surgery colorectal ostomies ileostomies colostomies anastomosis düzce duzce university faculty of medicine department of pediatrics equinus deformity chopart ankle foreign body ingestion child patient anxious parent fasciotomy acute compartment syndrome fecal occult blood test adenoma detection rate cystobiliary communication biliary duct obstruction liver hydatid cyst saliva collection device cd4 helper t-cells egypt cairo cairo university department of microbiology and immunology level thoracic disc hernia anatomy non-operative treatment appendectomy duodenal atresia down’s syndrome cardiac anomaly silicone foley catheter foreign body coin ovarian epithelium karyorrhexis ovarian congestion traumatic dural sinus laceration late epidural hematoma contrecoup acute subdural hematoma paralytic ileus obstruction leiomyomas lipofilling expander breast reconstruction autologous fat grafting university hospitals of leicester departments of general surgery microwave ablation axillary lymphadenopathy neoadjuvant treatment chemotherapy axillary macrometastasis thessaloniki aristotle university of thessaloniki fourth surgical department strangulation polypropylene oblique mesh bone harvesting lymph node dissection adenosarcoma radiation-induced angiosarcoma of the breast angiosarcoma group a streptococcus scheimpflug imaging normal eye lasik keratoconus corneal deformation response vitamins salad ideas nutrition science gastronomy severe acute malnutrition multiple anthropometric deficits child mortality vitamin b12 vegetarian vegan dietary sources anemia yogurt lactation bone mineral density milk lactose-free dairy products children’s diet vitamin d deficiency nutritional status lymphocyte count head-and-neck neoplasms united states of america virginia richmond south university mushroom dietary supplement sarcopenia chronic renal insufficiency idli fermented food biogenic amines adulteration indicators university students dietary fibers antilipidemic blood pressure anthropometry kidney failure uric acid urea protein high fats diet albumin storytelling social marketing public health nutrition logic model nutrition policies healthy lifestyles health promotion strategies behavior change wheel model storage shortening sensory attributes rice bran oil physiochemical attributes improved quality cookies older adults malnutrition older adults cognitive impairment functional foods dried kombu powder dried kombu biscuits pungency freeze‑dried colorimeter capsanthin capsaicinoids zambia stunting maternal nutrition infant nutrition dietary intake qualitative data port harcourt exclusive breastfeeding breastfeeding lactation β-carotene vitamin a deficiency vanillic acid grafted chitosan microencapsulation antioxidant property phytosterol low density lipoprotein cholesterol hypercholesterolemic subjects polyphenols millets antioxidants zingiber officinale ocimum gratissimum extract cymbopogon citratus attributes antifungal fruit annona muricata total phenolic compounds production cost oats flour nutritional bars brown rice flour total phenolic content shiitake powder supplemented biscuits shiitake mushroom powder fiber content biscuits antioxidant high-intensity training glycoalbumin malnutrition enteral nutritional therapy adequacy schools school nutrition policies key stakeholders primary care major depressive disorder clinical decision making antidepressants sickle cell diseases triglycerides high-density lipoproteins low-density lipoproteins cholesterol caribbean cuba havana ” university of medical science of havana faculty of medical science “10 de octubre department of health technology photovoltaic energy health services management efficiency imo state university faculty of health science department of medical laboratory science primary attention health care first level osteoarthritis ostectomy of the fibula knee pain resonance oncotripsy harmonic excitation wettability transformation flip-flop hydrophobic hydrophilic cartilage world war human civilization asteroid report systems medication errors error rate recontracture postburn contracture dynamic splint myocardial infarction¸ the smallest but the most p lateral myocardial infarction high lateral myocardial infarction respiratory syncytial virus congenital heart disease bronchopulmonary dysplasia z-plasty flap necrosis aprp pluripotency microrna dental pulp stem cells stasis zone pentoxifylline milrinone burn 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor kuala lumpur 50100 golden triangle jalan munshi abdullah aia cap square tower level 31 suite p4 life planner tooth preparation lithium-disilicate ceramic inlays dentin-bonding agents optimization modeling nervous system diseases motor neurons amyotrophic lateral sclerosis white matter hyperintensities microbleeds lacunar stroke obstructive sleep apnea (osa) chronic heart failure (chf) klf2 shear stress carotid body (cb) vértigo tension headache migraine stem cells history medical research and reviews metal plate extrusion dysphagia cervical discectomy natriuretic peptide natriuresis medical laboratory diagnosis internet addiction cardiac troponin mycobacterium tuberculosis role medical laboratory science forensic reinfection severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus-2 coronavirus disease-2019 non-odontogenic cyst nasolabial maxillary cysts syncope parapharyngeal space oropharyngeal malignancy toxic shock sepsis multisystem inflammatory syndrome multiple organ dysfunction syndromes kawasaki disease cytokine storm stroke-like presentation gliomatosis cerebri diffuse infiltrating glioma selenium levothyroxine sodium hypothyroidism euthyroidism thunderclap headache rheumatoid arthritis reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome blood transfusion portugal. e-mail: ferreiraid@gmail.comhttps://doi. coimbra 3000-075 centro hospitalar e universitário de coimbra (chuc department of orthopedics total hip prostheses address for correspondence: i constrained acetabular liner cemented constrained tripolar acetabular liner useful habits improving abilities healthy state health saving health creative outlook sorafenib non-cirrhotic liver disease hepatocellular carcinoma hepatitis c virus hepatitis virus gastroenteritis fever in the returning traveler dengue functional movement disorder propriospinal myoclonus truncal myoclonus myoclonic jerk nodular malignant melanoma ovarian cancer multiple primary tumors effusion biopsy taktosubo cardiomyopathy stress cardiomyopathy cardiomyopathy subcapsular hepatic hematoma address for and low platelet count elevated liverenzymes hemolysis uterus leiomyosarcoma leiomyoma vagus nerve schwannoma cervicotomy cervical computed tomography undifferentiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma paraneoplastic syndrome dermatomyositis ventriculo-bronchial fistula status epilepticus pneumocephalus neurocritical care hyperbaric oxygen therapy cerebral air embolism pelvic pain endometriosis in fallopian tube abnormal uterine bleeding thoracotomy thoracoplasty lung repair intraparenchymal chest tube placement iatrogenic lung injury twin molar pregnancy partial hydatidiform mole live fetus skin cancer cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma collision tumor adenoid basal cell carcinoma pediatrics graves’ disease small bowel neoplasm brunneroma brunner’s neoplasm brunner’s hamartoma brunner’s adenoma brunner hyperplasia brunner gland adenoma perforation duodenal diverticulum supraclavicular immunohistochemical splinter hemorrhage fingernail bed casablanca university hospital ibn rochd department of otolaryngology head neck surgery palate oral cavity mucosal melanoma israel beer sheva ben gurion university of the negev faculty of health sciences and the cancer research and genetics immunology the shraga segal department of microbiology oujda university hospital mohammed vi department of obstetric and gynecology medical case reports tumor rare paget laparoscopyn acute intestinal obstruction familial mediterranean fever atypical serious disease leukemia conservative shapiro’s syndrome masterly inactivity hypothermia hypothalamus corpus callosum plasmacytoma orchiectomy zinner’s syndrome ureterocele seminal vesicle cyst renal agenesis kidney cancer uterine fibr recurrent urinary tract infection energies acupuncture prothrombin time nnewi activated partial thromboplastin time urinoma ureteropelvic junction obstruction high insertion ureter congenital hydronephrosis hepcidin interleukin-6 diabetics secondary malignancy stone prevention stone analysis calcium oxalate stone disease para-scrotal fibroepithelial polyp myxedema urinary bladder melanoma immunochemistry clear cell carcinoma of the bladder hydronephrosis hand-assisted laparoscopy nephrolithotomy staghorn calculi renal failure primary bladder melanoma skin graft scrotum perineum fournier’s gangrene debridement transobturator tapes mid-urethral slings urethral duplication lower urinary tract anomalies esophageal atresia inguinal scrotal hernia scalp mass metastasis supraclavicular lymphadenopathy thrombophlebitis penile induration penile diseases mondor disease standard mid-urethral slings single-incision mini-sling mid-urethral sling mini-sling radical excision graft flap condyloma acuminate buschke-lowenstein tumor renorrhaphy renal trauma nephrectomy contrast ct grades 3–5 conservation transurethral resection of bladder tumor staging bladder cancer peruvian low urinary tract symptom interstitial cystitis bladder pain syndrome amitriptyline superior vesical artery embolization radiation cystitis percutaneous nephrostomy tube intravesical formalin hemorrhagic cystitis gross hematuria amicar sexual behavior penile prosthesis orgasm andrology urachus adenocarcinoma varicella-zoster virus immunosuppression acute prostatitis trauma horseshoe kidney urea levels reoxygenation open conversion laparoscopy jordan al bashir teaching hospital department of urology infant fournier fasciitis low voltage advanced form lipoproteins dense low-density lipoprotein atherogenesis epsilon wave percutaneous coronary intervention in-stent restenosis inflammatory response c-reactive protein coronary stents biodegradable polymer filamin c arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy arrhythmogenic dilated cardiomyopathy cardiology contrast agents contrast nephropathy coronary interventions verapamil takotsubo syndrome multivessel coronary spasm hibernating myocardium marijuana effect cardiac enzyme gh-method: math-physical medicine stroke risk probability percentage metabolism index contribution analysis vascular dysfunction thermal imaging early diagnosis inverted t waves acute coronary syndrome wellens’s syndrome ventricular septal defect double-chambered right ventricle coronary steal coronary-cameral fistula two-dimensional echocardiography non-compaction cardiomyopathy clinical complications ventriculoatrial shunt tricuspid valve ventricular tachycardia multimodal imaging chronic myocardial contusion non-invasive diagnostics cardiometabolic diseases qt corrected interval implantable cardioverter defibrillator genetics cardiovascular imaging cardiac magnetic resonance imaging frequency distribution dakar (senegal) coronary heart disease cardiovascular disease risk factor septal myectomy mitral stenosis mitral plasty thrombolysis sub-saharan africa coronary angiography plaque rupture non-st elevation myocardial infarction coronary angiogram myocardial infarction with non-obstructive coronar hematuria nephropathy warfarin venous coronary aneurysm cardiac infection prevotella spironolactone side effect rash software ω race risk assesment genome-wide association(gwa)studies rupture pseudoaneurysm asymptomatic wine omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids hyperparathyroidism hypercalcemia atrioventricular block peripheral endovascular atherectomy angiography diagnosis of cvd risks risk management vascular diseases qt corrected takotsubo cardiomyopathy heart diseases coronary circulation catecholamine cardiomyopathies autonomic nervous system abnormal ecg and echocardiography arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia st segment depression. ischemia. acute coronary sy locoregional anesthesia local anesthetic intravenous lipid emulsion gynecological surgery bnt162b2 hydroxychloroquine clinical manifestations social distancing personal protective equipment prilocaine local anesthesia lidocaine circumcision bupivacaine propofol oxygen supplementation nasal cannula face mask deep sedation hemiarthroplasty ethics consenting in coronavirus disease-19 retroperitoneal hematoma in vitro fertilization hemorrhagic shock ambulatory surgery trigger point injection post-operative pain opioid crisis myofascial pain anterior cervical discectomy and fusion anterior cervical corpectomy with fusion total knee arthroplasty numerical rating scale score magnesium sulfate adductor canal block acute post-operative pain wolff-parkinson-white syndrome cesarean section anesthetic challenges neonate giant sacrococcygeal teratoma anesthesia management synairesis deuterium d/²h cryobio xenoperfusion (mielo-timo-spleen) increased densified “rigid” cell membrane flow deformation less deformed red blood cells chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis electro-ion membrane distress syndrome sindrom maria and irina vasilieva opioid epidemic kappa opioid dependence addiction superficial cervical plexus block infiltrative block portal hypertension placenta percreta massive hemorrhage gestational thrombocytopenia cesarean hysterectomy and cystotomy “critical care”[mesh] “glasgow coma scale”[mesh] x-ray computed”[mesh] “tomography “drug overdose”[mesh] perioperative arrhythmias non-cardiac surgery geriatric anesthesia pain syndrome n-methyl-d-aspartate antagonist ketamine chronic pain acute pain pheochromocytoma one lung ventilation hydatid cyst echinococcus granulosus double lumen tube anesthetic management purine p2 receptors: adenosine a1 kach cholinergic-m receptor acetylcholine-dependent potassium channel mitokatp mitochondrial atp-dependent potassium channel mpt pore mitochondrial permeability transition pore-depende triphosphoric acid systemic perfusion pressure neurovegetative correction dexmedetomidine mezencefal - hypokinetic (anabolic cholinergic) sy extrapyramidal - euchinetic (balanced) syndrome diencephalon - hyperkinetic (catabolic adrenergic) laryngoscopy and intubation general anesthesia pressor response dexmeditomidine sufentanil sciatic pain prostaglandins nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents (nsaids) neurotransmitters methadone multiple sclerosis(ms) morphine l-carnitine fentanyl codeine cyclooxygenase (cox)-2 technique subclavian vein catheterizations practices congenital cystic adenoid malformation child anesthesia techniques ayre’s t-piece tehran tehran university of medical sciences roozbeh hospital department of anesthesiology and clinical care perioperative paediatric organ donation post-polio neuroaxial anesthesia minimal sequelae anesthetic difficult airwa congenital hydrocephalus anaesthesia cpp lvedp cpr cardiac intervention resuscitation pediatric abdominal surgery postoperative outcome transfusion anesthesia xerostomia postoperative pruritus postoperative complications ondansetron neuraxial opioids naloxone butorphanol rejuvenation face botulinum toxin tooth extraction esthetic gingiva dental implants abo blood group temporomandibular joint temporomandibular disorders sleep bruxism occlusal guard grinding clenching botox biofeedback awake bruxism overdenture osseointegration complete denture abutment jazan university college of dentistry department of pedodontics telehealth teledentistry health information technology health education wear pom denture base material tissue conditioner soft resin soft liner heat cure lugol’s solution candidiasis blue methylene vertical stop tissue relief meshwork major connector casting procedure hemoglobin weight unilateral cleft lip self-etch adhesive system push-out bond strength riboflavin matrix metalloproteinase’s inhibitor glass fiber post collagen cross-linking sleep deprivation socket preservation growth factors recombinant human growth hormone gingival bleeding dental pain dental care restorative treatment deep caries calcium hydroxide resin-modified glass ionomer cements non-carious cervical lesions glass ionomer cements composites dental professionals quacks quackery dental malpractice resin blocs hybrid ceramics dental ceramics ceramics blocs brazil faculty of medical sciences and health of juiz de departament of dentistry vertical dimension of occlusion vdo craniofacial measurements anthropometric measurements extensive alveolar resorption undernutrition masticatory disorder old subject research statement student project research question methodology literature review health science research data analysis resin-based sealants public health dentistry pit and fissure sealants oral health care polymerization light irradiation gender determination forensics disaster identification bite mark analysis pathology oral palate soft adrenal cortex hormones micronuclei feulgen stain acridine orange stain telomere senescence periodontitis fibroblast provisional mock-up bis-acryl acrylic resin clasp material fatigue clasp deformation cobalt–chromium cervical lesions targeted therapy ras-erk non-small cell lung cancer egfr-tkis egfr mutation resectability periampullary cancer pancreaticoduodenectomy rs. 10012 restriction fragment length polymorphism polymeras estrogen concentration cyp1b1 gene lung adenocarcinoma isolated celiac lymph node metastasis department of pathology institute of pathology department of gastroenterology institute of digestive disease 2department of gastroenterology 1institute of digestive disease therapeutic modalities stem- cells transplantation debilitating diseases supportive care psycho-oncology mixed methods research clinical music education chinese music therapy low-risk focal therapy active surveillance normal prostatic tissue human prostate cobalt cervical intraepithelial neoplasia liposomes biomolecules gene therapy cancer therapy nanotechnology risk factor periodontal disease chronic inflammation expressed prostatic fluid relative apparent diffusion coefficient primary central nervous system lymphoma ki-67 spontaneous remission hydatidiform mole gestational trophoblastic neoplasia clinical research in oncology nevada las vegas 8805 jeffreys st. the university of nevada departments of internal medicine and radiology single agent chemotherapy with methotrexate prophylactic chemotherapy high-risk hydatidiform mole actinomycin d testosterone and prolactin clioquinol zinc ionophore cabergoline bromocriptine agonist androgen-independent prostate cancer multimedia medical oncology pulmonary metastasis liver metastasis continuing medical education cancer control systemic lupus erythematosus address for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation diffuse large b-cell non-hodgkin’s lymphoma distance education breast neoplasms intermediate risk oncological outcomes tmca examination with mathematical evaluation recurrence prevention program high-dose vitamin c herbal medicine (sun advance) dietary energy restriction detoxifying therapy gleason score bone scan tomography comprehensive geriatric assessment geriatric oncology chalazion tumors eyelid tumors sebaceous gland carcinoma eyelid prostatic fluid energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescent analysis outpatient polymerized sucralfate oral mucositis medication-use evaluation gastrointestinal mucositis cost of cancer care aichi aichi medical university department of radiology and radiation oncology tin-containing polymers salicylic acid pancreatic cancer interfacial polycondensation organotin polymers matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass s athens konstantopoulio general hospital department of obstetrics and gynaecology ovarian neoplasms mixed benign liquid biopsy in situ direct-on-specimen enrichment cell-free dna protocols doffing donning vask syndrome situs inversus collapse third ventricle postmortem neglect malpractice colloid cyst aspiration brain imaging autism disorder arachnoid cyst headache basilar neuralgia basilar artery pulmonary laceration pulmonary contusion pneumothorax hemothorax blunt chest trauma thermal ablation renal cancer conscious sedation hydatid cysto-biliary communication biliary tree toriello-carey syndrome colpocephaly arab placenta iugr elastography case control study syringomyelia occipital encephalocele chiari iii-fetal mri-t2haste-truefisp iraq hurler–scheie syndrome diagnostic challenge x-ray orthopedic humerus fracture von recklinghausen syndrome brain magnetic resonance imaging basal ganglion abnormalities secondary hyperparathyroidism craniofacial involvement brown tumors snail removal lobar atelectasis choking bronchi foreign object nonparametric test parametric test kidney size lumbosacr alangle lumbar spin ferguson’s method pancreas krukenberg pectoral muscle asymmetry analysis roi cad mri cholangitis autoimmune pancreatitis volume maxillary sinus gender identification computed tomography paranasal sinuses avivo group specialist radiologist thoracic retroperitoneum liposarcoma head and neck extremities peritonitis peristalsis contrasting the label review radiography radiology osteochondroma mandibular condyle upper extremity thoracic cavity tracheoesophageal displacement index neck giant lymphangioma chest wall axillary abdominal wall textural feature extraction segmentation pre-processing classification brain tumor pseudo-diffusion perfusion-fraction intravoxel incoherent motion diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging therapeutic protection herd immunity chinese medicine social inequalities oral health promotion general practice health promotion and prevention infectious diseases public health epidemiological characteristic asymptomatic infections severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 malaysia palau pinang universiti sains malaysia school of pharmaceutical sciences 1department of clinical pharmacy imo state senior secondary students substance abuse factors influencing incidence severity sars-cov2 non-communicable nutritional deficiencies fat malabsorption autosomal recessive n-acetylcysteine hearing loss guinea pig auditory brainstem response umuahia municipal musculoskeletal disorder bmi block molders abia state tinnitus salicylate dithiothalidomide auditory cortex abr wave federal university of technology polypathological patients internal medicine role hospital discharge records hospital admissions future hospital iimsr medical college 2department of community medicine west bengal siliguri north bengal medical college 1department of community medicine unintentional injury unintentional ingestion of chemicals under-five children calabar south prescriptions polypharmacy over diagnosis multimorbidity metaphor drug-related side effects and adverse reactions organization for economic co-operation and develop canada health-care system maternal mortality wireless monitoring system poly-pathological patients internal medicine core competencies acute medicine medicinal plant ethnobotanical urban latent class behavior adolescence postnatal maternal newborn self-management practices mhealth ehealth digital divide constraints sickness respiratory collapse mountain cerebral edema altitude acute psychological disorder expressed emotion expressed attributions depression relapse behavioral problems early marriage family planning contraceptive mental health problem health professional gender difference emotional distress cognitive behavioral therapy unsafe injection south east asia safe disposal of sharp needlestick injury hepatitis c health-care providers blood-borne infection medical students awareness ardabil suicide attempt resilience community mental health center uses of epidemiology preventive medicine natural history of disease family medicine continuity of patient care anticipatory care violence prevention screening patient populations implicit bias domestic violence maternal health community health workers and older people psychiatry analgesic ladder pain connecticut biology and medical technology community and preventive medicine dy patil university interleukin 1-β glycyrrhizic acid genistein epi-gallocatechin-3-gallate epi-catechin deoxyribonucleic acid curcumin chronic obstructive pulmonary disease celastrol capsaicin cancers asthma astaxanthin apigenin angiogenesis hamilton rating scale indian institute of medical science department of ophthalmology wellness lifestyle management disease prevention disease management water intake school going girls burden of urinary tract infection symptom assessment procedures family practice diagnostic techniques complexity communication cd10 breast sarcoma pathology and infectious diseases immune stability tobacco oral cancer oleuropein microbiota alcohol total acid phosphatase onions pituitary coagulopathy adrenal insufficiency adrenal infarction saf hyperglycemic crises diabetic ketoacidosis covid-19 zosteriform unusual presentation psoriasiform lupoid erysipeloid mechanical ventilation meningoencephalitis immunocompetent cryptococcus cryptococcus neoformans cryptococcus morphology cryptococcus gattii cryptococcosis stromal luteoma tuberculosis spleen septicemic brucellosis neurobrucellosis brucella acute renal failure labia minora angiomyofibroblastoma nontuberculous mycobacterial mastitis mycobacterium chelonae and abscessus complex granulomatous mastitis yemen mukalla dengue shock syndrome dengue fever pre-antiretroviral therapy lost to follow-up hadhramout deaths antiretroviral therapy schwiegk’s reflex pulmonary circulation pathogenesis angioarchitectonics acute pneumonia ultrastructure colon adenocarcinoma vulva vin sysmex neutrophil function leukocytes gonads germ cell tumors extracranial twins cytomegalovirus congenital infection bichorionic non-hodgkin lymphomas larynx extranodal nk/t-cell lymphoma angiocentric prosthetic aortic valve histoplasmosis brain cytopathology carcinoma ex-pleomorphic adenoma huang wei ling alain l. fymat
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