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Many scientific studies have been made in recent years, which go to prove that we have the capacity to make ourselves happy, contended and satisfied.

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  2. 2. Scientific studies have established that happiness is largely determined by our genes. The husband and wife team of Dr. Edward and Dr. Carol Denier both psychologists at University of Illinois have published papers suggesting that 50 % of our happiness is a direct result of our DNA, 10 % as a result of wealth and good health !!! and the remaining 40% as a result of our attitude, upbringing, lifestyle, family bonding, friends and groups, in short uncharted. They have come to the conclusion after doing extensive brain mapping by positron emission tomography scans, and it has been proved that higher dopamine and left side brain frontal activities, induce happiness and sense of well being. Although no one is contending that DNA plays an important part, the difference of opinion in the scientific community is about the percentage. DON’T TELL ME . 0nly 10 % for which we work our ass off the whole life!!
  3. 3. SO NOW LET US TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE 50% PART OF HAPPINESS WE HAVE NOT MUCH OF A ROLL TO PLAY BUT UNDERSTANIG WILL SURELY HELP THE TOOTHLESS SMILE ON SLIDE ONE IS DIRECT RESULT OF DNA THAT MUCH UNDERSTOOD - EXCELLENT ! 50 % of individual happiness comes from genetic set points. As humans we have no control over our genetic set points, and hardly any control over our circumstances. So if our genetic set point is low – are we to for ever remain gloomy and sad ? IN ISLAM it is so easy to achieve by simple logic ‘rida bi al – qadah’ (being content with our lot of life ) SO SIMPLE YET SO PROFOUND TRUE HAPPINESS IS CONTENTMENT – IT IS AN INSIDE JOB
  4. 4. Building something of value within, rather than merely acquiring creature comforts is the right path to Happiness. In a recent article by BBC Correspondent Matthew Teller on Qatar , which is the richest Nation in the world with average per capita income of $ 100,000 he tried to find out HAS WEALTH MADE QATAR HAPPY ? He found out that once an improvised but happy contended society is feeling the pressure Of fast paced development. 40% of Qatari marriages now end in divorce. More than two thirds of adult and children Are obese. The beautiful simplicity is for ever lost. MONEY CAN’T BUY HAPPINESS BUT IT CAN MAKE YOU AWFULLY COMFORTABLE WHILE YOU ARE BEING MISERABLE - Clare Luce
  6. 6. The students were divided into 2 groups and were instructed to click 12 pictures of their choice about Harvard. Both the group had to submit 2 of their best pictures. One group was told that, out of the 2 pictures, they can keep their favorite for themselves, and submit the other one for Class Project. The other group was given an option to retain the best out of two, and submit the other one, which they can exchange after five days, if they want. Both the groups were closely monitored, and it was found that the group, which had not been given the choice, were contended and happy, with the picture they had selected for themselves. Where as those who had a choice, were killing themselves, debating over and over again. A new group of students were registered for a new Photography Course, and given the two options. SURPRISINGLY 66 % preferred to be in the group, which had the option to exchange – to change their minds. Research had proved that this 66 % will be the unhappy lot !
  7. 7. When our ambition is bounded, it leads us to work joyfully. Whenever, our ambition is unbounded, it leads us to lie, to cheat to steal, to hurt others, to sacrifice things of real value. We have in us the capacity to overcome our situations, and make ourselves happy, contended and satisfied. When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can let it define you. Let it destroy you or Let it strengthen you. THE CHOICE IS YOURS www.hikmaah.com