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-Introduction of VRF System and its component with working.

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  2. 2. Introduction  This technology is invented by a Japanese company named Daikin in 1982.  Daikin called this technology by the name of ”VRV” i.e. Variable refrigerant flow and this name is trademark of Daikin so other company are calling this technology as “VRF” (Variable refrigerant flow).Both the things are same but their name is different.  It is also called as multi split type air conditioning because with one outdoor you can use multiple indoor unit.  In this technology cooling/heating is adjusted by adjusting refrigerant flow and which is achieved by changing the speed compressor .  Number of VRF user are goes on increasing in in recent years due to its advantages like less energy consumption , take very less space etc.  Daikin , Blue Star , Voltas , Mitsubishi ,Carrier (Toshiba & Midea) ,Hitachi ,LG , Samsung are the front runner Air conditioning company who are selling their VRF machine in INDIA.
  3. 3. Types of VRF systems 1.Cooling only systems – Only cooling is possible in his type of system 2.Heat Pump systems – Heating and cooling both possible in this system but at a time system can only cool or heat. Both are not possible at same time. All the indoor units can either heat or cool .
  4. 4. 3.Heat Recovery systems – In this type of system cooling and heating both possible at the same time. This is also called as three pipe system
  5. 5. VRFV/SSplitAC WhyVRFisUsed? VRF /VRV Split AC 1.Single ODU with multiple ODU. 1.Single IDU with single ODU. 2.Power consumption is around 30 % (claimed) less then as compare to Split system. 2.Power Consumption is higher then VRF System. 3.VRF HVAC system is designed to run only when needed and under partial-load conditions. 3. It run only on full load. 4.It uses very less space because in this system many indoor can be connected with single outdoor. 4.It uses higher space because in Split system odu numbers are same as no of indoor unit. 5.Installation Cost is higher but running cost is lower because it take very less power as compare to split system. 5 . Installation Cost is lower but running cost is higher it take very more power as compare to VRF system.. 6.Maintenance cost is higher because it require very skilled technician and require regular checkup 6.Maintenance cost is lower. 7.Entire system can be operated from one place using central remote control. 7.Central remote is not used because individual remote is used for individual unit .
  6. 6. VRF CircuitDiagram
  7. 7. VRF Block Diagram
  8. 8. DESIGNFEATURES • Separation tubes and Header (Refnet) • Piping Design 8
  9. 9. TechnologyusedinVRF  It uses Inverter compressor which run on various speed as compare to other compressor which can run only on full speed.  Multi stage fan speed operation available.  Entire system can be monitor from one location  It uses a sophisticated Microprocessor which allow to compressor to run on multiple speed as per load requirement. First AC supply passes through noise filter which maintain & filter the current (remove impurity) and give it to Bridge rectifier which convert AC in to DC supply. Capacitor bank stores the DC supply and inverter driven PCB convert this DC supply into variable AC supply. And using this variable AC supply compressor speed is changing.
  10. 10. ADVANTAGESOFVRFSYSTEM • Energy Saving claimed up to 30 %. • High COP. • Space saving. • Long piping possible & Complete Control Offering • Lesser Noise. • Precise temperature control according to zone. • Simultaneous heating and cooling (three-pipe VRF heat recovery system only) • Zoned comfort • Diversity IDU Capacity-10 TR ODUCapacity = 8 TR (10HP), with 125% Diversity The maximum amount of cooling that can ever be provided at a single instant is 8 tons
  11. 11. DisadvantagesofVRFSystem • Initial cost is High. • Refrigerant Piping. • For high rise & Big building the system cannot be used. • Maintenance cost is also high. • Very skilled person require.
  12. 12. AnyDoubt??????????????????