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Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak

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Emotional vibrancy
Emotional vibrancy
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Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak

  1. 1. Power of Positive Thinking – Transform Your Life ++ Dr. Ashutosh Karnatak
  2. 2. ++ Programme Outline  Role of Attitude  Positive Thinking and Plus Attitude  Medical Aspects of Human Thought Process  Role of Mind in developing Positive Thinking and Plus Attitude  Formula of Success  Techniques to develop Positive Attitude
  3. 3. ++ “Life is a contract awarded by GOD to you. It is upto you, how you perform and gain out of it ” “Humans should not be differentiated by class, creed or color; but only as Positive or Negative Persons” - Dr .Ashutosh Karnatak
  4. 4. ++ Role of Attitude
  5. 5. ++ We all encounter various stresses in day to day life and feel tied up
  6. 6. ++ Family Security Profession Social Financial Health
  7. 7. ++ How to Deal these Stresses??? Can money take care of all Stresses??? No Can good health take care of all No Stresses??? Can a supporting family take care of all No Stresses??? Can a Power take care of all No Stresses??? Then what is required???
  8. 8. ++ If each Alphabet of English were to represent a number starting from 1 i.e. a=1, b=2,……………z=26, which word related to individual’s possessions accounts for a score 100? Is it Money --------------------------------------No (62) Is it Health --------------------------------------No (54%) Is it Power --------------------------------------No (77%) It is Attitude which makes a score 100 It is the Attitude, which makes or breaks a person
  9. 9. What is Attitude?? ++  It is a mental state and approach of an individual, which is reflected in his / her day to day activities, works etc.  Nothing but how you deal an issue  How you react with the circumstances  What is the stress level when you encounter a problem
  10. 10. Knowledge, ++ Skills &Experience Attitude (invisible to others) Broader the Base, more the tendency to emerge out
  11. 11. Competence of a Person ++  Knowledge +Skill+ Experience+ Attitude  Attitude is the foundation and accounts for the major portion of a person’s competence.  Attitude is like a personal treasure, which comes in handy when the need arises  Advantages of other attributes can only be achieved with “Positive Attitude”
  12. 12. ++ My Belief Khudi ko kar buland itna, ke har taqder se pehle Khuda bande se ye pooche, bataa teri raza kya hai - Allama Iqbal  You are unique, nobody can take your place.  You can and you will get whatever you want. All the forces conspire to support, provided you want them to.  Instead of controlling Others, try to control your attitude through Positive measures.
  13. 13. ++ Positive Thinking & Plus Attitude
  14. 14. ++ Typical Dreams of a Person  Admission in a good and reputed professional college.  Suitable job, drawing a handsome salary with all the perks.  Marry an young and beautiful girl, still in her teens. She should be a caring wife, daughter-in-law and a culinary expert. Similar dreams for females.  Proud father of a Son and Daughter  Proud Owner of a Bungalow and chauffeur driven luxury car
  15. 15. ++ Is that all?????  Recognition and fame alongwith good bank balance running into millions of rupees.  Life Span of more than 75 years, with grandchildren growing and shaping into promising teenagers.  All-round prosperity & happiness & So the list goes on All these dreams can be achieved by Positive Mental Attitude
  16. 16. ++ Know Yourself  Solve questionnaire  What is your positivity index?
  17. 17. What is Positive Thinking??? ++ Positive thinking just means approaching the unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. Thinking that the best is going to happen, not the worst.
  18. 18. Perception of Glass ++
  19. 19. Characteristics of Plus (+) ++ Attitude persons  Sees half filled glass  Sees brighter part of the thing  Ever smiling  Unruffled with problems  Having helping attitude  Optimistic  Solution seeker
  20. 20. Recollect the Classification of ++ Material based on Magnetism Diamagnetic Material: They are neither magnetic nor magnetism can be induced through external sources Paramagnetic Material: They are not naturally magnetic, but become magnetic if magnetism induced. Also retain magnetism upto some time after Ferromagnetic Material: They are permanent magnets, irrespective of any externally induced magnetism
  21. 21. Type of positive persons ++ Dia-positive Thinks that things go wrong due to own fault & gives up control in many situations Para- positive Generally tries to be optimistic and positive, however some situations get better out of the person Ferro- Positive Generally optimistic, positive and unruffled , don’t take things personally and set backs don’t affect rest of life
  22. 22. ++ Mental Attitude Diagram Di - Positive Para - Positive Ferro-Positive -ve +ve Y Axis - No. of Troubling Situations faced X Axis – Mental Attitude
  23. 23. ++ Transformation of Arjun during War  During “War of Kurukshetra”, Arjun transformed from Dia-Positive to Ferro- Positive.  Before beginning of war, Arjun was dejected and did not want to fight (Dia-Positive)  Positive force of Lord Krishna transformed him from Di to Para to Ferro.  When he fought and won, his mental state was Ferro-positive
  24. 24. ++ Why Ferro-Positivism is required??  To handle stress in constructive manner  To face challenges in life  To foster happiness in life  To increase success rate  To become more optimistic  To Improve mental state  To Improve health
  25. 25. ++ Medical Aspects of Human Thought process
  26. 26. ++ Every thought has a physical Effect on your cells. Chemical Reactions are produced throughout the body by thoughts / emotions
  27. 27. ++ Medical Aspects  Secretion of hormones from various glands controls our life  Emotional State can become imbalanced (Positively / Negatively) with over / under secretion of non-adrenaline body hormones.  Thoughts (bad or good) act on the brain to release the neuro-transmitters that effect mood or health and physical response in the body.
  28. 28. ++ Medical Aspects  Neuro-transmitters which enhance attention and pleasure is “Dopamine” and which reduces fear and worry is “Serotonin”.  If some one is under stress, heart beat increases and body releases powerful stress hormones Epinephrine, Cartisol and Adrenalin, which are negative and have ill effect.  In case of positive people, secretion of negative hormones gets checked and health remains stable even under stressful situations.
  29. 29. ++ Effects of Negative Thinking Some effects of Negative Thinking:  Sleep Disturbance  Anxiety, Depression, Lower pain thresholds  High BP & risk of Heart disease  Damaged Immunity  Lower energy level etc.
  30. 30. ++ Advantages of Positive Thinking  Increase in optimism & Happiness  Experience Internal bliss  Start seeing “Half Glass Filled“ instead of “Half Glass Empty”  Increase in resilience  Increase in enthusiasm and energy levels  Enhancement in leadership skills
  31. 31. ++ Advantages of Positive Thinking  Enhancement in determination to succeed  Improvement in health, decrease in stress thus less BP and Heart Attack  Increase in brand equity  Tendency to appreciate others increases thus less jealous feeling .  Leads to self-actualization – Maslow hierarchy of needs
  32. 32. Positive Mind Vs Negative Mind ++ A Negative mind is like a Tsunami Wave A Positive Mind is like Serene Water
  33. 33. ++ Plus Attitude and Active Life  Active Life of Human being is roughly 30 years i.e. 2.6 Lac hr. (If we work for 12 hr/day, balance life is 15 Years i.e. 1.3 Lac Hr.)  In case of negative attitude during 50% time, the plus active life is reduced to 15 years. So effectively 30 years are reduced to 15 years.  If we try to improve our mental plus attitude to 75%, the span of active life can be increased to 23 years.
  34. 34. ++ Role of Mind
  35. 35. ++ Role of Mind
  36. 36. ++ Role of Mind
  37. 37. ++ Right and Left Brain Left Portion Right Portion Right side of the body Left side of the body Mathematics Creative Verbal Artistic Logical Visual Facts Intuition Deductions Ideas Analysis Imagination Words of song Tune of a song Seeing finer details Multiprocessing / Multitasking Development of Positive thinking is attributable to right part of brain
  38. 38. Which Way the Dancer is Spinning??? ++ If you see her spinning CW, that means you are right brained CCW, that means you are left – Artistic & Creativity Logical Analytical
  39. 39. Mind and its Intricacies ++ (a) Active or conscious (b) Passive or subconscious  Active part plays role in day to day actions, subconscious mind helps in shaping thinking pattern.  All information is stored in sub conscious mind as a heap of paper (one over the other) without any order.  There is a Constant self-talk between both.  Requirement is to structure these information in right manner so as to utilize the power of mind in optimized manner.
  40. 40. ++ Role of Sub-Conscious Mind Typical Concerns:  Forgetting names of persons  Forgetting formulae / content etc. in examinations  Dreams  Fear  Negative attitude Requirement is to sharpen the capability of sub-conscious mind
  41. 41. ++ Sub-Conscious Mind  Subconscious Mind is like hard disk, periodically format for better results.  Store data properly & delete useless data. Results: - Enhanced memory - Relieves extra load - Clarity of mind, which is essential for developing Positive Attitude
  42. 42. ++ Sub-Conscious Mind To Sharpen Capabilities of Sub-Conscious Mind:  Constantly attack negative thoughts  Control the active / conscious mind
  43. 43. ++ Formula of Success
  44. 44. Winners – ++ What is So Special about them??  Winners have Fighting spirit, urge to win & Never say Die Attitude.  Winners are motivated by their plus (+) attitude. ex: Edmond Hillary, Dancer Sudhachandran, Dhiru Bhai Ambani etc.  You can also have the same and can achieve whatever you desire, provided you have + attitude.
  45. 45. ++ Formula to Success Success = f (Objective * Strategy * Action * Desire2) Desire = f (Attitude) So, Success α (Attitude)2 A person with positive attitude will eventually be a winner
  46. 46. Power Equations – ++ Real Life Interpretation Power = V * I V = I * R i.e. I = V/R Power = V2 / R In Real life, Power = Attitude2 / R Maximize Power Output by having Positive Attitude and reducing Internal Resistance
  47. 47. ++ Techniques to Develop Positive Thinking
  48. 48. Booster – 1 ++  Condition your subconscious mind to not go towards negative side.  Take control of your active mind and stop it moving towards negative side.  In case active mind goes negative, Sub- Conscious mind will come for rescue and vice-versa
  49. 49. Booster – 1 ++  Never underestimate yourself. You have powers you have never dreamt of.  “Think you can do it” and say “ I can do it” It can be done by booster–2.
  50. 50. ++ Booster- 2 In case you are depressed and may go into negative cycle: - Send a suggestion from subconscious mind to conscious mind to come up from the situation and turn back to positive side. - It can be done by Self Suggestion / Auto Suggestion
  51. 51. ++ Booster- 2 Self-suggestion / autosuggestion: - By practicing this, one can direct subconscious mind for any particular action. - If any negative signal disturbs in the work, send a feedback from conscious mind to subconscious mind. - Put a fire wall for negative thoughts
  52. 52. Self-Suggestion Method ++ Step-1: Keep repeating your Auto-Suggestions loud as if you are talking to other persons Step-2: Phrase the suggestions positively (don’t say I do not fail, say I succeed) Step-3: Use present tense to the maximum extent Step-4: Suggest realistic actions which are possible Step-5: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Try to find ways to make it more compelling, powerful and meaningful Step-6: Mean what you say. Speak with conviction & faith
  53. 53. ++ Booster- 3  Maintain subconscious mind in a positive state, through constant feeding of positive thoughts (likechanting mantras)  Repeat Thoughts as much as possible.  Keep the list of positive thoughts in your pocket  Better to do it in the morning and evening.
  54. 54. ++ Booster - 4  Calibrate the mind periodically, preferably on half yearly basis.  Calibration can be done with reference to the ideal mind of a successful person.
  55. 55. ++ Some Positive Thoughts To begin With  I will think positive only because I have the powers to do whatever I want to.  If somebody hurt me, it may be due to his mental state at that moment. I must forgive him. Attitude to forgive should also be developed.  I can not change other’s attitude. That is their personality. Let me control mine.  I and only I am the controller of my emotions, thoughts and actions .
  56. 56. ++ Some Positive Thoughts To begin With  Believe in your heart that something wonderful is going to happen.  Live this day well, for today is all we truly have.  Be open to all possibilities and miracles, always believe in miracles.  Discover each day the magnificent awesome beauty in the world around you.
  57. 57. ++ Some Astrological Aspects regarding Positive Thinkers
  58. 58. ++ Astrological Aspects  Persons having Strong Jupiter  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces  Birth Number 2,3,5,7,9  Persons writing big letters or large loops.  Open Life and Head lines  Positive Direction - Northeast
  59. 59. ++ Meditation & Energy Mudras to develop Positive Attitude
  60. 60. Some Energy Mudras ++ MakaraMudra: HelpsFor–building confidence fornourishToxins from Body KsepanaEnergyUnleashes tensionsenergy. Useful for& any lacking part Apan orMudra: Mudra centering the energy to tackling insecurities Vajrapadma Mudra: in Supports of all kind Akash Mudra: Relieves reserve removal of waste depressed people
  61. 61. ++ Plus Magnetic Meditation  It can be done with “Pranayam”  Now close your eyes  Loosen your body, Start relaxing mind  Slowly and slowly whole body and mind getting relaxed  Your mind is open to get positive thoughts
  62. 62. ++ Plus Magnetic Meditation  Chant the positive thought, which you want to be  Think – you are changing  Think – getting revitalized, recharged and renewed  Think your Ferro-Positivism is increasing.  Do it for 21 days continuously
  63. 63. Refract Reflect ++ the the Positive Negative Thoughts Thoughts
  64. 64. ++ Optional Set two Goals for this year, which will be monitored on quarterly basis
  65. 65. ++ Life Mantra There is no pleasure without pain. Happiness can be enjoyed only when you have passed through pains, otherwise everything is same.
  66. 66. ++ Take Away  I shall think Positive from now on.  I will start positive self–talk between conscious & sub- conscious mind.  I Shall try to discard negative thoughts whenever they attack your mind.  I would disseminate concept of positive thinking among masses. Visit Website www.plusapproach.org
  67. 67. ++ Take away slogan Think Positive Think Possible Think options Think Solutions
  68. 68. ++ Hum Honge Kamyab