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Demographic workforce in ccbpl

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Demographic workforce in ccbpl

  1. 1. Assignment Report:OnCoca Cola Beverages Pakistan LimitedStudent ID:-MBA ( HRM))Submission Date:.27/02/2013SUBMITEDTO :IMRAN AASIQ SBPage | 1SUBMİTTED BY :-ASİF HUSSAİN
  2. 2. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]DEDICATIONI want to dedicate my work to my parents, and all my friends for being with me andhelping me in each and every difficulty I faced in this internship completion and to myInstructor and all those who taught me, trained me and polished my abilities at VirtualUniversity Of Pakistan and my Internship place Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd.2
  3. 3. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAll the praises are for Almighty ALLAH. By the grace of whom, I have completed myinternship successfully.I would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following personswho supported me throughout my great experience of the report and provided me moralsupport and helped me whenever I needed.• My course instructor, who helped me throughout my report and my semester.• Management of Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited, Sialkot for providing methe great opportunity of report and all necessary information and materialregarding my report.• Whom I come to contact during the course of my internship as well as preparationof this report. I am fortunate to have many excellent seniors and colleagues whoprovided much useful advice with their knowledge & experience.At the end, I am very obliged to my family and friends who were always there by my sideto guide me and gave me courage that I can do the best in my life.3
  4. 4. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]ABSTRACTDemographics literaly means a statistical data obout any given section of the population.Demographics study includes data and information about the gender ratio, language,color, race, beliefs, education and economic conditions of the population. Inorganizations today it is very difficult to employee a workforce of the same origin, samecalibre, and competece. So thre is system being evolved by the experts to deal with thediversed workforce in the organizationas. Human resource management includes thestudies of various fields related to the working or managing the workforce. Diversty inworkforce is a very common phenomenon in todays business world and to manage thisdiversed workforce we need and require demographical data and demographicalmanagement trainings and tools.Managers, especially of the multinational organizations are very much in front with theissues of the diversed workforce in their organizations. Demographics data of theworkforce in an organization means the data and information related to these:1- Total volume of workforce.2- Age statistics.3- Gender statistics4- Qualification statistics5- Required volume of future workforce6- Prediction of the furure workforce7- Cultural and ethnic diversity in workforce8- Training & development of employeesIn this study we have discussed briefly the demographics of workforce and itsmanagement in general and with a specific reference of the COCA COLA BEVERAGESPAKISTAN Ltd. I am sure that this effort of mine will be a source of knowledge for allof us.4
  5. 5. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]INTRODUCTION OF ORGANIZATION BUSINESS SECTORThere are four key economic business sectors:Primary sector: - Engaged in raw material extraction such as mining and farming.Secondary sector: - Involves refining, construction and manufacturing.Tertiary sector: - Deals with services such as law and medicine and distribution ofmanufactured goodsQuaternary sector: - Relatively new type of knowledge industry focuses ontechnological research, design and development such as computer programming andbiochemistry.According to the above scenario, CCBPL falls in the secondary sector as the mainfunction of CCBPL is manufacturing soft drinks to refreshes its customers.Beverage:-“A liquid made up of particular ingredients to develop the taste and refreshment is knownas beverage.”Beverage Industry in Pakistan:Pakistan beverage industry has the international names offering the best qualitybeverages across the country. It is an industry in which players continuously innovate, inorder to come up with better products as compared to the competitors to gain moreconsumers and satisfy the existing consumers. Now-a-days beverages become animportant part of the lives of people as it is a consumer consumable good. Usage of softdrinks is become a trend now a days.5
  6. 6. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]IntroductionInternationally:Coca-Cola laid the foundation of the beverage industry when it was formed in May 1886in Atlanta. However it was not until 1895 that the idea of selling coke in bottles wasintroduced. With the passage of time Coca-Cola gained popularity and its product beganto get recognized internationally. Thus from its mere beginning in 1886 Coca-Cola hasnow been transformed into a strong multinational with its product being currentlyrecognized all over the world. Coca-Cola, in fact, has now become one of the mostfamous and widely consumed brands in the world. It has not only established its footingsin the beverage industry but is currently heading the list of the most financially soundcompanies in the worldPakistan:The Coca-Cola Company is a global company with some of the worlds most widelyrecognized brands, the Coca-Cola business in Pakistan has completed its 50 years ofoperation. The beverages are produced locally, employing Pakistani citizens. And theirproduct range and marketing reflects Pakistani tastes and lifestyles, and they are deeplyinvolved in the life of the local communities in which they operate.Mr. John Seward is the current of CCI at CCBPL plants in Pakistan. The Coca Colainternational was established in Atlanta in 1886. Currently Coca Cola international isconducting its operations in more than 200 countries around the world. The numbers ofemployees who are working with Coca Cola international are 92,400 worldwide. InPakistan CCBPL is conducting its operations from last 58 years. In Pakistan, CCBPLstarted its business in 1953. CCBPL stands for Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan ltd.6
  7. 7. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]VISION“To become a market leader in ready to drink segment while adding best-in-class value toall stakeholders”MISSION“Coca-Cola Pakistan exists to refresh the consumers, inspire moments of optimismthrough our brands and actions as well as benefit all stakeholders, which we will do withhighest social responsibility and with uncompromising commitment towards quality ofour products and integrity in our operations”VALUES We value and respect our people We communicate openly We have integrity We win as a team We drive quality and innovation We are accountable7
  8. 8. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]PRODUCTSCoca Cola Beverages Pakistan has the following brands in different packs for theconvenience of its customers in Pakistan.Brands:Coca-Cola® Coke Diet® Fanta®Sprite 3G® Sprite® Sprite Zero®Two type of juices are also been introduced in PakistanPulpy Orange®Pulpy Tropical®Coca Cola Beverages Pakistan has introduced mineral water as wellKinley®8
  9. 9. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]Competitors:There are many different competitors in the market but the PEPSI is the main competitorof Coca Cola Beverages. Let’s have a look at the brands of PEPSI which are competingthe brands of Coca Cola in the market.Pepsi® Miranda® Mountain Dew®7UP® 7UP Zero® Teem®Pepsi has introduced the following brand to compete the juices of Coca Cola Beverages.Slice®Pepsi has introduced mineral water as well to compete the kinley.Aquafina®Pepsi has introduced its energy drink in two flavors as well to attract the customersSting®There are other many brand names of different companies which are as follows:Gourmet, Shezan, Makah Cola, Murree Brewery, Tops etc.9
  10. 10. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPICDemographics are the quantifiable statistics of a given population. Demographics is alsoused to identify the study of quantifiable subsets within a given population whichcharacterize that population at a specific point in time.These types of data are used widely in public opinion polling and marketing. Commonlyexamined demographics include gender, age, ethnicity, knowledge of languages,disabilities, mobility, home ownership, employment status, and even location.Demographic trends describe the historical changes in demographics in a population overtime (for example, the average age of a population may increase or decrease over time).Both distributions and trends of values within a demographic variable are of interest.Demographics are very essential about the population of a region and the culture of thepeople there.The growing number of older workers presents distinct challenges. The fifty years andolder age group is the fastest growing segment of the workforce. As this generationleaves the workforce there will be fewer employees to replace them.The immediate challenge for the University is to determine and implement strategies to: employ and retain retirement-age workers throughflexible work arrangements, salary/benefit incentivesand developmental opportunities, develop practices to assist the transition of staff toretirement, and Replace the skills, knowledge and capabilities thatmay be lost from the workforce.10
  11. 11. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]To prevent significant job/University knowledge loss, local areas must implementknowledge management programs to capture and facilitate transfer of difficult to replaceintellectual capitalShort Term Strategy - Retention of Key TalentThe University must focus on retaining employees with special expertise, keyrelationships or hard to replace skills. Flexibility is the most attractive retention strategyfor an ageing workforce. A number of options are available: Flexible arrangements Phased retirement Pre-separation contractsTraining opportunities should be considered that provide work/life balance information.Skill development programs to support specific skill sets through coaching, specialassignments and mentoring should also be considered.Long Term Strategy – Knowledge Capture and TransferKnowledge CaptureLocal areas must consider implementation of knowledge management practices tocapture and disseminate the acquired functional and technical expertise of retirees. In aneffort to capture specific knowledge in order to transfer difficult to replace knowledge toremaining employees several options are available: Performance Management Reviews – capture therequirement to transfer critical skills and knowledge. Technology – memory banks can be created torecord critical and valuable information. Mentoring younger staff..Changing workforce demographics may pose challenges for small businesses. Someexperts believe that businesses face increased rates of younger and older workers, asworkers in the middle age range decline. Managers may experience increased training11
  12. 12. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]and compensation costs for younger and older workers, respectively, which affectssolvency and profitability. A growing international labor force is another factor that mayaffect companies. Changing demographics have a direct impact on business models andstrategiesTraining and Education ExpensesOlder workers also take proprietary skills and certifications with them when theyretire. Young adults receive general career training from universities andcolleges. However, many companies must still develop in-house trainingprograms run by qualified instructors that prepare employees for a specificjob task. Small business managers who have limited budgets may not havethe staffing or financial resources to conduct these seminars. An untrainedworkforce can slow down or halt business operations. Also, some tasks aretoo hazardous or critical to allow employees to have on-the-job training. Inmany cases, workers need a type of state certification before being allowedto perform job duties. For example, a small electrical company may need toensure all contractors.Phased RetirementPhased retirement enables organizations to retain required skills whilst enabling matureworkers to develop outside interests. Rather than going from full-time work to retirementthe staff member eases out of employment by way of reducing the number of hoursworked, or by reducing the responsibilities through other means. It can also include thepractice of vacating a present position in the University’s structure and becoming aflexible resource within the organization, perhaps in a project or mentoring capacity.A robust Performance Management Plan is required to support any phased retirementinitiative. The focus should be on identifying potential work processes related to physicalcapability and the effective design of work roles to utilize the staff member’s skills andexperience. Management of the culture and support from other staff is required to ensuremature workers relinquish their former position with comfort and dignity, as the transferof skills and knowledge and the retraining of mature staff is undertaken.Prior to changing their working conditions, the impact on the retiree’s superannuationbenefit must be considered by the retiree. As the individual University superannuationfunds are governed by separate Trust Deeds, different rules will apply to the retiree’sfuture superannuation benefit. It is advised that the retiree contact the University’sSuperannuation Officer and the retiree should also be encouraged to seek financialadvice.12
  13. 13. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]Pre-separation contractsThrough the workforce planning process, the University may identify an opportunity toconclude a continuous position in the future, or a continuing staff member may apply toseparate from the University by entering into a pre-separation contract. Opportunities toenter into a pre-separation contract provide managers and staff with employmentflexibility.Examples may be when it has been identified that an area or program has a limited lifecycle, where an area is undergoing or planning managing change or to enable careermanagement and succession planning opportunities.A pre-separation contract is one in which a staff member elects to alter their employmentrelationship from continuing status to a single, non-renewable fixed term contract for aperiod of up to five years. In return for opting for a fixed term appointment, the staffmember shall receive a salary loading on their annual base salary.As with phased retirement, the staff member should contact the University’sSuperannuation Officer or their superannuation fund to discuss the impact of theirsuperannuation entitlements.Steps in Workforce PlanningThere are five fundamental activities that make up a Workforce Plan:• Environment Scan• Current Workforce Profile• Future Workforce View• Analysis and Targeted Future• Closing the gapsSWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHSManaging workplace diversity can strengthen work teams.Diversity in the workplace encompasses a range of elements. Differences in nationalorigin, primary language, religion, social status and age can benefit or harmorganizations. Managing diversity effectively is the key to leveraging the advantages andminimizing the disadvantages of diversity in the workplace.13
  14. 14. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]Diverse ExperienceCo-workers with diverse cultural backgrounds bring unique experiences and perceptionsto the table in groups and work teams. Pooling the diverse knowledge and skills ofculturally distinct workers together can benefit companies by strengthening teamsproductivity and responsiveness to changing conditions. Each employee in a diverseworkplace possesses unique strengths and weaknesses derived from their culture inaddition to their individuality. When managed properly, diversity in the workplace canleverage the strengths and complement the weaknesses of each worker to make theimpact of the workforce greater than the sum of its parts.Learning And GrowthAnother advantage of workplace diversity is the opportunity for employees personalgrowth. Being exposed to new ideas, cultures and perspectives can help individuals toreach out intellectually and gain a clearer view of their surroundings and their place in theworld. Spending time with culturally diverse co-workers can slowly break down thesubconscious barriers of ethnocentrism and xenophobia, encouraging employees to bemore well-rounded members of society.WEAKNESSESCommunication IssuesDiversity impacts workplace communication in positive and negative ways. Between co-workers, diversity can place impediments in the way of effective communication, whichcan directly dampen productivity and the cohesiveness of small groups. Spending timewith diverse employees can break down communication barriers over the long-term, butfirst impressions and co-workers orientation periods can be difficult to control whencultures clash. Diversity can strengthen your companys relationships with specificcustomer groups by making communication more effective. Customer servicerepresentatives can be paired up with customers from their specific demographic, makingthe customer feel comfortable with the representative, and thus with the company. Anumber of companies in the southwest United States, for example, prefer to hire bi-lingual customer service reps to deal with Spanish-speaking customers in their nativelanguage.Integration IssuesSocial integration at work can only be influenced to a small degree. The formation ofcliques and exclusive social groups is a natural process that can be impossible to controlat times. Because of this, companies can experience informal divisions in their staff,14
  15. 15. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]creating a situation where culturally diverse employees avoid exposure to each otherduring break times and after work. Although there is nothing fundamentally wrong withthis scenario, it can hinder the effectiveness of sharing knowledge, skills and experience,thus curbing productivity growth and the effectiveness of teamsOPPORTUNITIES– Providing reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities– Promoting a nondiscriminatory workplace environment– Top-management commitment and rewards for the support of diversity arecritical ingredients for the success of diversity management initiatives– Distributive Justice– A moral principle calling for the distribution of pay raises, promotions, jobtitles, interesting job assignments, office space, and other organizationalresources to be based on meaningful contribution that individuals havemade and not personal characteristics over which they have no control.– Procedural Justice– A moral principle calling for the use of fair procedures to determine howto distribute outcomes toorganizationalmembers.THREATSIn coming years, corporations will face two categories of demographic risk: risks havingto do with retiring employees and risks having to do with aging employees. Both requirecreative forethought and active management.15
  16. 16. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]Retiring employees.When a worker retires, you lose someone to do a job and the accumulated knowledge andexpertise that this person takes out the door with him. If many people are retiring and they’redifficult to replace, your organization faces what we call capacity risk—a potentially diminishedability to carry out the company’s business of making a product or offering a service.Take RWE, Europe’s third-largest energy utility, a company we’ve worked with on assessing andmanaging demographic risk. The publicly traded German utility, which in 2006 had annual salesof €44 billion and more than 70,000 employees, restructured several times over the past decade.The power generation and mining division, RWE Power, for example, basically cut its workforce inhalf between 1992 and today. Until recently, the company was encouraging older workers toleave under large-scale early retirement schemes.PRACTICAL STUDY OF THE ORGANIZATIONWe discussed the topic demographic workforce and its management in general context.Now we will discuss the topic with the specific reference of our study of the organization.I selected the COCA COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN Ltd as my study field; it is apleasure and honor indeed for me to share this knowledge with you because I am a part ofthis prestigious organization.Demographic workforce and its management in CCBPLChange is not only a law of nature but also “need” of the time. Every movement ofpresent becomes past & similarly every movement of the present expect better movementfor future .This is the basic and unrebutable principle & applies to mankind &organizations. Modern technology has introduced new fields and areas of thinking andworking and focused on changes.To meet with the demands of time and to bring pleasant and productive changes theCOCA COLA organization {CCBPL} has made revolutionary changes in its policiesaltogether.16
  17. 17. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]Current Organizational Hierarchy ChartAt present, CCBPL has 3 main sectors of workforce,1- Permanent employees.These are the workers and employees that enjoy a permanent employee status. Theyare eligible to enjoy all the benefits and facilities the job entitles them. They also hasa defined promotion system and structure.2- Contract employees,These are the employees appointed on a contract basis designed by the company forvarious jobs. These employees enjoy less benefit as compare to the permanentemployees; however they can be appointed as permanent employees as by companypolicy.,3- Third party employees.These are employees and workers provided to the company by a third party as for thecompany demands and requirements, this includes mainly Daily wagers labors andworkers.MANAGEMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCE AT CCBPLManagement of CCBPL is of a centralized nature. A very brief description of the HRmanagement in the CCBPL is as under:17
  18. 18. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]1- Country HR Manager.2- Directors of HR.3- HR Business Unit Leader.4- HR executives.5- HR officers.We at CCBPL strive to Attract, Nurture, Mentor, Develop and Renew talent.We are committed to helping you to develop and mature as a professional.The company enables you to do what you can do best; by providing you theconducive Environment to maximize your potential. Our goal is to promote apositive and winning attitude in a Supportive Work Environment.We continue to strive for the Right Person in the Right Job at the Right Time."Amara BashirDirector Human ResourcesRECRUITMENT POLICYPreviously, like other multinational organizations the COCA COLA BEVERAGESPAKISTAN Ltd were hiring and recruiting female personnel only on need and meritbasis, but now they have revised recruitment policy and have fixed 30% quota forfemales.PRE SALE & SALE SRUCTURE POLICYIn the past certain age was fixed for the workforce in all departments, but now the newpolicy has been modified and changed. People from all segments of society, language,race, and color and without keeping in view the age factor even retired from other18
  19. 19. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]organizations are being recruited in various branches of sale department, whereas youngqualified are essentially added in the system.DIVERSTY IN WORKFORCE OF CCBPLThe CCBPL is a branch and part of a multinational organization of THE COCA COLACOMPANY based in ATLANTA, U.S.A. In Pakistan it is operating with 7 of itsmanufacturing plants and many sales centers, with a work force of approximately 8000peoples. CCBPL has a diverse workforce including peoples from every part of thecountry as well as foreign staff members. This includes peoples of different age, race,language, beliefs, and ethnicity as well as of different academic backgrounds. Thisdiversity plays an important role in the company’s working efficiency and itsperformance; also it is an important factor to be considered when making policydecisions in the organization.There is also a significant amount of opportunities for females in the organizations.Diversity is at the heart of our business. We strive to create a work environment thatprovides all our associates equal access to information, development and opportunity. Bybuilding an inclusive workplace environment, we seek to leverage our global team ofassociates, which is rich in diverse people, talent and ideas. We see diversity as more thanjust policies and practices. It is an integral part of who we are as a company, how weoperate and how we see our future.Employee DevelopmentCareer progression at CCBPL is based on your potential. We carefully analyze yourabilities through experience, performance ratings, qualifications and competencies and inour strive for excellence, we ensure that your potential is put to its best and most efficientuse in our various departments.CCBPL Capability Development WingCapability Development is a fundamental strategic objective of CCBPL and an integralpart of one of the main pillars of CCI’s Vision 2020 – People and OrganizationalLeadership. We aim to systematically build key organizational capabilities, develop andmaintain a pipeline of diverse talent and foster a high performance workforce.The CCBPL Capability Development Wing would be focusing on organizationalcompetencies in order to bridge the skill gap leading to superior performance as well ascreate focused training & development plans for our employees. With the introduction ofnew training methodologies in the Sales Capability Development we would bedeveloping a superior Sales Force that is Business driven.19
  20. 20. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]CCBPL Capability Development Wing is striving to achieve the objective of LivingPositively, Adding Value, Making a Difference…!SWOT ANALYSIS OF WORKFORCE DEMOGRAPHICS IN CCBPLA brief analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the demographicworkforce in the CCBPL is as under:Strengths (internal) Weaknesses (internal)20
  21. 21. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]The CCBPL has an experienced anddedicated workforce2. There is a good training program for newemployees3. Senior management is committed toworkforce planning4. Human resource staff are easy to work withand willing to try new recruitment ideas5. 50% of the staff hold a professionalcertification1. A significant number of the managers andsupervisors are eligible for retirement2. The CCBPL does not offer a mentoringprogram for lower staff.3. Procedural manuals need to be updated4. The current workforce lacks female workers.Opportunities (external) Threats (external)1. New information technology tools canprovide quicker data sharing between CCBPLvarious units.2. There are job sharing opportunities with otherunits of the organization.3. A large number of retired personnels areincluded to the workforce on a part-time basis4. Universities are looking for internshipopportunities for their students1. The demand for workers in the field exceedsthe supply of potential workers2. There is less resource base available fortraining employees.3. The diversity can cause workplace disharmony.4. Management can face difficulties inresolving issues of language and culture.CONCLUSIONAfter the very brief discussion of our topic MANGING DEMOGRAPHICWORKFORCE, we conclude it as:Workforce is the main part of an organization, if we consider management as the brain;workforce is the heart of an organization. To run the business smoothly in anorganization, the workforce should be efficient and well trained.Workforce demographics provide the valuable data to the mangers and policy makers inan organization for the planning, forecasting and improving its human resource and toupgrade and enhance the workforce efficiency.As the world is changing, trends in business and in human resource management are alsochanging. Companies are turning into organizations and into multinational corporations.21
  22. 22. [COCA-COLA BEVERAGES PAKISTAN LTD ]So, to keep our place firm in this growing business world we have to utilize the newtechnologies and must frame our policies according to the new trends in managing humanresource and workforce.RECOMMENDATIONSWe discussed the work force demographics in CCBPL; we also discussed the strengths,weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the workforce demographics. Here are somerecommendations for the improvement of the human resource management in CCBPL:1- A detailed and comprehensive data base must be established.2- All information about the current workforce should be included in the data base.3- Present state of the workforce and the company’s human resource profile shouldbe kept updated4- Future requirements of the workforce according to the departments and jobspecifications must be planned and organized systematically5- A detailed policy should be developed to accommodate various parts of theworkforce.6- Employee development programmes and training of the HR managers andleaders should be conducted on frequent basis.7- Females should be encouraged to apply and be selected to work with theorganization.8- The management should design policies to utilize the competencies of theirdiverse workforce to the maximum possible benefits for the company.9- Organization must encourage and motivate its workforce to improve their skillsand competencies by providing them with trainings10- Organization should discourage any sort of discrimination practices in regards toits workforce, Gender, Color, Race, Language, Belief, etc11- The organization should allow its workers to express their concerns and mustconsider their suggestions seriously.22